Wednesday, June 27, 2007

DIEGO kick-off a Copa that started with surprises

Sometimes it seems that the Copa America is Venezuela's president, Hugo CHAVEZ, very own birthday party.
I don't like when politicians take center stage in an event that should only be considered as a sporting festival and not being used by presidents, governors, etc, as a tool to get more votes or increase their popularity.

OK, let's concentrate on football and on the things that matter to us, Argentina supporters.

The opening day of Copa America was marked by a shocking result as Peru defeated Uruguay 3-0 with goals from Miguel VILLALTA, Paolo GUERRERO and Juan Carlos MARIÑO.

La Celeste share with Argentina the honour of being the two national team with more Copa America trophies in their cabinet, with 14 each. But they couldn't have had a worst debut.

The hosts Venezuela were unfortunate not to have been granted a penalty kick in the dying minutes of the game when Jorge ROJAS was clearly fouled inside the box by Gualberto MOJICA but the incident was ignored by the referee.

Giancarlo MALDONADO and Ricardo PAEZ put Venezuela ahead twice, but Jaime MORENO and Juan Carlos ARCE gave an unexpected point to Bolivia.

Before the game, Hugo CHAVEZ and his counterpart from Bolivia, Evo MORALES, together with Diego MARADONA "officially" opened the Copa America, with Diego receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.
Brazil will make their debut today against Mexico, a rival that has a history of complicating their lives in previous Copa America but now they arrived in Venezuela with a very low morale after losing the Gold Cup final on Sunday against USA.

Ecuador and Chile will play the other Group B match also Today.


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