Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PINOLA says "I do". His bride don't want him to!

OK, OK, I admit it is a tricky headline for this article. But hey...not every day you come up with a piece of news like this!

Former Chacarita Juniors and Racing Club de Avellaneda defender, Javier PINOLA, voted as the best left-back in the Bundesliga after he produced some great performances this season with Nurnberg, was recently called up for the first time to play for his country.

Until this point of the story, there is nothing really extrange. Is it?

Hours before Argentina's friendly against Algeria, PINOLA is standing before a crossroad.

He wants to play Today and he wants to show COCO that he can be an option to cover the left back position in the Copa America.

But if he do that and he convinces the manager, then he will have to POSTPONE HIS WEDDING scheduled for June 23.

Now that is what I call "ground for an early divorce", isn't it?

Fortunatelly for Javier, Mariela, his fiancee understands that this is could be a unique opportunity in his husband-to-be's life. Should she stay in the way of Javier's dream of playing for Argentina?

We are talking about the day for which most women wait their whole life and a lot of them will not even consider the chance of postponing the wedding.

But what does PINOLA have to say about this? Here here...

"I've got a beautiful problem! Truth is that we've been planning this wedding for a year, but if a trip to Venezuela with our National Team is confirmed, then it'll be like reaching a dream. I'm sure of what I want: I first think of our National Team. The wedding can happen later...Not because of this decision will I stop loving my woman!".

"My wedding is in stand-by now. If I go to the Copa America, I'll get married whenever I can in the future."

"I was surprised when COCO called me, because I didn't receive any clue before. I was surprised especially because the Bundesliga is not followed very much in Argentina. But I knew I was doing a good job and our team was doing quite well. We even won the German Cup. So I was confident that COCO would follow my performances."

"Being here training with Argentina is like paradise to me. I'm living a dream."

When asked about the most difficult question, Javier reluctantly admits: "My wife kind of give up now! She knows this is my dream, the reward of a life of hard work. She wants me to play the Copa America because she knows how much I fought for this through all my life. But of course there is a huge part of her that wants to get married!"

"I too want to get married. Don't get me wrong! hahaha!"

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johnny said...

HaHa ! A great problem for Javier ! He can go to Venezuela, and if his fiancee gets too irritated with him, he can pick up one of those beautiful, but crazy, Venezuelan girls ! Buen suerte Javier !