Sunday, June 17, 2007

Should I stay or should I go? Transfer rumours!

From Football Gossip column:

Striker Carlos TEVEZ, who has been linked with a move to Inter Milan, is on the verge of agreeing a deal to stay at West Ham, which would cost the London club £9m for the next season. (News of the World)

Liverpool have opened talks with Real Zaragoza striker Diego MILITO. (Various)

Just keeping track of what's on the press for our players.

What's your call on TEVEZ?

Should he stay or should he go?

And MILITO? Do you fancy a striker partnership between him and Peter CROUCH? hahaha!

Joke aside, I believe Diego MILITO could take the Premiership by storm and really step up a notch in his quest to become Argentina's main target-man.


johnny said...

Ah Carlitos, West Ham, Inter, it does not matter too much, though my preference would be that he stay in the Premier League, though not with Chelsea. There seem to more Premier League matches televised in BsAs, so more chances for me to see him play.

More good stuff from Messi today. What a prize he is. Seems to get better by the week.

rob said...

Tevez should not stay at West Ham! He should head to a Champions League club in Italy or Spain. I don't think he should go to Inter though-- that seems ridiculous to me.

Diego Milito has also been linked to Arsenal in

alwin said...

Hi There,
I would rather TEVEZ play in the premiership than in SERIE A. La Liga can be an option but i would think that the PREMIERSHIP is a fantastic league and it really bring out the best in a player.

As for Diego MILITO, i look at him as our main striker for the upcoming tournaments and he is a huge talent. He resembles the physique of Dimitar BERBATOV who turned out to be a hit last season. Going to LIVERPOOL will definetely benefit him alot although i would love him to come to OLD TRAFFORD :)


Anonymous said...

I think tevez shouldnt stay west ham and england... i want see him in la liga... la liga is more confortable for tevez... maybe Real... ps: i hate real... maybe Gago Higuain Tevez... very good for NT...

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