Saturday, June 23, 2007

Canada 2007 Youth World Cup - One week to go

Argentina's title defense will start in one week when the Canada 2007 Youth World Cup kicks-off with Brazil facing Poland the 30th of June in Montreal.

Hugo TOCALLI's team will debut that same day against the Czech Republic and will have the difficult task to repeat what Diego MARADONA did in 1979, Juan Pablo SORIN in 1995, Juan Roman RIQUELME in 1997, Javier SAVIOLA in 2001 and Lionel MESSI in 2005 and win the U-20 World Cup.

Argentina have won more FIFA Youth World Cups than any other nation and history will force them to at least get to the final match.

Without Lionel MESSI (technically allowed to play but choosen by COCO to play with the big guys) and Gonzalo HIGUAIN (technically allowed to play but not willing to miss out on his vacations....), the responsibility to lead the team and provide the goals will fall on phenom Sergio AGÜERO.

The Atletico de Madrid forward will wear the number 10 shirt and will be thrilled to take on the anchor-man role after being a substitute of Lionel MESSI two years ago in The Netherlands.

The former Independiente's striker will not be alone, though! Hot-shot Mauro ZARATE, recently sold to Al-Sadd (Qatar) in 16 million dollars, will join him to form one of the deadliest attacking combination of the tournament.

Just sitting behind them we will see play-maker Maximiliano MORALEZ, a key first team member in Racing Club and one of the best players in the U20 South American tournament that saw Argentina qualify for both, the Canada 2007 World Cup and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Eber BANEGA, a starter in a Boca Juniors team that have won the Copa Libertadores last week, will be the star defensive midfielder while Matias CAHAIS, also from Boca, will provide the height and presence as a stand-out central defender.

Sergio ROMERO, recently bought by Dutch side AZ Alkmaar, will be the goalkeeper.

Here are the 21 young lads that will represent the Albicelestes in Canada (to the left you can see the shirt numbers):

1 ROMERO Sergio
2 FAZIO Federico
3 INSUA Emiliano
4 MERCADO Gabriel
6 CAHAIS Matias
7 YACOB Claudio
8 SANCHEZ Matias
9 ZARATE Mauro
10 AGUERO Sergio
11 ESCUDERO Damian
12 GARCIA Javier
13 VOBORIL German
14 SIGALI Leonardo
15 CABRAL Alejandro
16 GOMEZ Alejandro
17 MORALEZ Maximiliano
18 DI MARIA Angel
19 PIATTI Pablo
20 ACOSTA Lautaro
21 CENTENO Bruno

It is very hard to leave players out of this brief introduction I'm trying to do as this squad have a lot of talent in every position. We have Federico FAZIO (Sevilla), Emiliano INSUA (Liverpool), Angel DI MARIA (Rosario Central), Damián ESCUDERO (Velez Sarsfield)...

Talent is everywhere and on paper, the only thing that worries me is our manager Hugo TOCALLI.

He says he will use offensive tactics and I really hope they are not offensive to our glorious history in this category!

I would hate to see something similar to what we witnessed in February when we qualified for the Beijing 2008 Olympics in complete agony when Lautaro ACOSTA scored the winner against Uruguay in the very last second of the game we needed to win and we did nothing to do so.

For what is worth, I implore to Mr. TOCALLI from this space to go for it! To attack! To use the immense talent he has at his dispossal and to take us to our sixth U20 World Title!


Follow all the adventures of the Young-Argentina in the Canada 2007 Youth World Cup here at Mundo Albiceleste!


John said...

I still have plenty of confidence about this team when you have the likes KUN, MORALEZ & INSUA. There are some of them have signed for European clubs and may not be regulars, but the experience may be valuable for such competitions.

Remember CAMBIASSO who was a Real Madrid reserve player back in 1997, but was also the main figure for the team then.

Another important aspect behind this team is that this team could be the nucleus in conquest to defend and win gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!!

There hasn't been any news here in Malaysia that matches will be shown live but I will do my best to follow the games from the Internet. So hope to have the rest of you all with us at Mundo Albiceleste.

Other Sports....

2007 World Roller Hockey Championship

Argentina have manage finish in third place after defeating Italy 3-2 in the 3rd/4th placing game. The scorer of the night was Carlos NICOLIA, Pablo ALVAREZ & Carlos LOPEZ. Well done boys!!!

2007 Men's BDO Challenge Trophy

From one version of hockey to another. Argentina's field hockey team, with the return of inspiration player Joge LOMBI, kicked off their campaign by upsetting the tournament's favourite England 4-3. LOMBI scored 2 goals while Lucas REY and Rodrigo VILA scored one each.

Next game, they will face the host Belgium on the 24th of June

Arg10 said...

I'm extremely excited for the World Cup. I guess it's because I'm going to Argentina/Korea and Brazil/USA(both matches in the same night). Plus it'll be the first time I really follow the U20 World Cup so I'm interested in seeing some of the matches.

Seba said...

WOW! Arg10!

You HAVE to take pictures and send us your match reports!

You see. We are a working-class blog without enough resources to do a proper coverage of big events like this. So...please, take a cammera, get some images of the stand, the match preparations and then of course the boys in action and we'll publish them here! What do you say?

I'm sure a lot of people, starting with me (hahaha!), will be really happy to see your pics and eventually, a match report if you feel up for it!

Arg10 said...

Seba yeah, for sure. It's obvious that I'm bringing a camera(maybe even a few videos aswell). Chances are I might end up going to a few other Argentina games(the 30, the 12 and 15) but nothing is confirmed for those games. But for the 6th for sure pictures and match report:).

Seba said...

Hope you read this Arg10!

You have made me a very happy man! hahahaha!

Arg10 said...

My pleasure man, your welcome. Just my way of giving back to the site that keeps me updated about everything that has to do with Argentina.

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