Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Starting eleven confirmed

With a little more than a day to go before our Copa America debut against USA, Coco BASILE confirmed the starting lineup that will start the quest for the first major trophy that Argentina want to win after winning this same tournament back in 1993.

As revealed by the local press and announced also here in Mundo Albiceleste, these will be the eleven Albicelestes that will jump to the field tomorrow:

BASILE confirmed this information Today at a press conference in which he said: "Argentina have to win everything they play"


Anonymous said...

I see that lane down the right sideline with Zanetti, Veron, Riquelme and Messi, and imagine a lot of touch and go football.
That's definetly our good side

Gonzo said...

this sucks, i would like zanetti to have space to move up and down his sideline without tripping into veron and riquelme, but w.e. maybe in the game roman and veron will be more inside and zanetti will have some freedom to improvise.

Seba said...

The way I see it, I think VERON will move to the center of the field (behind RIQUELME) and will give ZANETTI some room to come forward.

I don't see RIQUELME staying in one or the other side. He will move freely behind the two forwards.

Also, I don't know if MESSI will stay the 90 minutes on the right. I would like to think that he will switch from one side to the other, alternating with RIQUELME.

Movement is the key for VERON, RIQUELME and MESSI to succeed and create empty spaces and surprise the opposing defense.

Rio said...

the attackers' position arent stationary (even relatively) in 4-3-1-2 so... but veron will be mostly above riquelme so, yes, when he's on the right, he will be higher up and zanetti should push pass him and get to even higher ground.\

cambiasso will mostly lower than riquelme to help out defense and mascherano.

Aimar coming in and out has something to do with riquelme. IF Basile trust riquelme enough then aimar shouldn't start in the game. I think he should at least give roman one legitamate chance. If he doesnt do well against USA then put aimar on or something.

vise versa, if basile decided he cannot fully trust roman, and if roman doesnt perform his team will lose, then we'll see aimar on the field instead of either veron or cambiasso (depend on if defensive need overweights offensive needs), and once roman started to tank, he'll put aimar at center and sub out roman. (or if no sub left then he'll play roman on wing assisting aimar)

Rio said...

by attacker i meant offensive player, so it include both the outside midfielders

Anonymous said...

I think it is good line up but i presume Tevez should be in for Verom so messi can operate from the right as he does for barcelona.

Rio said...


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