Wednesday, June 06, 2007

DUNGA names the 22 players for Copa America

A day after a completely different set of players played to a 0-0 draw against Turkey, Brazil manager, DUNGA, announced the 22 players that will be looking to defend the Copa America title in Venezuela.

With the return of Ze ROBERTO as one of the main stories and the confirmation of ROBINHO and DIEGO, here is the complete list for those who wear the World's most famous yellow shirt.

DONI - Roma
HELTON - Porto

ALEX - PSV (I would say Chelsea now as it is almost confirmed he will play there next season)
Daniel ALVES - Sevilla
JUAN - Bayer Leverkusen
KLEBER - Santos
MAICON - Internazionale
GILBERTO - Hertha Berlin
Alex SILVA - São Paulo
NALDO - Werder Bremen

JOSUÉ - São Paulo
DIEGO - Werder Bremen
ELANO - Shakhtar Donetsk
FERNANDO - Bordeaux
Zé ROBERTO - Santos
Gilberto SILVA - Arsenal
MINEIRO - Hertha Berlim

AFONSO - Heerenveen
FRED - Lyon
ROBINHO - Real Madrid
Vagner LOVE - CSKA Moscow

Let me tell you about the first impressions I have from colleagues at work, here in Brazil.


Thay are asking: Who the hell is FERNANDO (Bordeaux) and what is AFONSO (HEERENVEEN) doing there?

But I think we should be careful in what we think of them. I'll say this until my dying days: THEY ARE BRAZIL, PEOPLE! And you should never underestimate them. NEVER!

I think they will be very motivated and we shouldn't forget about what happened in Peru during the last Copa America final and how we lost to a Brazil "B Team" on penalties.

They have a great midfield line with the likes of Gilberto SILVA, DIEGO, ELANO (scored 2 against Argentina in our friendly in London) and Ze ROBERTO.

Up front...ROBINHO is World Class and provides the flair and pace. FRED has a knack for scoring and both AFONSO and Vagner LOVE can become excellent subs.

Of course I'm not as concerned as I would have been if the likes of KAKA, RONALDINHO and RONALDO were in the list. Of course we can beat them and oh how I wish we can have the chance!

Especially now...that I know a lot of Brazilians!


Soyderiver said...

the thing to remember here, is that even a depleted Brazil is still world class. Just as our side would be.

Although this does make our job easier, it doesnt make it a forgone conclusion. The games still must be played and much better than what we showed in the friendly warmups. Much better.

Anonymous said...

Dream about Mr. Brightside!!

Seba said...

I think I know this mysterious Mari here!

Guys...don't treat her badly...she's just frustrated because all their best players don't want to play for their national team anymore...

And yes! I'm Mr. Brightside! Didn't we score 4 goals yesterday? :)

Soyderiver said...

Don't feel bad Mari. fame gets to everyone. Just ask our basketball players. :(

alwin said...

Im actually suprised they are questioning the inclusion on AFONSO,if im not mistaken he scored like 34 goals in the dutch league, im sure he will be one to watch in this tournament. You can never take BRAZIL lightly.

Ashley Gray said...

Although I would have liked to have seen Brazil's best play in Venezuela, I'm looking forward to seeing the lesser-known players will perform.

On the whole, they're not exactly nobodies!

Do you know when the Argentina list is due out?


Anonymous said...

I´m really really bored now...

Pal said...

Hey My argentines Friends
how's everynody doing?!
i really missed posting on this Blog.. i was busy with my medical school final exams...
anyway, i just wanted to congratulate you after Boca got thru to the finals, it was really a beautiful game to watch.. Boca is really Fun to watch, i was 110% sure they will win that game and it was obviuous from the start...
and congratulations for Manu and the spurs for their win yesterday in the NBA finals
i am really looking forward to the Gremio-Boca finals
and also the Copa america..
we are going to have lots to talk about..

Lovely Mari
well if you are really Bored, then Go get a life..
Or we can Talk something Fun on The messenger..
Drop me a text at
we'll discuss our beloved Brazil

Seba said...

Even though there is a new function here in Blogger (which saves automatically as you write your articles) happened once again!

I had a six-paragraph article on Boca reaching the Copa Libertadores final when suddenly, the text vanished and as soon as that happened, this lovely new function SAVED the last version...which was the EMPTY page!

It was almost 1:30 AM after I watched Spurs vs. Cavs and I simply didn't have the energy to do it all over again...

Not the first time that happens...and it is my mistake for trusting this "new technology" and not saving everything in Word. I simply don't have the habit...

Anyway...congratulations to Boca on reaching (yet) another Copa Libertadores final. They won 5 in their history. 3 in this decade!

It's getting boring! hahaha!

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