Friday, June 15, 2007

Keep On Rollin Baby!!!

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm talking about Fred DURST and his overrated limping posse. It's the 2007 Roller Hockey World Championship, which is taking place in Montreux, Switzerland from 16th until the 23rd of June. Roller what you might say? Well it depends from which part of the world you come from as it has various types of name for it. But for further info and knowledge about this game, you might want to check on the following link, courtesy of good old wikipedia.

To begin, Argentina has a very tremendous history in this sport and is regarded as one of the worlds best four, alongside Spain, Portugal and Italy. It was played as an exhibition game in the Barcelona ' 92 Olympics and I'm proud to say that we won gold back then. We've also been World Champions on four different occasions (1978, 1984, 1995, 1999) and also runners-up on five occasions as well (1976, 1980, 1997, 2001, 2005). The city of San Juan is regarded as the spiritual ground for Albicelestes roller hockey.

Argentina will start as favourites in Group B alongside Angola, Netherlands and Chile. The following are the names of the players and the coach that make up this team and also their group fixtures.

The Players
Reinaldo GARCIA,
Carlos LOPEZ,
Emmanuel GARCIAl,

The Coach
Jorge “Fredi” LUZ

17th of June - Argentina vs. Angola
18th of June - Argentina vs. Netherlands
19th of June - Argentina vs. Chile

Sorry to say that at present, I don't really have much information pertaining to the background of the team, players detail or any other relevant information, as there seems to be not much coverage available on the Internet and the worse is, most of the contents on the Official website is written in French!!! But in case you would like to more than the following links could be helpful.

Now it has been only a day since MANU and FABRICIO gave us something to shout about, lets hope The Roller Boys will give us another great time just before we kick off the Copa America.

In the meantime, good luck boys



johnny said...

Way off topic I know, but I read this morning that Mauro Zarate has been transferred to Al Saad in Qatar. Who ? Where ? No offense to anyone, but a shame he is not headed to a more high profile destination.

Seba said...

Thanks for this article John! I don't think you will be able to find ANYTHING about roller hockey in the biggest or most popular newspapers from Argentina. So I think it is a luxury we have here with coverage of a great range of sports. Wherever there is an albiceleste shirt, we'll follow!

As for Mauro ZARATE...well you know I was in Qatar for the Asian Games (november-december 2006). My main operation base was no-other than Al-Sadd stadium so I think I'm an authorized voice when I say: "WHAT IS MAURO ZARATE THINKING??????"

Jesus! With a lot of European sides interested in him, he decides to go there?

I'll tell you what...he will play in a beautiful stadium. He will suffer no pressures to perform to the very top of his game. He will earn a fortune. He will live a great experience arriving to a country where culture is VERY different from that of Argentina. He will probably learn a new language (if he tries hard enough).


He will disappear from the National Team radar. He will play the Youth World Cup in a few weeks and he would have attracted many a big team from Europe with great performances. He will find it very hard to adapt to that new place. It'll be difficult for him to get the right motivation (big noisy crowds, tough competition for places, attractive league...)

If he was 30-35 years old and he was looking at a high-paid final couple of seasons of his career, then I would be the first to congratulate him on moving to Qatar.

But he's just move there 10 years earlier...

Who's doing this to him?

Agent? Parents? Himself?

Whoever it is...should be ashamed.

johnny said...

Must be bad advise for Mauro. I thought only broken down old warhorses like Figo went thataway.:)

Anonymous said...

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