Saturday, June 30, 2007

Little Argentina couldn't find that final touch

What the big men had on Thursday, the young boys lacked Today. And viceversa.

The U20 Czech Republic side was almost the same as the USA team that is playing in the Copa America: all about defense and counter-attack!

But what MESSI, CRESPO, RIQUELME, AIMAR, TEVEZ and company managed to do almost to perfecting during the second half against the Americans, AGÜERO, ZARATE, MORALEZ and their team-mates, couldn't mimic. So the result was a hard-fought 0-0 with only one team really trying.

Without being put under pressure, the Argentine defense was really solid and the team never looked like conceeding a goal. Something that can't be said of Coco BASILE's back line!

The problem was clearly up front. A sub-standard performance by both, Sergio AGÜERO and Mauro ZARATE, overshadowed a great job by Eber BANEGA, who pulled the strings from midfield and controlled the game at will.

Argentina had the ball most of the time, but couldn't really do anything with it and suffered from a tendency of trying to do to much that their attacking men showed most of the time, especially the mentioned Kun and Mauro who failed to see a better-placed team-mate more than once.

A result that it's not a cause for concern, but I'm sure TOCALLI will want his boys to do some shooting practice and be ready to face Panama on Tuesday and then play against DPR Korea, two teams that also played for a goal-less draw in Canada 2007 opening day.


Rio said...

defense allowed too many set pieces.

Albo said...

Little Argentina in more than one way...
We sure could use a striker taller than 1.62 mts.

Gonzo said...

you know for all the talk and hope that that everyone has for aguero (including myself), he sure is having a hard time putting it between the posts lately.

and albo is right, we got the frodo baggins syndrome at forward.

Rio said...

it was played on artificial grass.

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