Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Argentina v Algeria - Match Thread here...

...if there is anybody there...let's follow the game together (while I'm pretending to be working) through the comments section of this post.


Lineup confirmed:

Argentina: Abbondanzieri; Burdisso, Ayala, G. Milito, Pinola; Zanetti, Gago y Cambiasso; Messi, Tevez and D. Milito.

1st minute: And we've got a penalty in the very first minute. Diego MILITO was fouled inside the area.

Carlos TEVEZ took it and made no mistake.

Argentina 1 - Algeria 0

5th minute: TEVEZ and MILITO seem to be working well together. A cross from Carlitos and Diego was unable to make contact with the ball.

7th minute: MESSI sent the ball towards the area and BURDISSO scored with a header. But the linesman flagged the Inter defender as he was offside.

9th minute: Algeria equalise! YAHIA scores with a header after a mistake from ABBONDANZIERI following a corner kick.

Argentina 1 - Algeria 1

40th minute: MESSI with a great move, the keeper sent it out for a corner kick.

43rd minute: Algeria scored! BOUGHERRA surprises everyone and Algeria have turned the game around.

Argentina 1 - Algeria 2 (Oh dear!)

End of 1st Half: Argentina started off like we were destined to win big. Then we conceeded a couple of goals on set-pieces and we are suddenly 2-1 down against a team that shouldn't be causing us any problems.

I think there is no excuse (lack of time to work together, heavy rain, tiredness, etc). We should be beating them comfortably with the kind of players we have and their quality.

It's still early. We could have been surprised one or two times and there are still 45 minutes to be played. It is a game that we are still with chances to win and I'm confident we can do it.

We'll see what we change for the second half.

Start of 2nd Half: Javier MASCHERANO and Lucho GONZALEZ are in. Fernando GAGO and Nicolás BURDISSO were replaced by them.

49th minute: Diego MILITO was denied when the ball was crossing the finish line. Almost there...

52nd minute: MESSI hits the post. So close again...

55th minute: Lionel MESSI scores from the penalty spot. He suffered a foul inside the area and then exchanged it for a goal.

Argentina 2 - Algeria 2 (Now's more like it!)

57th minute: Javier ZANETTI started the action, sent a cross and his Inter team-mate Esteban CAMBIASSO scored with a great header.

Argentina 3 - Algeria 2 (And there is a commentator I know that is starting to eat all their words).

61st minute: Hernán CRESPO replaces Diego MILITO.

67th minute: Pablo AIMAR replaces Carlos TEVEZ. We'll have to wait and see if MESSI now moves forward and AIMAR takes the play-making role.

73rd minute: MESSI's done it again! Great combination between Lionel and Pablo AIMAR and the Barça star finished in style.

Argentina 4 - Algeria 2 (And MESSI will now look to score his first ever hat-trick for Argentina).

75th minute: ABBONDANZIERI fails again and Algeria still have a chance in the game. BOUGHERRA again.

Argentina 4 - Algeria 3 (Can't we just have a quiet game. Can't we just finish a game without destroying our nervous system?)
Argentina 4 - Algeria 3
MORE COMMENTS TO FOLLOW LATER (and hopefully videos with highlights of the game)


johnny said...

I missed the first 15 minutes ! How did Algeria score ?!

Soy de River said...

espn deportes has a radio feed if anyone is intrested.

Seba said...

I'm listening to LA RED radio (in spanish, of course).

Was unable to listen until the 30th minute. I was just posting info from Olé minute-by-minute.

Seba said...

The commentator says MESSI is trying to emulate that goal against Getafe every time he touches the ball.

SoydeRiver said...

Seems like the defense is shaky and the midfield no existant. Messi, Milito and Tevez are playing well, we just need to get the ball in the net!

soyderiver said...

Basile need to get el jefe in there and quick! I feel like we are going to let another goal in if we dont get our midfielders in order.

johnny said...

Amazing, but since I have been watching Algeria is creating more scoring chances, look quicker and most importantly, are passing the ball better. We don't seem to have enough FIRE, i.e.-MOVE to the ball, and don't wait fot it to get to you. AND, when Messi has opposing players converge on him near the area, he must PASS the ball. NOOOOO ! Messi just had a clear chance to pass in the area, and tried a ridiculous no angle shot ! OK, signing off, I need to get in a better mood !

soyderiver said...

Oh my. :(
Another goal keeping error by Pato.
Not a good sign.

johnny said...

I agree with the analyst about Messi looking for the spectacular goal all the time. He needs to have his 19 year old butt kicked by Coco, or call on Aimar, Veron or the old warhorse Roman.

johnny said...

What's wrong with my Boca players ?! Outside of Carlitos, Pato is not himself, and Gago looks sloooow.

soyderiver said...

aye Messi is looking shot all the time. This is not good for the enganche. I think we need to shake up the midfield big time or we are going to give up one more goal.

Anonymous said...

Not to start panicking before the game is over or anything but this is BAD.
Mascherano and Aimar need to come on as soon as possible.
Deep breathes, deep breathes


Soyderiver said...

i heard ya argentinafan, I've been panicking since the 9th minute. Milito has been doing well, worthy of the start. tevez is doing well but has been marked like superglue. Messi is trying to carry the team on his back and not passing the ball. cambiasso and gago are both playing the same way, if one defends they both defend if one goes on offense both go. We need to change the mids and get some stabilty in the middle of the pitch. mascherano needs to go in immediately for one the defensive mids. Messi needs basile to rip him into him and then give ten mins to get his act together or sub him out with aimar. Or drop tevez into the enganche and bring on saviola.

Anonymous said...

Heh soyderiver, you are nicer than me. I would have just taken Messi out which of course could have broken his confidence. Good thing I'm not coaching.
I agree that Diego has been great. Still he shouldn't have to go so deep to get the ball.
Tevez is doing well too but you are right, he is too heavily marked.
Argentina needs to start using their wings, they go through the center too much which makes it easy to mark.
Changes had better be made for the next half (we don't get another chance to really test the team out before Copa America).


Seba said...

I wonder what's our formation now.

Zanetti is still on. Lucho replaced Gago and Mascherano replaced Burdisso.

So...how many defenders do we have.

Who's playing in midfield?

What's the formation?

I hate this commentator. He is totally AGAINST BASILE and our national team. All his comments are against our players, COCO's tactics and he is only praising Algeria.

He don't even comments with passion when Argentina is in scoring positions...

I wonder if he wants Argentina to win or not...

Seba said...

Get in there!

Messi from the spot and I'm going to kill this commentator!

It's the only radio I can get from here!


Now shut the fuck up you stupid commentator!

johnny said...

Ha Ha ! Seba struggling in Brazil ! Well, now we look more like Argentina. Watch that blood pressure Seba !!!!

Soyderiver said...

Messi is still a kid, argentinafan. You got to be a little tolerant but not too much. A delicate balance for sure.

johnny said...

For the record, I think Messi is a great kid and a great player. Phenomenal for 19 years old, but is he ready to be the enganche for Argentina against the best in the world ? Not sure.

Seba said...

Johnny...the thing is that the commentator is from Radio La Red (from Argentina).

He is the one I'm furious with!

Anonymous said...

It was the panic talking soyderiver. After slapping myself a few times I'm good to go, haha.
Seba, can't you get the audio on the Ole.com page?


Seba said...

Johnny...regarding MESSI...I don't know if he is ready, but I think he should start playing now and start getting a feel for the position so he is ready and with a lot of experience come South Africa 2010.

It is worth the risk. And if we fail in this friendlies...so be it. In my opinion, is in friendlies where you should lose (if you have to lose at all...that is!).

Soyderiver said...

I understand Argentinafan. I was in deep panic myself.

Seba said...

Argentinafan...probably yeah. From Radio Mitre. But I had technical problems listening to them in the past. So I'm playing it safe...even if this commentator makes my blood boil!




Soyderiver said...

And another one for the superstar!!!

Messi!!! thankyou Aimar!!!

johnny said...

4-3. Crazy match. Seba, I understand about Messi and the enganche situation. I am sure Coco is thinking right along with you. Just a little frustrating at times.

Soyderiver said...

Not as frustrating as Pato!

johnny said...

Pato, Pato !!! Where is the Getafe keeper ?? Oops, crazy Catalans on the pitch ! They have been whistling like mad the entire match.

Soyderiver said...

So are we readt to start worrying about Pato? Or is this just an aberation?

johnny said...

This must be an aberration. Pato has had a great year at Getafe. I can't see how he could "lose it" all of a sudden. Those quick headers can make anybody look bad.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! I take everything back. Messi is wonderful again and I love Aimar. The world is bright and shiny again. Yes I'm being melodramatic but I'm a girl and it's allowed, haha.

Now that I'm being rational again, I totally agree that friendlies are the time to experiment as opposed to real games and that Messi should get used to the position since he seems the most likely candidate for 2010. It's just hard when we are losing to a team like Algeria (no offense). Still I would like a backup for Copa America.

Heh, so now the question is what we need to work on for June 28. Defense and the midfield are good places to start...


soyderiver said...

I hope you are right, Johnny. If that happens in the Copa, its going to be a real short tournament.

Seems to me, Mascherano has nailed his place down. Messi is going to play no matter what, hes our "diez" no doubt. Heinze will return for his spot. The question is where will Zanetti play. I hope he takes Burdisso's spot. Crespo and Tevez up front. So yeah the mids need some work.

johnny said...

I totally agree about Mascherano. I like Zanetti also. I think if the mids get straightened out(and I think they will) some of the other problems will disappear. We have enough firepower up front with alot of combinations for Coco to work with. Nobody mentioned it today, but you have to wonder if it is tough to get motivated to play a team like Algeria just days after another match. Plus, many of our players are just days away from very important contests-Pato, Gago, Ayala, the Militos, as well as Saviola. Food for thought.

AlgiersTwin said...

yes videos please... im algerian and missed the game.

amazing site you have here.