Tuesday, June 19, 2007


23 August 1812

Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús BELGRANO, or Manuel BELGRANO as he is widely known, had a vision and he made history.

He was commanding a battle near Rosario. He noticed that both the Crown's forces and the independence forces were both using the same colors (Spain's yellow and red). After he noticed this, BELGRANO created a new flag with the colors that were used by the Criollos during the May Revolution in 1810.

The flag was first flown, for the soldiers to swear allegiance to it, on 27 February 1812, on the Batería Libertad (Liberty Battery), by the Paraná River (that very first flag is pictured to the right and it was white & blue rather than blue & white).

Soon after, BELGRANO dispatched a letter addressed to the First Junta, informing them of the newly created flag. The Junta, fearing the Spanish Crown, sent a warning to Belgrano not to fight under the flag, but by the time the reply had arrived, BELGRANO had moved on, and was flying the flag on the battlefield. The letter contained the following passage:
"Being it necessary to hoist a flag, and not having one, I ordered one made, white and sky blue in the colours of the national cockade; I hope Your Excellencies will find it worthy of approval”

Manuel BELGRANO died 8 years later on a 20th of June, a day that will always be remembered as Argentina’s Flag Day.

Even though I can clearly see the differences between an historical event like the one I’m writing about and a merely recreational (yet very serious!) thing like sports, I thought it would have been a great idea to re-launch our blog on this very day.

After all, the Argentine flag, is what connects us all. It is our common denominator. It is what makes us all equal in this place. WE FOLLOW THE ARGENTINE FLAG NO MATTER WHERE WE WERE BORN.

I think that’s the whole idea behind this space that Today is re-born.

A new address, a new name, a new era in our blog!

I hope many new readers will join our gang of regular posters in what we decided (together with John) to call MUNDO ALBICELESTE (BLUE & WHITE WORLD).

What can you expect in MUNDO ALBICELESTE?

Everything you need to know about Argentina in sports ALL THE TIME!

Updated information on the most important tournaments (starting of course with the Copa America Venezuela 2007), videos, pictures, gossip, opinion, coverage of every sport in which an Argentine is shining and…best of all, a community of Albicelestes from around the World formed by people that share the same passion you have and will provide you with lots of interesting messages and stories through our comments section.

We will of course be looking to improve all the time, so we will also welcome you if you want to be a part of our team or simply send us your ideas and suggestions.

A new era begins.

Welcome to your MUNDO ALBICELESTE!

John & Seba


Seba said...

Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste!

We would like you to surf around the various sections of our blog and to take a look at the recent posts so you get a feel of what is going on in sports in Argentina.

It'll be a great thing if you could post a comment and tell us where are you writing from and what would you like to see here in Mundo Albiceleste?

Coming soon...

The list of 22 players to represent Argentina in Copa America with a brief players' profile for each and every one of them.

We hope you enjoy the ride and we hope to have you around to support Argentina in the upcoming Copa America and the World Cup Qualifying that will start later on this year.

Also this year...

The PanAm Games (starting in 23 days).

Youth World Cup Canada 2007 (U20's defending the title MESSI and company won two years ago in The Netherlands).

The U17 World Cup in Korea.

FIBA Americas Tournament. A MANU-less Argentina will try and qualify for Beijing 2008.

Rugby World Cup in France (September-October) with Los Pumas having a difficult mission against France and Ireland in their group.

Wimbledon and the US Open. Tournaments in which we'll follow the Argentines

The start of the new season in European football, in which we will follow our main stars in the most important leagues.

And much more!

Anonymous said...

Good idea!
Vamos Argentina


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

A great post! It is great to know about the glorious history of albiceleste.

It has been an absolute delight to see how this blog has evolved as a forum for admirers of Argentinian football and sports.

This new feature is a double treat along with the news of Riquleme's comeback.

Many many thanks to Seba and John.

John said...

Welcome everyone to Mundo Albiceleste.

This is the moment that I have waited for a long time and finally it has arrived.

Seba and I will keep you posted on all the latest news and happenings to is connected to that ONE word, ARGENTINA

Please do give us your feedback, thoughts, opinions or whatever it may be in making this place better. After all it is YOU who are our most precious ASSETS.

Once again A BIG WELCOME to all of you.

Orgulloso ser un Albiceleste

johnny said...

Congrats on the new site !

Seba said...

Welcome home, my friends!

I will keep this inaugural Mundo Albiceleste's post on top for some time so new people get the welcome message and they understand what this is all about.

But I can't stop posting news...

The first one is a sad one...

Javier PINOLA won't be taking the trip to Venezuela.

Apparentely he will be released to make room for Juan Román RIQUELME, giving one more piece of evidence to the rumours suggesting the play-maker's return.

While one can't argue about the quality of RIQUELME and what he brings to the team, it hurts to see a guy who moved the date of his wedding and then trained with Argentina even the day he said "I do".

Just to add a little something to this, Javier PINOLA will be training again Today with the team. Even after COCO told him privately that he won't be going to Venezuela and also told him that he will consider him for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Thank you Javier. Thank you for having the same priority we have! The Albiceleste!

We will welcome you back ANYTIME!

In the meantime...we'll keep on waiting for that list to be announced (24 hours from now...apparentely!).

Seba said...

From BBC Football Gossip:

West Ham have been offered Argentina striker Javier Saviola to replace Carlos Tevez. (The Sun)

Seba said...

Now they want him!

Real Madrid could be ready to spend 18 million euros on Gabriel MILITO. A player they have rejected in 2003 by saying he had a career-ending injury in his knee.

Juventus wanted to have him for next season but they fell short with their 15-million offer, so the negotiations stopped.

I wonder if Liverpool (who are interested in Diego MILITO) will be looking forward to take the two brothers to Anfield.

Niraj said...

umm...guys can u post the news in a news section and not on comment...we dun want to miss the news...rumour or gossip...whatever they may be...especiallt about football...we cant offord to miss them...and hope that with a new begining of our blog....i hope i will be reading of major victories when i will be opening this blog page....
Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new site first of all. Looks good!

Seba, my comment on the other post about how Riquelme should talk to Pinola to learn about commitment to the team now seems really ironic since Pinola is being dropped for Riquelme. Riquelme is probably a higher quality player than Pinola and Basile has options if something were to happen to Heinze but it still sucks. I feel really bad for the guy and a little more annoyed at the situation.
I really hope to see Pinola during the World Cup qualifiers. The guy and his fiance made a lot of sacrifices for the Albicelestes and I would like to see it pay off for them at some point.

I just read on Ole.com that Zaragoza is courting Saviola. I really hope he goes there :)


Seba said...

Niraj, thanks for posting! Welcome to our Mundo!

I see what you mean and I prefer to post news as a separate article and not in the comments section. BUT, as an exception, this time I prefer to keep the WELCOME TO MUNDO ALBICELESTE up a little bit more.

You see...I've sent invites to a lot of people and I want them to join us by reading that post.

I promise we will be "back to normal" as soon as the list of 22 players is announced (you won't have to wait that much, as it will happen in less than 24 hours).


When I read the news about PINOLA being left out I felt the same way than you. I also remembered your post and how I felt identify with your way of thought.

I suscribe to all your words in your latest comment. As I said before, I'll be happy with a team of 11 PINOLAS! :)

johnny said...

I do agree that Pinola got a raw deal, but let's think of Mrs. Pinola ! Now she gets to have a decent honeymoon, plus Pinola won't be all stressed out by the COPA, so he will be better able to "perform" up to his capabilities. Hey, glass half full ladies and germs !

Roberto said...

I can't wait to finally see the chosen squad for Copa America! Hopefully COCO has made up his mind already! ;)

Soyderiver said...

I have to say I am crushed by this dismissal of Pinola for the invisible man. I cant even call him by his name for fear of snapping and going on an office rampage.

Here is a young lad who is willing to give everything for the honor of wearing the shirt. Lets us not forget that Pinola would wear the shirt for meaningless friendlies, practices and even games!

The invisible man quit on the time after a few poor performances and now that the world stage is calling, he answers??? Is he too good to play against angola??

This situation reminds of our spoiled atheletes in the USA. Now we are doing it too?? What happened to all for the shirt?? I guess if you are really talented, you only have to do it when you want to.

The least Coco could have done is let Veron or Gago go not Pinola. All i can say I dislike the invisable man more than even and Coco has lost alot of face.

Right now I am disgusted with how things are going.

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