Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TEVEZ: "I choose Inter over Real Madrid"

Just when everything looked like he was going to be dressed in white and play in Spain, Carlitos TEVEZ opened his mouth and say three words that I’m sure sounded like a bomb at the Bernabeu: “I CHOOSE INTER”

Prestigious Italian sports newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport, published an interview with the Apache, and it clearly stated that the player have said that he knows there is an interest from Real Madrid, but he is the one to decide he prefers to play for Inter rather than joining GAGO and HIGUAIN at La Casa Blanca.

Nothing confirmed yet, but if the river sounds…

Here’s the link to the interview published by Gazzetta dello Sport: http://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Calciomercato/Primo_Piano/2007/06_Giugno/26/tevez.shtml


BRIAN said...

bah, he turns down the royal monkies only to join the inter bums!

Anonymous said...

One more player to Inter's Argentinian army of awesomeness :) How many players does that make now?
I'm guessing that he definitely isn't staying at West Ham. Sad for the Hammer fans but nice for Inter.


Johnny 5 said...

I'd perfer to see him in La Liga, but if he's playing in Italy, then Inter is the team to play for.

Seba said...

johnny 5, I disagree! He is MADE to play for NAPOLI!

The people's club! Diego's place!

But I'm dreaming here. I can't see it happening, even though I'd pay money from my own pocket to help that transfer to come true!

As for Italy, anywhere but Milan or Juventus is fine by me!

Don't like the other options: Real Madrid and Man Utd.

So I guess that if he goes to Inter it won't be that bad.

And last, but not least, I would like to think that he will go to none of the teams that are being mentioned.

Seba said...


Look at this from BBC Sports gossip column:

West Ham striker Carlos Tevez admits he is interested in being Henry's replacement at Arsenal. (The Sun)

johnny said...

I like the Arsenal choice. I don't think it will happen, because of the language issue, but I would like to see more Argentinos in the Premier. There is such a huge light on the Premier League that it reflects so favorably on a player if he succeeds there. Whether or not that is justified is another discussion. If Arsenal could make a big splash signing, then they might avoid a wholesale exodus of their best players.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he'll go to Arsenal. Tevez has said in the past that he won't play for a rival of one of his previous clubs. He has said that if he were to go back to Argentina that he could only play for Boca and if he were to go back to Brazil he would only play for the Corinthians. If he isn't going to stay at West Ham then he will probably move to Spain or Italy.


John said...

I wont be too happy abut his decision to play in Inter as I’m wondering right now what are his chances of playing regularly when he is up against the likes CRESPO, CRUZ, RECOBA, IBRAHIMOVIC and ADRIANO. Nevertheless he is surrounded by plenty of his national team colleague so I guess that should help him to settle him and ease off some pressure of his shoulder.

No doubt in my opinion, on his day CARLITOS is way much better than some of those names that I’ve mentioned above.

To be honest, I would love to see him remain in the Premiership. Here is Asia, almost 70% of the football following here are supporters of an EPL side. When the likes of Marc OVERMARS, Dennis BERGKAMP, Thiery HENRY & Robert PIRES graced the Premiership, the popularity of the ORANJE and LES BLUES was rocketing sky high at the same time.

During the last few months, CARLITOS inspiring performance has created the same aura as well and people often come and tell that to me. The same thing goes with Liverpool fans whom have been singing praises about Javier MASCHERANO.

This can only good for the Albicelestes.

2007 Men’s Hockey Champions Challenge

Argentina recovered well from their Sunday to defeat to Belgium, as they beat Japan 2-0 and to stay in contention for a place in the final. The scorers were Pedro IBARRA and Rodrigo VILA.

Next up, Argentina will face India on Thursday, 28th of June. My friend Subh, please take notice!!!

allan ng said...

I think if Carlitos joins Inter, he will have to fight for a starting position against Crespo, David Souza, Adriano and Ibrahimovic... that's no easy task.

I doubt he will move to Arsenal. Arsenal is also rumoured to be signing Dutch forward Ryan Babel to replace Henry.

I think Napoli will sign an Argentine, hopefully they will sign Riquelme and Saviola... I'm dreaming I know...

Gonzo said...

Adriano and Ibra are gone, they are trying to deal Adriano to Real for Diarra and Ibra may be on his way to who knows where (maybe ManU). Souza is not better than Tevez, so he would def. be a starter and a good fit there.

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Transfer of Adriano and Ibrahimovic will open up a lot of space for Tevez in the Inter line-up.

Diarra's transfer will also enable Gago take more responsibility and grow as a footballer.

John, I have not been following Champions Challenge hockey much. I believe India lost to New Zealand in its opening match. So, India cannot afford to lose any other game.

Anonymous said...

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