Monday, June 18, 2007

COCO calls 5 more: AIMAR in! SAVIOLA out?

It seems like this final list of 22 players to represent Argentina in the Copa America will take forever to be announced.

COCO is using all the time he has and he is adding footballers in short doses, 2 today, 4 tomorrow, 3 the day after...

Yesterday he waited to see the decision of La Liga and then he ringed 5 of the best Argentine stars that were helping their teams achieve their various goals.

The big news is that Pablo AIMAR has been confirmed in the list, while Javier SAVIOLA received no hints of a possible place in the team.

Along with Pablo AIMAR, COCO will see on Wednesday at Ezeiza, the arrival of the MILITO brothers, Fernando GAGO (just crowned in his first season in La Liga) and (no surprises here...) Lionel MESSI.

When I have a little bit of time to count and do the math, I'll write something about the players that have already been called by COCO.

In the meantime...

Do you think COCO will definitely leave SAVIOLA out of Venezuela 2007?

Are you happy to see AIMAR joining in?

What about The Militos?

Does this (AIMAR being called up) means that RIQUELME will have no place in the team?


johnny said...

Good questions for a Monday holiday morning ! Happy Flag Day ! Looks like Saviola might be caught in a numbers crunch. With so many great scorers to choose from, Coco can't include everyone. A shame for Saviola if it works out that way, but I don't think you can put too much blame on Coco. I am very happy to see Aimar on the squad. As everyone points out, he is frequently injured, but has great talent and capability to break down a defense. Good for the Militos. How could you argue against either one of them. As for the great Riquelme. Probably too much water under the bridge. Though I think Roman is the best enganche Argentina has, again I can't blame Coco for going with Messi, Aimar and Veron. My opinions, for whatever they are worth. Saludos !

Seba said...

Good calls Johnny.

There is a tiny little detail one tends to forget all the time when talking about RIQUELME: It was HIM who decided to quit. It should be HIM who announces comeback intentions if he had to. And then wait for Coco to pick up the phone.

Updating John's info on the Roller Hockey World Cup, Argentina have just defeated Holland 9-0! So we are actually ROLLING on in the first round. Tomorrow we will face Chile in our last group game.

As for the flag day, Johnny, thanks for pointing it out, but it looks like the government have fooled you with their re-scheduled holidays! Our flag day will be on Wednesday, June 20.

But to promote tourism or laziness (hahaha!) every holiday is moved to the previous or following Monday (depending on which one is closer).

On Wednesday then, we will honour our flag here and we might have some news regarding our blog...both John and I can't promise anything, but you stay tunned.

Off topic again...hey Johnny...did you see just how Racing started playing in the last few weeks of the season? Typical Racing!

roberto said...

Seba, what's the full squad list so far for COPA AMERICA so far?

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that Saviola is being left out but as Johnny rightly pointed out, we can't field a team of pure strikers and since we have a large number of very good strikers someone is going to miss out.

Still, I had a question. Do we think that it was better to leave out Saviola and most likely take Palacio? Don't get me wrong, I love Palacio but he hasn't been having a great run as of late missing a lot of possible goals. On the other hand though he has had considerably more playing time than Saviola and could be more match fit. What do we think?

I am happy that Aimar has been included. He is always fun to watch (especially if he isn't playing against your team!) and I think he will be a nice addition to the lineup if only because he and Messi seem to have a good understanding on the pitch. That and he has been impressive his last few games (I still love that Aimar/Milito goal).
I do think though that his inclusion will mean that Riquelme isn't going to get a call up, which as Seba pointed out is also due to his decision not to announce return to international standing. Regardless though, I don't think he would get including (unless somebody gets injured *knock on wood*) because just as it would not benefit us to send a team of strikers we don't want to send all attacking midfielders with little defensive prowess. Especially since the defense was exposed a few times against Algeria. Veron, Messi and Aimar are all talented and capable of feeding our attack.

Thrilled that BOTH Milito brothers are coming. Diego is underappreciated so I want to see him shine.

I have another question to add to the list. Gago is one of the players coming which presents an interesting question as to who Basile will pick to start, Mascherano or Gago. Now I know that some of you guys really want to two to play together which is unlikely to happen (too defensive for Coco). Personally I think that Mascherano should start since over Gago because I think he has more experience (while still being really young meaning that baring any horrible injury, he will be available for the next WC) but Coco seems to prefer Gago. What do you guys think?


roberto said...

Haha, nevermind! I just noticed that you mention that COCO hasn't announced the squad list yet!


johnny said...

Hi Argentina Fan ! Even as a Boca fan, I would prefer Saviola to Palacio. He is more experienced, and I think a better, more dangerous player. Plus, he is more physical than Rodrigo. In addition, maybe some of you remember when Pekerman used Palacio in the World Cup-he looked lost out there on the pitch. All that said, I hope he scores a hat trick against Gremio Wednesday ! And, I much prefer Mascherano to Gago. Again, more experienced and more tough. (Gosh, am I a Boca fan, or not ?!).

johnny said...

Seba-maybe Racing just plays better at the very end of the season to insure that you diehard Racing fans won't ditch them !

What are your thoughts about the teams being relegated and included next year in Argentina ? My buddy was rooting for San Martin the other day, stating that he would prefer to see more teams from around the country, and less a
"Buenos Aires league". Ideas, opinions and rants ?

Anonymous said...

If"Cata" Diaz is in good shape after the tough final match Gremio-Boca, I'm pretty sure Basile is going to call him.
To me is the best right central def. we have right now.
Ibarra is playing at that level too but Basile already has Zanetti and Burdisso on the lateral right side.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Left Central def.

johnny said...

YESSSSS !! Cata !! I love Cata, and I hope you are correct Albo ! He is a man amoung boys !

SoydeRiver said...

Hey Johnny, Maybe you are really a River Plate fan. Mascheraro, Saviola, Aimar. All River baby!!!

On a side note, don't let riquelme even smell the slightest hint of a call up. we dont need another part time, slow player. We already have Veron!

Seba said...

Roberto. I'm having a CRRRRRRRRRAZY day at the office.

Will try and answer your question later on.

Also...I'll try and READ all these comments when I have the chance (glad there are a lot of them coming!).

But...if anyone there have the full list (so far) of players that are certainly going to Venezuela, pass it on to Roberto.

I'm sure you will find all the names in previous posts here in our blog.

alwin said...

Hola Albi Gang,

I agree with most of the points pointed out by each and every one of you here. It would be great to have SAVIOLA around but then sacrifices have to be made and for the good of team, COCO knows best. If you ask me between PALACIO and SAVIOLA, I would go for the RABBIT.

-argentina fan, Well true that playing both GAGO and MASCHERANO might be too defensive for COCO, but I would actually like to see a solid 4-2-3-1 formation. I feel that way we would have a right balance with GAGO and MASCHERANO sitting behind the trio of MESSI, VERON and AIMAR. As for the Striker it has to be a decision between D. MILITO, CRESPO or TEVEZ. This would be my ideal team but… I doubt COCO is listening to me 


linda said...

Hello everyone! Great to see the new names on the list. Aimar has a good understanding with Messi (and by the way, hopefully the latter's great current form carries over to Argentina), which could prove handy, and the Milito brothers have had brilliant seasons. As for Saviola, it probably can't be helped - he hasn't played enough this season.

As for the Gago vs Mascherano debate, my preferred midfield includes Mascherano and Cambiasso, which rules out Gago. A shame, as he is a good distributor, but Masche's experience is invaluable.

John said...
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John said...

I don’t think SAVIOLA absence from the team will have much of an impact. With the likes of CRESPO, MILITO, TEVEZ leading the forward line, SAVIOLA looks like the last in the pecking order.

I’m not too sure about AIMAR’s inclusion. Don’t get me wrong here, he is a fantastic player but there have been already many talks of MESSI taking the playmaker role plus with the addition of Juan Sebastian VERON.

For me both of the MILITOS are a must have in the team, no doubt about that. Gaby is a solid central defender and Diego is a goal scoring machine so I guess enough is said about them.

Regarding RIQUELME, I do great respect for the guy and I will admit he is absolutely gifted. But the thing is that I can’t seem understand his character which “Now I want to quit” and the next time is “I want to play again”. He does not seem to be focus on what he really wants to do.

I must say that while wearing the Boca colours, he has shown many times on his extraordinary talent but not quite really with the Albicelestes.

This is just the opposite with VERON. Remember that I did stress this before, La Brujita never announced that he wants to quit playing for the Albicelestes and has shown us many times that he dreams of one day playing for Argentina again. The critics will be out there to bash him on his past mistakes but that doesn’t seem to bother or frightened him at all as he stills wants to prove everyone wrong.

That’s just the kind of spirit and motivation that we really need in our team if we want to win our first trophy in 14 years.

The only setback could be his age factor but hey! What about ZIDANE and FIGO who played until there were 34 years old.

Other Sports…

2007 World Roller Hockey Championship

Another fantastic performance from our Roller Boys as they trashed the Netherlands by 9-0 with the goals coming from Jose GARCIA (3), David FARRAN (3), Emanuel GARCIA (2) & Carlos LOPEZ (1). With this result, Argentina will right on top of group B with 6 points, just 3 points behind Angola.

Next match will be their final group game against Chile.

NBA News

The Toronto RAPTORS have secured the services of Argentina guard Carlos DELFINO from the Detroit PISTONS

DELFINO was a first-round selection by Detroit in 2003. He played in all 82 games this season, posting career highs of 5.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game.

I personally hope this move will benefit him well as he wasn’t given much time play in Detroit and the RAPTORS are well known for their collection of International players.

Seba, what is your thoughts about DELFINO's move?