Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SAVIOLA to Real Madrid, Part II

MARCA, the biggest sports newspaper in Spain, is going at it again!

Just like they did in 27 April, 2007, they are publishing more hints about a confirmed move for the Little Rabbit to the Bernabeu Stadium.

They are stating a quote from José María MINGUELLA, in which the former candidate for president of FC Barcelona says: "You have to wonder why SAVIOLA wasn't even in the bench for a crucial game like the one Barça had on Saturday against Espanyol. It looks to me like he is already sold to Real Madrid."

"I spent four days in Madrid last week and they told me it is a done deal", but MINGUELLA fails to say who told him about this!

Here is the news as published by MARCA's website:



linda said...

This one will run and run. Calderon has come out and denied this deal, but it keeps coming up.

I have to say, this would break my heart, and I can't see Saviola starting at Real, unfortunately, given their current configuration.

johnny said...

Apparently there is another player to add to Seba's "transfer list"-Juan Roman Riquelme. He was quoted in today's Buenos Aires Herald as saying the Libertadores finals would be it for him with Boca. It appears his asking price is too rich for Macri. A terrible shame for Boca fans, as Roman has played wonderfully and been an inspiration to his teammates. I will be very sorry to see him go. As for his future, he seems to have regained his confidence and would be a great addition for any club. It will be interesting to see what kind of bites he gets, given his history of being unpredictable. Adios Roman !!

Seba said...

Johnny...this was something that was known since he arrived to Boca on loan from Villarreal.

There is no way for Boca to pay Roman.

The question is: where will he go?

He is not welcome at the Madrigal by Chilean manager Manuel PELLEGRINI.

But he belongs to the Yellow Submarine. Will he seek a trade? Will there be teams interested and willing to pay the big bucks required to get him?

Another story to follow this European summer!

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