Friday, June 08, 2007

The FINALS, Game 1 - MANU scores 16 and OBERTO starts!!!

Before I start to say anything, the first thing I would like to do is say.....

Le Bron JAMES, Welcome to the NBA Finals.

For the past week, everyone seems to be talking about a destiny calling (which I'm sure at some point in the future) without even realizing that this place its not for the fainted heart.

Arguably the much talk about Final in recent times, San Antonio SPURS drew first blood as they defeated the Cleveland CAVALIERS by 85-76, to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

Well done Tim DUNCAN (24 points) and Tony PARKER (27 points), you guys were the star of the night. But how would all this be possible without the mercurial talent of Manu GINOBILI, who notched 16 points, 8 rebounds & 1 steal. Well Big POPO's decision to leave MANU on the bench continue to puzzle many of us here, but even he would deny that there is no one else better to rely on from the bench.MANU was certainly everywhere, even when not scoring he also had a hand in controlling the young Le Bron.

What about Fabricio OBERTO? Though he might have achieve plenty in his career but maybe, just maybe this was whole a new different level for him. Though there was no points for him tonight, instead he had posted 4 rebounds & 2 assists, he had a much more complicated task ahead for him as he had to contain Cleveland's Zydrunas IILGAUSKAS. And certainly OBERTO did a wonderful job in the battle of the center, as the Lithuanian only had a mere 2 points to his credit.

This series in certainly far from over yet and I'm itching right now for Game 2, which will be on the 10th of June at San Antonio.


Seba said...

I watched the entire game.

It was really even up to the third quarter.

It was then that all the experience of the Spurs came out to play and faced the youth (GIBSON is 21, LeBron is 22) of a franchise that never played in the NBA Finals.

MANU played a great game and scored a couple of key three-pointers that help San Antonio build an important lead coming into the last quarter.

LeBron will have to do much better if he wants the Cavs to survive.

David said...

Whats up Argentina???....First of all i'm from San Antonio and would just like to thank you for Manu and Fab.....Important pieces to the puzzle...secondly Manu is an excellent player as a starter but gives us the emotional spark needed and the energy needed off of the bench...just listen to the crowd when he enters the game...we love Manu!....all i want to say is thanks and GO SPURS GO!

Seba said...

Hi David, welcome to our blog.

In fact, MANU and OBERTO are so keen on San Antonio Spurs that they are even giving up on our National Team... :(

That is really frustrating for us. Althought, I have to admit they are already amongst the greatest of our sporting history and it is OK if they decide to take a rest after so many years in which they sacrificed a lot of thing in order to play for Argentina.

They deserve their success and we are all hoping on a big win for the Spurs in this NBA Finals.

After all...if they don't play the FIBA Americas Olympic Qualifying tournament, they can join Argentina for the second chance we will have (later this year) to qualify for Beijing 2008 and I'm sure they will take us there to defend the gold medal they won 3 years ago!

David said...

Hey Seba, I myself was pretty suprised that Manu and Fab were gonna rest rather than play with the National Team, too...I don't know how many games you guys are able to watch through the 82 game series but the Fearless Ginobili plays his heart out everysingle minute he is in and takes alot of punishment...he is the man though...i loved the fade away shot falling out of bounds he hit with Argentina a couple of years ago at the buzzer to beat another national team....i'm telling you, the way he plays is how i want my kids to play...110% everyday!....Thank You Argentina for Ginobiliiiiiii!

John said...

Hi David,

A BIG welcome to our blog,

I still remember two years ago how MANU outclassed the PISTONS to help the SPURS win the Championship. Two years on, he's on the bench!!! No offense to BOWEN fans out there but everyone would agree that MANU brings a whole different dimension onto the table.

Please spread the word around about our blog. We would love to have more SA SPURS supporters like you as we geared up for the remaining matches.

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