Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Copa official site: Argentina hot favourites in Group C

Typical of the days before a competition starts, rumours, speculation and of course…POLLS!

Here’s one that’s been running in the Copa America’s official website.

The question was simple: Who are the favourites to win each group?

The results are the following:





Group C

Argentina, voted as Group C favourites by 75,37% of the people, are the ones with the biggest difference towards the second placed team in their group.

In my opinion, those who are not considering Paraguay as, at least, second best team in the Group are making a big mistake. I don’t know if they will win the group or even finished in second place, but I certainly don’t how they got only 2,94% of the votes.

Group A will be the closest. Venezuela could benefit from being the home-team, but Uruguay could be dangerous and Peru can beat any of those two in their day.

Brazil should walk away with Group B, but they are facing tough opposition in all of the three teams that in theory will fight for the second place. I like Mexico and Ecuador’s chances to cause an upset and if Chile goes to Venezuela with a full team…anything can happen.

Do you care about these polls? What do you think of the outcome of this particular poll?

Check it out at: http://copaamericavenezuela2007.terra.com.br/default.asp?pag=enquetes

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Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe how easy group A is in comparison to Groups B and C. Each of the B and C groups includes 3 WC competitors, and A not even one. And Chile and Columbia are not poor teams either. Any of the nations in Group C I think would win group A. With the exception of Uruguay, the rest are bottom feeders.

That said, I think (and hope) group B will finish as the poll shows with the exception that Mexico will finish bottom. Group C will finish Argentina then Paraguay second, USA 3rd and Columbia 4th. I( think A wil finish with Uruguay first, Venezuela second.

- Alex Camacho