Saturday, June 09, 2007

Diego MILITO and Ruud in a top-scorers battle

Real Zaragoza 2-2 Real Madrid

Here are the goals. Pablo AIMAR had a huge influence in both of MILITO's goals. He was fouled inside the area before Diego scored from the penalty spot and then AIMAR rode through the whole field before sending a perfect assist for MILITO to embarrass Fabio CANNAVARO before scoring his second goal of the game.

I can see a smile in COCO's face after watching this!


Anonymous said...

Who"s man of the match? . I thought Aimar did the great job and he deserved it .He played very well ,did the great role than Milito or Van nisterooy ,especially the 2nd goal .But That"s just my opinion


Anonymous said...

That was such a pretty goal. Aimar did do really well which surprised me because at the beginning it didn't look like he was going to have a good game (his passes were too soft). Then bam! He starts being awesome like we all know he can be. I hope that the two of them make it onto the squad for Copa America. D'Alessandro and Gaby Milito had an awesome game as well.


Anonymous said...

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