Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The FINALS, Game 3 - MANU & FAB, Just One Win Away

Finally, the State of Ohio has hosted an NBA Finals match, but still what was missing tonight, was all the drama and the suspense that makes an NBA final so interesting to watch.

Instead it turns out to be, the game ended up as the second fewest points in NBA finals history, as San Antonio SPURS manage to achieve a hard fought 75-72 win over the Cleveland CAVALIERS. With this result, SPURS are now only one win away from clinching their fourth championship.

While the world was hoping to see real Le Bron JAMES stand up in front of his own supporters, the most unlikely hero of the night was Bruce BOWEN who notched 13 points, while Tony PARKER (MVP Finals favourite) and Tim DUNCAN had 17 and 14 points respectively

As for Manu GINOBILI it wasn’t a great night by his own standards as he only scored three, all of which were free throws in the final 10.4 seconds, to hold off the Cavaliers and crush the hopes of their rowdy, towel-waving crowd, who had never before seen their team play a finals game in person. He was fouled, missed his first throw but finally got something to fall through the net to give the Spurs a three-point lead and scored another two free throws to give San Antonio its final margin. Apart from this he also posted 4 rebounds, and team high 5 assists as well.

"Oh, it's great, beautiful . . . we didn't play good," guard Manu GINOBILI said. "We won in a tough arena like this one and we are just one game shy of making it."
FAB-ulous OBERTO who was a starter, in one those rare situations, had a better point scoring than his compatriot, as he notched 6 points & 4 rebounds.

Though their performance may not as mouth watering as their previous effort but in a result as close as this, you know that every contribution is crucial.

So now this is what the situation looks like, SPURS only need to win their game to complete their whitewash of this series. The CAVALIERS need to do the most impossible task ever which to become the first franchise in NBA history to win a series after going 0-3 down.

Game 4 will be played on Thursday, 14th of June in Ohio.


Seba said...

I watched the second half.

It was a very strange game and one that have casted doubts on LeBron's ability to be a clutch performer.

We know he can do EVERYTHING. But now the doubt is: Can he do it when it really matters?

I have to say that he did it against Detroit, but last night, he couldn't do it and he seemed to be looking for a team-mate to pass the ball to, rather than looking for the shoot.

He did take (and missed) that last gasp shot and he was fouled by Bruce BOWEN. But his complains were not fair, as he was fouled before he tried to shoot and that foul would have given him two free throws with the Cavs losing by 3 and the clock stopped with only 3 seconds to go.

In the previous Cavs' possession, my point was pretty clear. LeBron gave the ball to Anderson VAREJÃO and the Brazilian screwed up. But it wasn't his responsibility to take such a crucial shot.

As for MANU. I'm not disappointed at all. Had a rough night. Was almost a ghost of what he can be. But he ended up scoring 3 crucial free-throws (his only points of the game!!!) and he killed off the game.

One win away now. Argentina will be watching!

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