Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chile shocks Ecuador, come back to win 3-2

In Group B opening match, Chile came back twice from behind to earn a dramatic 3 points and start the Copa America with a smile.

Ecuador started off brightly and went ahead through a lovely goal by Luis Antonio VALENCIA (Wigan Athletic).

Humberto SUAZO levelled the score, just before Cristian BENITEZ restored the Ecuadorian lead. All of this inside 22 minutes in the first half.

Ecuador came out to play the second half without the right attitude. It looked like if they thought the game was pretty much in their pockets.

But Chile had other plans and with 11 minutes to go, Humberto SUAZO again, equalized with a ball that went in off the bar.

A point that was taylor made for Chile after a rough start. However, the prize was going to be bigger!

87 minutes and Carlos VILLANUEVA curled a perfect free-kick to give Chile the three points and to complicate Ecuador's chances with both teams having to face Brazil and Mexico in their next two matches.

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