Sunday, July 01, 2007

Same starting eleven to face Colombia

Coco BASILE have confirmed he will field the same starting eleven that faced the United States in Argentina's debut in the Copa America.

Despite considering AIMAR was one of the best against USA, BASILE have confirmed Esteban CAMBIASSO as our left midfielder and will keep both Pablito and Carlos TEVEZ in the bench.
Argentina will face Colombia with the following lineup:


Rio said...

aimar = not best for outside midfielder role. if we don't have to use him, we don't use him.

Copa America Blog said...

Aimar = best player in form right now. not for argentina, but in the entire tournament. you find a way to use him as much as possible even if this is an easy game.

pablo.d said...

im not happy about the lack of real wingers in the team neither camb or veron are that role and tevez should start,messi could revert to his barca role,i do realise hes also not a real winger but at least he does play that position most weeks and is very good at it.

Rio said...

we have real winger, lucho. just how much would u like him to start....

maxi's absence could really hurt us in the long run

johnny said...

Hey, let's fine tune the DEFENSE !:) Fine tuning the offense is like deciding whose gonna bat clean up-Maris or Mantle ? So there you have my general age and nationality.:)

Albo said...

yeah, to me, Veron and Cambiasso are going to have to help Mascherano.
Colombia are going to put pressure on those midfielders.
A few meters into Argentinean field.
It's going to be a war right there.

titis said...

Why Aimar never be the starting eleven? I think he performs well on the first games even he become substitute.
Anyway, good luck for the games against Colombia.

Anonymous said...

Since Johnny introduced the baseball metaphor I'll continue on with it though you might have to correct me since I don't follow or truly understand the game (this could be a horrible metaphor so I apologize in advance). Aimar seems to be kind of like a relief pitcher. Both Pekerman and Basile will use him on when the attacking system on the field needs to change and he almost always produces. I personally would like to see him play more (because I think he is a brilliant player) but I think that it's a strong testament to his talent that he is relied upon to change the dynamic of the attacking game. I mean I remember on Thursday watching the game and seeing the Cambiasso/Aimar substitution and knowing that we would score at some point (I wasn't expecting it to be so soon or so often though). I mean, I would imagine that as a coach you don't want to use all of your resources in one bang. Basile already has Riquelme, Messi, Crespo and Veron on the field. Aimar (as well as Tevez, Diego Milito and Palacio) are like our (not so) secret weapon(s).

Here's hoping we beat Colombia (I don't care about their previous 5-0 loss. Playing Argentina is sometimes a powerful motivator for other South American countries).

Vamos Argentina!


Rio said...

Aimar didn't play cambiasso's role. He basically played a SS, instead of the outside midfielder job cambiasso was doing.

in that game, subbing aimar for cambiasso isn't a direct position replacement, it changed the formation.

tevez for messi was just replacing the player at same position/role.

this is not a secret weapon thing. these players are all high profile and people know how they play. Messi is considered more creative and therefore starting ahead of tevez for the short forward slot. if anything to do with strategically reserving tevez, it should be for fatigue or injury concerns.
aimar's job besides being the potential riquelme replacement is to offensively upgrade our attacking formation. if we need more offense, then we can drop out cambiasso, put in either aimar or lucho. if better chance at right wing, then lucho. if better chance in the middle, then aimar.

linda said...

I broadly agree with Rio. Also, didn't Aimar have some problems with his knee right after the US match? He's so injury-prone that I can understand keeping him as a super-sub instead of just throwing him on as a starter.

Rio said...

i think he's healthy. he looked good too. but we don't use him just because he's healthy.

first roman. in the first game, he setup first goal with freekick; set messi up for the pass to crespo for 2nd goal; made the pass to heinze who set aimar up for 3rd goal; and made the pass to tevez for 4th. Roman was behind all 4 goals, he's playing well and aimar isn't going to get his job.

cambiasso is the more defensive outside mid choice, so aimar not going to start ahead of him when we need defense, or playing conservatively.

veron is right outside mid. his first replacement is lucho, not aimar.

so aimar fit for sub job atm.

Gonzo said...

we could beat colombia starting stephen hawking in the midfield, stevie wonder at forward, rosie o'donenell as a winger, and some 6 year olds today because colombia suckssss. so whether aimar or carlitos are in or not wont change much for this easy match.

johnny said...

Gonzo-an interesting lineup ! Any room for Paris Hilton and Karl Rove ?!

Gonzo said...

paris hilton could be our 9, karl rove i dunno there might be a lot of red tape trying to get him into venezuela so we could just settle on putting the spice girls out on defense, i think thatll confuse and mystify colombia's "amazing" and "potent" offense

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Aimar is going to take over Cambiasso's role (they are completely different players). Aimar's substitution in last Thursday's game was a clear intent that we were going all out in attack and that his role was to change the pace of the game which he did to great effect but just stepping onto the field, no can deny that. Both Basile and Pekerman before him bring in Aimar to change our attack and Aimar does what is expected of him. Hence the term "relief" or as someone already used "supersub"

Aimar however, will not take over Riquelme's role anytime soon for Riquelme fans out there. Basile likes Riquelme too much to do that. I mean you aren't going to include the guy in the squad list one day before flying to Venezuela (and leave out a guy who practiced diligently with the team until that point) just to put him on the bench. Riquelme will play unless he gets injured. If Aimar plays it will be because he gets subbed in for Cambiasso (which is what they have done in practices).

I put "not so" before I wrote secret as none of our players are unknowns in this tournament. "Bonus" perhaps would have been a better word since I seem to have created more confusion. Poor metaphor on my part, sorry about that :) Essentially we have enough talent in our squad to make up two teams if we wanted to, there is no reason to have everyone on the field at once (well that would be impossible unless we could field more than 11 players and someone needs to defend, hehe).

Vamos Argentina


johnny said...

Gonzo-granted it might be tough getting Karl Rove into Venezuela, BUT if he does get in, maybe he won't be able to get out ! Seriously, I am looking forward to tonight's match, as I am sure we all are.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why the coach plays riquelme and veron together. I think Arg really needs a good outright striker to take over from Crespo for WC2010,if Crespo retires by then.

In addition, we need a good fullback to take over from Ayala if he retires as well.

In all other positions, Arg have the best in the world, so don't see how we cannot perform from now on.

Asian Fan

Gonzo said...

asian fan did u see the rocket blast veron welded onto the crossbar last game and then the passes roman made and the great free kick to crespo... this is why they play together.

replacing crespo will not be a problem, we have like 8 incredible strikers right now, pick any one of em (aguero, palacio, zairate, higuain, tevez, saviola, milito) put him alongside messi and thats it.

the worry about the transition of ayala to the future is real, and justified, but who knows.

Soyderiver said...

the only thing I worry about, i sthe lack of pace in the midfield with Veron and the player that shall remain nameless both on the pitch at the same time.

against the weakened US team they did well, how will they deal with a better and quicker team?

thats the real question. But i will leave work early, put on my jersey, unfurl my flag and cheer on my team with all the passion I can muster!!