Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is Roman heading for Madrid?

In a European summer that started red-hot in terms of transfers, the latest news coming from Spanish newspaper AS, suggest that Juan Román RIQUELME is pretty close to become the newest Atletico de Madrid signing.

The red and white have reportedly agreed a deal with Villarreal to secure both Juan Román RIQUELME and Uruguayan striker Diego FORLAN for a fee of around 30 million euros.

No official announcement yet, but with Liverpool being determined to splash a lot of money to buy Fernando TORRES, Atletico could very well use FORLAN as a replacement for El Niño and get Roman on board to pull the strings and feed both FORLAN and our U20 star, Sergio Kun AGÜERO.

Personally, I think this could be a great move for Roman. He’ll finally have a chance to play in a big Spanish club again (after failing to succeed in Barcelona) and the hype and excitement that Atletico fans can give their team when they perform well, could just simply be sensational.

Here’s the link to the news from AS:

In the meantime, here are the latest rumours about Argentine players from football gossip:

Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano has pleaded with Argentine international team-mate Carlos Tevez to join him at Anfield. (Daily Star)

West Ham are willing to pay Carlos Tevez £115,000 a week to keep him at the club for another year. (Daily Mail)


johnny said...

Off pitch gossip for portenos-Carlitos was recently spotted by my ex doorman visiting a dentist in a building next to my old digs. Driving an Infinity SUV and posing for photos with the locals outside the building. On Arenales between Montevideo and Rodriguez Pena. The dentist is reportedly a River fan. Also I agree with Seba about Coco's fatherly, constructive approach. There was a distinct drop off in teamwork and attitude once he left Boca. No offense to La Volpe, but it was clear the team was in mourning following Coco's departure.

Rio said...

"West Ham are willing to pay Carlos Tevez £115,000 a week to keep him at the club for another year. (Daily Mail)"

I think carlito would be crazy not to accept this deal. even the best players in EPL have hard time getting $50,000/week, that figure is 4X as much, holy fuck.

Gonzo said...

115,000 is henry money, but kia will shoot it down immediately. kia wants to transfer tevez for 30 and the hammers are only offering him 3 for tevez to stay.

linda said...

Oh dear. Atletico? But they're...well, almost cursed in their ability to spend tons and get no results.

atleti said...

Brilliant signing for Atleti! The midfield lacks creativity and he fits the bill!

Vamos Atletico! He will link up with fellow countrymen Aguero and Maxi.

Seba said...

The last I've heard is that it will be ROMAN's decision.

Both Spanish clubs agreed on the transfer fee and now it is up to the midfielder to decide whether he wants to move to Vicente Calderón stadium or not.

Sources close to RIQUELME have said that he previously stated: "I will only play for Boca or for Villarreal".

Not a done deal, I would say.

Rio said...

"I know it is going to be hard for me to ever wear the Villarreal shirt again," he conceded. "If the opposite were true, they would not have loaned me to Boca Juniors."

"I have a house there and things went really well for me over there."

"I received the recognition of the whole of Europe, thanks to Villarreal," declared Riquelme. "And that's why if I don't play for Villarreal, then I won't play for any other European side."

atleti said...

Definitely not a signing, but a promising rumour, of course. I didn't mean to imply it's a done deal.