Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Duck" is injured. Little big problem for COCO!

He was hit by Miroslav KLOSE’s knee in the hip. He tried to continue but eventually he pulled out of the game and the World Cup.

He played through injury for Getafe during this weekend. He tried to continue and he did so. He played for 63 minutes before eventually call for a substitution. Those 63 minutes were three more of what he needed in order to receive the Zamora award (a prize given to the best La Liga goalkeeper of the season).

Today, Getafe announced that Roberto "PATO" (Spanish for "Duck") ABBONDANZIERI has teared off a muscle of his left leg and his participation in the Copa America is in doubt and the “succession war” could be a heated one.

The five fingers of Coco’s right hand are enough to count the candidates to Pato’s eventual vacant throne.

Oscar USTARI and Juan Pablo CARRIZO looked to be in a better position than Leo FRANCO and Agustín ORIÓN.

First thing first. We still need to know if ABBONDANZIERI is definitely out of the Copa America and then start talking about his substitute.

Whatever happens, these are already bad news for Coco in the build-up for the Copa America.


Seba said...

And just as I published this, Juan Pablo CARRIZO (River Plate) has been called up by COCO and he becomes the 11th name in the provisional list for the Copa America.

His naming (instead of USTARI's) puts him in pole-position to become the first-choice keeper in Venezuela 2007.

johnny said...

Carrizo is a fine keeper, but I am very sorry to hear this about Pato. One of my favorite players and a big loss. Let's hope Pato can get back in the water come Copa time.

linda said...

That's terrible news. I hope Pato recovers in time. He's had a fabulous season. Congratulations to him for winning the Zamora, since I do believe he's clinched it.