Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24 should be "Play-Maker Day" in Argentina

Of course it is just a play of words. But...why is that? often can this happen?

The play-maker of our last World Cup and the soon-to-be Argentina's Number 10 in Venezuela 2007, Juan Román RIQUELME was born in Don Torcuato (the outskirts of Buenos Aires) a day like Today in 1978.

9 years later (June 24, 1987), Lionel MESSI, the Argentine play-maker of the future, arrived in this World in Rosario.
Now the two of them represent their national team and they are amongst the best players in the World right now.

A double birthday celebration that comes days before the Copa America debut against USA.

In Saturday's training session, ROMAN and LIONEL were seen very close to each other with the Boca legend teaching the Barça star some basic moves and positioning. And they seem to be on the same page when it comes to commitment and desire to win the trophy for Argentina.
Happy birthday to both of them and let the Copa America be their present!


johnny said...

I don't know if Roman is much of a teacher, but what better maestro for Messi to have if Roman is so inclined. If Messi could develop the patience and vision of Roman he would be lethal. He certainly has the ability. Can't wait til Thursday. No local football this weekend is killing me !

Rio said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Leo and Roman !!!

Vadim, Tel Aviv

Niraj said...

Happy birthday Rommy and Messi..They need to celebrate with the cup now....And I am so proud that I was born on the same month they were born...and just 4 days apart and I hope this time we will win and it will be such a gr8 gift as the first match falls on my bday..And ohh yes....the great CHE was born on June 14 on Rosario..couldn be better....
Like Che said Hasta la Victoria Siempre and I heard the English translation of this would be Until Victory Always....But With the our beloved Albiceleste it will be After Victory Also Always..hope someone wil give a spanish version of this statement:-D

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