Thursday, June 21, 2007


The following are the 22 players that will wear the Albiceleste in Venezuela 2007.

RIQUELME is back. PALACIO was picked instead of SAVIOLA. The rest, we've had anticipated here during the last few days.


Juan Pablo CARRIZO
Agustín ORIÓN


Roberto AYALA
Gabriel HEINZE
Gabriel MILITO
Daniel DÍAZ


Fernando GAGO
Juan Sebastián VERÓN


Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ

Argentina travel to Venezuela today at 4 PM local time and will make their debut next Thursday against the United States.

Mundo Albiceleste promises players' profiles and analysis on the probable line-ups.

In the meantime...give us your two-cents about these strong group of 22 players that will represent you in Venezuela...


Arg10 said...

I still cannot believe Saviola wasn't picked. I was expecting it, but I still wanted him. The guy is underrated, honestly. I like Palacio and all but Saviola proved himself at the World Cup last year aswell as this year in Barca(though he didn't play much, when he did he was amazing). But again, I guess it goes back to the decision of picking Argentine based players over Europeans.

Seba said...

To be honest, Arg10, I don't think PALACIO got picked instead of SAVIOLA because of the home-based players vs. the Europeans as the majority of the players is coming from Europe.

I think it is more a case of SAVIOLA not playing much and having a difficult summer in which he will definitely change clubs. He might even make the biggest of moves by leaving Barcelona for Real Madrid.

Plus...BASILE knows PALACIO very well. He already knows what SAVIOLA can bring to the team and he might want to use this Copa America to give PALACIO the chance to play some minutes and earn some international football experience.

In my opinion, this list contains a lot of the best names we have nowadays and it is a mix of experience and youth that could be a key to start building for the next World Cup and at the same time, try and win the Copa America and every tournament we play before 2010.

Rio said...

Saviola only subbed a few games since Febuary...

I'll be totally happy if only to see this formation for 1 game.






Seba said...

Latest transfer rumour:

Man Utd left-back Gabriel Heinze has agreed a top-secret £5m move to Real Madrid. (Daily Star)

Anonymous said...

I'd like best this starting group

Zanetti Ayala Milito Heinze
Mascherano Gago
Messi Crespo Tevez

-Alex Camacho

johnny said...

A juggernaut of imposing talent ! I would like to see D. Milito get the start over Crespo. Crespo looked a little stale in the recent friendlies. All in all, a wonderful team.

Kirat Hang said...

Viva la' Argees...!!!
I'm so gald Riquelme is back in squad.And we all will be waiting to see more of MEssi Magic..ehehe...
Ole Ole Ole.....

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Messi in the playmaker role, behind Tevez and either Milito or Crespo. Gago must be in the midfield, along with Maxi when he's healthy, Mascherano, and I'd also like Aimar, although he may be redundant w/Messi out there as playmaker.

John said...

I’ll only give my comments about this squad once Seba and I will unveil the player profile soon.

In the meantime I must say it was pity to leave SAVIOLA out but I do have to agree with Seba that the reason are very obvious as he did not play many games for Barca last season. But he still has age on his side and perhaps a move away from the Nou Camp and refreshing start might just do the trick for him.

2006 World Roller Hockey Championship

Argentina are through to the semi-finals after defeating NON-OTHER than Brazil 2-1 in the quarterfinal. The scorer of the night was Mariano VELAZQUEZ and David FARRAN.

Our opponent in the semis will be the host Switzerland on the 22nd of June.

Rio said...

Too much to say with comment box

Btw, I got no intention to advertise my blog. It's there mainly to keep links.

Allan Ng said...

I think Saviola should have known better when he chose to stay at Barca at the beginning of the season. Rijkaard is against having him in the team and he should know his chances would be marginalized, ultimately not just at Barca but at national team level, too.

Anyway this is an A team that Argentina is bringing to Venezuela and I will be disappointed if they don't come back with the trophy, especially when Brazil is leaving out stars like Kaka and Ronaldinho.

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

I feel sorry for Saviola for I have been a big admirer of his willingness to fight it out, scoring record for whichever club he has played for and also his special chemistry with Crespo. But with his lack of match practice, his exclusion was almost a fait accompli.

Seba, can you please explain the origin of the nicknames of Palacio

Seba said...

Well Saurabh,

EL RAYO (Ray) it is obviously because of his speed.

THE JEWELL? It is more difficult to explain. But in times in which talents stay in Argentina for a shorter time than a shooting star, PALACIO agreed a long-term contract and started showing signs of becoming a franchise player for Boca. So they now say that PALACIO is a Jewell for Boca (as if he was one of the crown jewells, if you know what I mean).

Whatever his nicknames, and their origin, I would like to tell you that this could be a great opportunity for PALACIO to show his talents and start conquering those Albicelestes around the World that still didn't have the chance to see him play.

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