Friday, June 29, 2007

CRESPO with a very important milestone

I can’t say this enough times: Hernán CRESPO is probably the most under-rated player in the history of our national team.

Relegated to the bench by the excellent Gabriel BATISTUTA (top goal-scorer in the history of our national team with 56 goals in 78 games) during a decade, Hernán still managed to make history.

First choice as striker for Argentina (since BATISTUTA’s retirement after the 2002 World Cup), CRESPO scored twice last night and he reached a milestone that I’m sure he and all his fans and admirers will be proud of.

With last night's brace against USA, Hernán CRESPO have scored 34 goals for Argentina and now seats second in the all-time table alongside a certain little guy from Villa Fiorito named Diego Armando MARADONA!

CRESPO scored his 34 goals in 63 games, while MARADONA needed 91 matches to get to that number. Of course, this is not to compare both players as it will have no sense to do such a thing. They don’t even play in the same position!

Nevertheless, I think this comes to show just how under-rated Hernan is and how unfair I think the whole situation is.

He is Argentina's top-scorer in World Cup Qualifiers, he scored more than 200 goals in European leagues, he is the only Argentine to score two goals in a Champions League final (in modern times) and still, he can't seem to get all the appreciation that he deserves.

Mundo Albiceleste would like to recognize all his hard-work and his committment to the Albiceleste. His 34 goals were nothing else than the result of that!

Congratulations Hernán Jorge CRESPO.
Here’s hoping he can finally lift a trophy with Argentina!


Arg10 said...

Thank you Crespo for everything you've done! Like I stated in one of my earlier comments(I think it was the one where we rated the players after the match). Crespo has always been overshadowed by someone/something and has never got the proper respect he deserves. In 1998, it was Batistuta's World Cup. 2002 he was once again overshadowed by Batistuta, 2006 he was overshadowed by the news saying that Messi and Tevez would make their World Cup debut. He's always been overshadowed by something, yet he is a fantastic player.

Congratulations Crespo, you deserve it.

Asil said...

What surprised me was, if I'm not mistaken, this is his first Copa America!

pal said...

hey guys what's up..
let me first congratulate all argentines for the EMPHATIC win against USA.
for a team that is an overwhelming favourite to win the Copa aerica i must say that was not bad.
anyway, i won't talk about brazil now cuz if i started some might diagree cuz honeslty i think we deserved better BUT nontheless mexico deserved the win.. we lost 2-0 period.
i'll talk some more sunday night, and may be after the final.
so be there.. ;-)

congrats for Crespo, he is one of the best strikers ever in my opinion. so underrated as seba said. still one of the greatest.


Copa America Blog said...

His hair was holding him back. The new Crespo will make his mark on football!

John said...

I do agree with Seba that CRESPO is often underrated but there has been some occasions that I believe his is often recognize as one of modern football fierce ever strikers.

And the match against USA says it all.

Hernan, congrats on your milestone achievement and give us more goal.

Anonymous said...

Crespo has always been underrated, wherever he plays. Wherever he plays, (except in Lazio with Veron in good form then) he never had the service of a good feeder. I don't know if he will ever find one, but I believe he always make good a half chance.

Asian Fan