Friday, June 15, 2007

The FINALS, Game 4 - Vamos SPURS!!!, Vamos ARGENTINA!!!

Finally!!! Oh Finally!!! After much disappointment for the past one month (Euroleague, Champions League), finally I’m able to say that we have something to celebrate.

But before I go into this further, I have a word for Mr. JAMES and Company. If the prophecy are true about you being the next Michael JORDAN than your time will come soon after all you are still 23 years old; His AIRNESS won his first when he was only 28, so there is still a long way to go for you. And THANK YOU for giving us some memorable moments in these past few months.

Yes!!! San Antonio SPURS have completed a 4-0 whitewash over the Cleveland CAVALIERS in the Final series, after defeating them in Game 4 by 83-82, to win their fourth crown in 9 years. To be honest it wasn’t something that I expected as I was hoping this series could stretch until Game 5 or Game 6 at least.

While Tim DUNCAN (12 Points) gets his fourth ring and Tony PARKER (24 points) wins the MVP award, the night was certainly an ALBICELESTES night and indeed it did finish off in the most fashionable ALBICELESTES way.

For Manu GINOBILI, it’s a hat trick of NBA titles to his name while for Fabricio OBERTO it was his first.

MANU, who did not had any field points to his credit in Game 3, led SPURS point scoring with 27 points – 13 in the fourth quarter – and also posted 5 rebounds, 3 assists & 1 steal. He achieved all this despite being a benched player. But most importantly he achieved this though passion, commitment and whole lot of dedication. Overall for this series, MANU has SPURS best percentage for free throws (86%) and also the most steals (1.5 per game).

OBERTO’s name on other hand will go down in NBA history as one of the starter in this SPURS championship winning team and certainly through his consistency in defense and offense he was given the nod. This must be an unbelievable journey for him when he was a deep reserve upon arriving two years ago and two years later, when the likes of NASH or IVERSON have yet to win any, he can proudly claim that he has one. For the night, he had managed to post 7 points, 5 rebounds & 1 steal.

Well done to both of them and lets just hope that their achievement will be start of something more to come, especially within the next few months.

GRACIAS MANU!!! GRACIAS OBERTO!!! Gracias for giving us this wonderful moment. Get the rest that you guys deserve during the summer. Recharge yourself for next season and after that inspire your team once again the way you inspire in Athens 2004.

And for one last time


But most importantly VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!


John said...

By the way Seba, you might want to share an interesting joke with your Brazillian friends in Rio. Just ask them what did Denver NUGGETS, Phoenix SUNS, Utah JAZZ and the Cleveland CAVALIERS had in common besides the fact they were defeated by the SPURS in the play offs?

Any guess out there?

Seba said...

You cheeky cheeky John!

It is a very easy answer and one that I'm using A LOT today at the office!

Here, here...


Rafael Araujo Utah Jazz
Leandro Barbosa Phoenix Suns
Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers
Nene Denver Nuggets

Anonymous said...

yeah it is great moment... i seen all 4 game... Manu is great player... He scored very important points against Cavs... and remember against suns game... wonderfull seris for Manu... he killed suns...