Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The pressure is on: Argentina debut against USA

There are very few people in the World that would bet againts Argentina as they open their Copa America campaign facing a depleted USA side in Maracaibo.

Here are some bits and pieces about Today's match:

  • Argentina and the USA have played 6 times in their history, with 4 wins for the Albiceleste and 2 for the Americans. The South American scored 14 goals and conceeded 5.
  • The best result for the USA came the only time they both met at a Copa America (Uruguay 1995, First Round: USA 3-0 Argentina. Goals by KLOPAS, LALAS and WYNALDA). USA won Group C on goal-difference as they finished with 6 points tied with Argentina.
  • Both teams met in the first World Cup (Uruguay 1930) and Argentina defeated the Americans 6-1 in what would be an unlikely semifinal match these days.
  • Argentina will have 7 players in their squad (5 in the starting lineup) that played in the last Copa America (ABBONDANZIERI, HEINZE, AYALA, ZANETTI, MASCHERANO, Lucho GONZALEZ and TEVEZ).
  • Argentina have won the Copa America 14 times (same as Uruguay). Here's the list of editions in which the trophy was won by the Albicelestes: 1921, 1925, 1927, 1929, 1937, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1991, 1993.


linda said...

You know, I was all about going around telling everyone not to underestimate the US and to be wary of our 'favourites' tag (after all, our guys haven't played together before), but having read a couple of highly irritating blog posts (no links, there are enough comments on these posts as it is), I've changed my mind.

I hope we hammer them.

Vamos Argentina!

John said...

Frankly speaking I’m confident we will get three points against team USA. I’m not trying to be arrogant here as I have tremendous respect for them. In fact for any football-developing nation, I would use USA as a great example just to show how far they have come since 1990.

Believe me, we will WIN!!!

Seba, what concert did you attend? Was David BOWIE in town?

allan ng said...

I am surprised by today's results. I saw the first half of the Chile vs Ecuador game and I thought Ecuador had it signed and sealed...

Of course after Mexico's defeat of Brazil, we have to be cautious about the USA game. They are not bringing some of their best players, but the replacements might be even more dangerous since they are not well known, probably well rested and are keen to prove themselves. I still remember Portugal in Korea/Japan 2002.

But with the team we have, I really doubt that anyone can beat us. I think we will score a few quick goals early on and then close off the game.

I have read that there is some rivalry in the camp, with Crespo, Zanetti, Veron...etc leading one side while Riquelme, Ayala, Messi etc on the other. I hope this is not true.

Kirat Hang said...

Yeah..We ganna Thrash teh USA.Thatz for Sure.
Viva La' Argeess....
p.s:- On allan ng Comment"I have read that there is some rivalry in the camp....",it would be cancerous for the Argentina if it is so.Wish Seba could make some findings about that news.

Gonzo said...

man consider that us team crushed, those guys have no idea the level of quality that coco has assembled, way out of their league.

alwin said...

Hi there,

Nice to see the confidence from all of you. Keep up the burning desire. For now I would settle for 3pts for us to have a good start. We cant go wrong. The highlight for me in the match will be able to see my HERO "SEBA VERON" in action again in the ALBICELESTE colours. Im wondering, did he get his favourite No.11 shirt?


Saurabh said...

Seba! Can you clarify about these reports of the rift within the team. These rumours just keep coming back.

My wishlist starts with just three points with neat and beautiful football.

John said...

Thanks for the e-mails that I’ve been receiving.

Subh, we are not sure whether this rift is true or could be some media prank on trying to make up some silly story just to sell their papers. At this point of time, I’ve not heard any news like that. So lets no bother ourselves on that too much.

Seba said...

I wouldn’t be too worried about those rumours of possible rifts amongst the team.

You see, it is very difficult to have a group of top international players (many of them with a high degree of leadership in their own clubs).

But all the interviews that have been published in the build-up to the Copa America had positive messages from the iconic figures that compose our team.

They are all in the same page.

I’ll do a little exercise here and will try and list the rumoured rifts between two or more Albicelestes:

CRESPO v ROMAN: It was said during Germany 2006 that ROMAN didn’t pass the ball to HERNAN because they don’t like each other off the pitch. CRESPO fired up those rumours when he said he wasn’t getting enough passes during the World Cup. But the Inter Milan forward himself said in an interview that he has no problems with RIQUELME, while the Boca star said he wants to assist CRESPO as much as he possibly can, so he can help him become the top-scorer of the tournament.

AYALA/ZANETTI v VERON: Rumour had it that the most capped players in the history of the Albiceleste didn’t want Coco to call up VERON again. First thing they did when they arrived in Buenos Aires was talk to the press and dismiss this versions. CAMBIASSO was also mentioned as a possible “enemy” of VERON, but Cuchu went to talk to La Brujita face to face and explained he had nothing against him.

I think it is natural in a group of 22 people for you to have those who get along just fine and those who simply dislike each other.

What it is most important of all is that COCO knows how to deal with this kind of things. He is well known to have a fatherly approach on players and when it is extremely necessary, he can call a private meeting between the players that have problems with each other and he urges them to quit it, because the team is the number one priority.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be the happiest man in the World if VERON links up very well with ZANETTI and ROMAN sends a couple of killer assists to CRESPO.

Hope this clears the air regarding controversy inside our lines.

I’m not worried about it at all.

Alex said...

The US is sending their "C" team in order to gain international experience - this will not even be close to the Gold Cup team. Argentina wins in a cake walk!

Anonymous said...

the supposed beef was between Veron and Sorin. I could explain everything but here's the thing: NO professional team EVER has all 22 guys who get along and are best friends.

all you hope for is that while they are on the pitch, they respect one another and that's all that matters. moreover, that 2002 team was blasted by all corners so everyone got testy with each other. winning cures all and the 2006 campagin went to partly restore that. Once we win the Copa this time, you will hear all these stories that everyone is best friends (which is also absurd).

but winning just has a way to cure all ailments...

Rio said...

I would always stand behind sorin when he wants to be on a team, regardless what team that is. but I can understand basile's logic here, we need a dedicated outside mid more than a wingback, especially when we already have zanetti and plan on playing 4-3-1-2

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