Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Uruguay and Peru are opening the Copa America as I write this from work.

I won't be able to watch today's matches (later on there is Venezuela v Bolivia) as I have a concert to attend to! haha!

But I'll be posting some words on the opening day's games tomorrow.

As I write this, Peru have just scored the Copa's first goal through VILLALTA on 26 minutes in the first half.

Kind of a surprising result as I expected something different from Uruguay...

Now listen carefully...this is between you and me..."YOU KNOW THE COPA AMERICA STARTS ON THURSDAY, DON'T YOU?"


allan ng said...

Uruguay was beaten 3-0 by Peru, quite a surprise result. Peru played well and Uruguay hardly created any chances. Seems to me Uruguay will not be a contender for this year's Copa America.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone completely shocked at the moment? Honestly, if anyone was going to have an easy time in group stages it was going to be Uruguay. Now all of sudden Group A looks interesting.
Let's see how tomorrow and most importantly Thursday goes...

Vamos Argentina!!!


allan ng said...

I have to change my plans about taking leave on Friday and seeing Argentina thrash USA. I need to cover for my colleagues who are taking leaves for other reasons.

Instead I will take leave on Tues and see Argentina beat Columbia. I guess this will be a more interesting game because Columbia actually plays a little bit of football.

By the way, Seba, is Diego going to Venezuela?

John said...

Allan Ng, looks like we are on the same boat…..

Arg10 said...

Allan Ng, if your talking about Maradona, then yes. He was there during the Venezuela match and after the match he was on the field.

There's really only one match tonight that seems interesting to me. Mexico/Brazil which could either be a very good match or a very bad match.