Saturday, June 09, 2007

Deuces are wild! MESSI, MILITO, MAXI x 2

It was a very exciting Saturday in Spain.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla were all in action at the same time in one of the best La Liga decision of the last few years (and probably in the history of the competition).

The three teams had chances to reach the final week of the season at the top spot of the table that belonged to Real Madrid before Today's matches.

The White Empire had a dangerous visit to La Romareda to face a Real Zaragoza full of Argentineans. And it was an Argie who almost ruined the campaign of CAPELLO's team. Diego MILITO scored once in each half to help Zaragoza build a 2-1 lead. Diego tied RONALDINHO for third place in the top-scorers list. Both have 20 goals, three behind VAN NISTELROOY and one less than KANOUTÉ.

Meanwhile, at the Camp Nou, in another Maradonian action, Lionel MESSI scored a goal with his hand and then doubled his score to give Barcelona also a 2-1 lead over Espanyol.

But then...a fatal minute for Barça and for Zaragoza. As Ruud VAN NISTELROOY scored his second goal of the match just before the struck of full-time, Raúl TAMUDO did the same for Espanyol and both games finished in a 2-2 draw. Results that keep Real Madrid top of La Liga and only needing a win against Mallorca at the Bernabeu next week to claim the title.

Sevilla could have taken the lead in the standings had they win at Mallorca, but they couldn't break a 0-0 draw and stayed third with very little chances of becoming champions in the last round of matches.

In another match (without much relevance in the top fight), Maxi RODRIGUEZ sent a clear message to Coco BASILE. He wants to be in the Copa America, and for that, he scored a brace for Atletico de Madrid against Celta de Vigo as they lost 2-3.

Coming up to this blog, the six Argentine goals of Today's La Liga action.


Anonymous said...

yup..the match were just gr8...i live in a Nepal which is in asia and we have loads and loads n loads of argentinian fan mainly beacause football in tv came from the 86 world cup and no one has forgotten the maradona magic.but since then not wining any major title except the copa has left everone disappointed but not hopeless with our beloved team.and seeing the argentinians play on those 3 games left me just breathless though we all know they are always the best.But the problem is they always are the best team in every recent world cup yet they always loose and that hurts more....but i dont think anyone can stop us from wining the copa and then the world cup now.messi scored 2,maxi scorred 2,diego scored two and the higuain had the main contibution on the 2nd real madrid goal.whoever wins the la liga...the real winners are out beloved played....this copa is ours for sure..vamos argentina....

Seba said...


Welcome to our blog! It’s always great to receive new friends who share the passion for Argentina!

You are more than welcome to join us through the comments section and become part of this “family” we have here.

I hope you stay around for the Copa America (we will have great coverage in this blog) and then onwards to our World Cup Qualifying campaign, the Beijing Games and every competition we face!

Anonymous said...

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