Friday, June 22, 2007

Brazil vs. RIQUELME: Are they afraid of him?

I have to confess that I have changed!

I used to hate those games that media plays. I used to think they were meant to hurt and to cause distress to players, teams, supporters or anyone involved in football.

But now I enjoy them! I think they are amusing, entertaining. I understand the game now and I flow with it.

Juan Roman RIQUELME is the subject again.

No Albiceleste have been so controversial since Diego stopped playing. While MARADONA was never questioned for his on the field skills, RIQUELME separates Argentines to the extreme that half of them love him, the other half hate him.

But I have found that this is not something that happens just in Argentina! Brazilians are watching Roman very closely and they are also divided!

O Globo, the biggest media corporation in Brazil, have published in their website a couple of lists containing the 10 reasons why Brazil should fear RIQUELME in the Copa America and 10 reasons why they shouldn't be worried about him!

They can be right or wrong in many of those 20 reasons, what they can't deny is that they are already talking about him, starting to open the umbrella before the first drop hits the floor.

RIQUELME is already getting to their heads. Installing some insecurity in them. Making them talk about him, think about him...

So here's the list of 10 reasons why Brazil should fear RIQUELME:,,MUL56932-4482,00.html

1. Because he destroyed Palmeiras in 2000

2. Because he destroyed Brazil in the World Cup Qualifiers in Buenos Aires in 2005 (Argentina won 3-1 with a sensational goal by Roman from outside the area).

3. Because he destroyed Gremio in 2007 (this week!)

4. Because he was the best player of the Copa Libertadores and Boca's top-scorer.

5. Because he will wear MARADONA's number 10 shirt.

6. Because he will want to avenge the defeat he suffered against Brazil (3-0 in London) in his last game before his interrupted international retirement.

7. Because those who will have to stop RIQUELME's shots are HELTON and DONI.

8. Because it is forbidden to use weapons in football to stop him.

9. Because he is as ugly as Topo Gigio (a mouse-puppet from a kids TV show that was immortalized by Roman when he celebrated a goal against River Plate by putting his hands around his ears, resembling the image of the famous puppet).

10. Because he is Argentine.

Now the list of 10 reasons why Brazil should not be afraid of Roman:,,MUL56941-4840,00.html

1. Because he always underachieve playing for Argentina.

2. Because he is an usual victim of Brazil.

3. Because he failed at FC Barcelona where RONALDINHO is king.

4. Because there is no Bombonera stadium in Venezuela.

5. Because the Copa America is not quite like the Copa Libertadores.

6. Because Brazil have ROBINHO.

7. Because this time Argentina won't have contaminated water (in reference of the incident in which Brazilian BRANCO was given intoxicated water during the World Cup match in Italy 90 by a member of BILARDO's staff).

8. Because Brazil should better be worried about MESSI and TEVEZ.

9. Because he has the face of Topo Gigio, and Topo Gigio can't hurt nobody!

10. Because he is Argentine.


johnny said...

Pretty funny ! Well, it's great for Argentina football. That's my take on it. And as for ROBINHO, he's more of a headcase and more inconsistent than Roman !! Great post and it is nice that you are undercover in Brazil so that you can provide these stories ! And, who said Roman was ugly !? So what do you think Seba, which country is more critical of their own team, Brazil or Argentina ?

John said...

I wouldn’t be too bothered by the mind games that our rival is playing. Its just goes to show that deep inside they do fear us more than ever.

Asil said...


I've been following your blog for quite sometime now. So, I would like to drop by and say Hi.

In order for Riquelme to really excel in Copa, other players need to step up their game. Sure other teams are planning special attention of our beloved Riquelme, then it'll open up the game for others to shine.

But, I believe Riquelme-Tevez-Messi is what other teams should be worried.

Nice blog you have here, guys. John, Seba keep up the good work...

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

An enjoyable article.....It will be interesting to se where will Basile fit in Veron after Riquelme's return.

Pal said...

Hey friends,
it's been along time.
actually i'm on 3 weeks vacation in the united states, i'll be back on 29th to my country -Jordan-
so i wanted to ask you seba, do u know if the copa america games are broadcasted here in the states?!

i also wanted to comment on Riquilme...
i guess i can tell how a great player he is judging by how much anger and hatred i have for him sometimes when he play Brazil (i'm a brazillian fan you know.
i truely believe that he is one of the greatest playmakers.
and i agree with seba that those televised matches are meant to hurt us sometimes, and that's what happened in Buens in the WC06 qualifiers when riquilme did what he did to us.

my friends keep trash talking about Roman, even some argentines do hate him. but i truely believe this player is on par with the greatest playmakers in history, i couldnt say who i would like more him or zidane. lucky u argentina to have such a playmaker.

in the end, hell yes m scared of him. and i have a very good reason though...


Seba said...

Asil! Thanks for writing after reading us for a long time! I appreciate it!

I'm sure the match threads during the Copa America (a tournament in which I'll try and do a play-by-play post for every Albicelestes' match) many readers will join and we'll follow every alternative together.

Welcome back, Pal!

It looks like you are going to give us the other-half's reports! You'll be very welcome to talk about Brazil and their fortunes in this Copa America. I'm sure many of us will be keen in reading what you have to say about Argentina as well.

No idea about the Copa America being broadcasted in the USA. ESPN is going to show the games here in Brazil, but I don't know if they also have the rights (or are interested at all) in showing them in the USA.

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