Sunday, June 10, 2007

The FINALS, Game 2 - SPURS Simply GINOBILIcious

Just as much as MESSI does it every week-in and week-out on the football pitch, I do get the same feeling for this guys as well for everything he does on the basketball court. But unlike the Atomic Flea, there are some occasions that his great talent overlooked due to critics often labelling him of being a flopper. But as Johnny summarized in one his previous comments, it's up to the match officials to decide whether it was a foul, a goal, or whatever it may be.

Unlike Game 1, on this occasions the CAVALIERS were simple outclassed in the first 3-quarters (at one point the SPURS were leading by 29 points!!!) but Cleveland's young guns did manage to storm back to a 8 points deficit. In the end it was just too late as with a 103-92 win, San Antonio SPURS are now only just two games away from clinching their fourth championship.

And just where does all this comes from?

Of course there is Tony PARKER (30 points) and Tim DUNCAN (23 points) but once again just as in Game 1, Big POPO needed the most from his bench players to deliver. And let me put it simple, he needed the most from Manu GINOBILI. In recent times, there has been some lengthy discussion on why good old GREGG doesn't use him as a starter. Well perhaps the following links might just give us a better understanding about the whole scenario;_ylt=AiFowwNjAkOxHWPiRkJ2oc.79LQF

Now back to the game, it was the usual ROAR from the SPURS crowd whenever OUR main man comes in to the court. And tonight, he gave another terrific performance. Forget about the few turnover that he committed. Just look at the other stats, 25 points, 2 assists, 6 rebounds and game high 3 steals (one of which was from non other than the man himself, Le Bron JAMES!!!). He was 100% from the free throws (11-11) and for every 3 points shot that goes in, in the background, it was MAAAAAANUUUUUU!!!!! All the way.
Fabricio OBERTO was a starter and this time he had a much better performance than he had in Game 1 with 4 points and 4 rebounds and if it wasn't the 3 personal fouls he had committed, the CAVS center comprising of ILGAUKAS and VAREJOA could have inflicted more damage to the SPURS.

Well done boys, well done.

Now the series heads to Ohio (Game 3 & 4 and Game 5 as well, if necessary) and from the looks of it, Le BRON & Co. seems to have learn all the tricks and tales of playing in the Finals, which makes the series even more interesting and I know that I'm looking forward to it more than ever.

Game 3 will be played on Tuesday, 12th of June.


alwin said...

To the Albi gang,

Vamos SPURS for a 2-0 lead in the series. Hope they can wrap up a white wash in the next 2 games.

Vamos VERON, for making it into the COPA AMERICA squad. Its my dream come true to watch Senor SEBA do a little magic and cast some spell on our opponents 1 last time before calling it a day in the Albiceleste shirt...Im so happy, i can't contain my happiness..:)


Seba said...

I watched the game again. I’m curious of knowing what will happen once the series move to Cleveland.

So far, it’s been a monologue for San Antonio (except perhaps the first half of the first game in which the game was fairly even).

MANU seems happy playing as a 6th man. The way I see it, I wouldn’t make such a fuss about it. I don’t care if he is a starter or not. He still produces and he does it in a great way.

Coming off the bench, he has just tied the record of consecutive games for a bench player with more than 10 points per game in the playoffs. I think the record-holder was Latrell Spreewell (but I’m not sure…memory fails me very often).

LeBron is looking pretty average and in my opinion that is the biggest question to be answered when they play the first game in Cleveland. Will he be up to the challenge?

It will certainly take some doing for King James and the rest of the Cavs cast.

As for VERON, Alwin, I must admit that I was very angry at him in that controversial play in which he went walking to take a corner kick in the dying minutes of our game against Sweden in the 2002 World Cup. But the criticism and the anger he received from the media and the supporters have been way bigger than the “crime” he committed.

And I also have to admit that I love a good redemption story and this has all the makings to become a great one!

Today, at 3 PM Buenos Aires time, Juan Sebastián VERON will join a group of nine players that COCO called up last week to start training towards the Copa America.

I wish him and his team-mates all the best, of course!

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