Thursday, June 28, 2007

More problems for DUNGA: FRED suffers fracture

Striker, FRED, has suffered a fractured toe and will be dismissed from the Brazilian squad that is playing in the Copa America.

The Olympique Lyon's player got injured during Today's training and DUNGA is unable to call another player to replace him because Brazil have already made their debut in the tournament (losing 2-0 against Mexico last night).

Talks about a curse have already started in Brazil. Well...whatever...


alwin said...


Don't really care much about DUNGA's predicament. Just that my blood is rushing and heart beating faster with 30mins to go for the BIG KICKOFF while i sit here and watch SANTA CRUZ demolish COLOMBIA with a HAT-TRICK with 10 mins to play. We might want to WATCH him closely.


alwin said...

A very rare scoreline indeed, PARAGUAY 5-0 COLOMBIA...can't really recall PARAGUAY scoring 5 goals before.

Coming up, ARGENTINA will take on TEAM AMERICA:)