Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BASILE: "MESSI thrills me when he plays"

It is known that BASILE has a soft spot for Lionel MESSI. He can't say enough good things about The Flea.

Tonight was no exception. After Lionel's brace against Algeria, COCO said: "MESSI thrills me with the way he plays. He is a different kind of player. He does some things that only the chosen ones are capable of doing."

About the team in general, the manager said: "I'm quite pleased with our second half performance. We were superior in those last 45 minutes with the ball in our feet but we missed a lot of chances. We didn't work a lot in the defensive aspects and we need time to solve some issues. I have to confess that I've never seen a player shot three identical balls in a game and his team score from those actions" (in reference to BOUGHERRA's part in Algeria's three goals)

"I said I wanted 10 scoring chances per game and today we've done that. That's why I'm happy. We showed some great plays, one-two combinations..."

"The outcome of this tour has to be positive. I've met some players I haven't been with before, we shared a day-to-day environment and we were able to see them closely. All those things are really necessary".


John said...

What the hell happen here!!! I got freaked out when I heard the score!!!! Though is a win, thank God for that but it shouldn't be like this.

By the way Seba, Johnny, Soydriver & Argentinafan, I can feel the tension surrounding you guys (from your comments).

Please Argentina, don't ever do this again

Soyderiver said...

Yeah I was seriously sweating the outcome. I am really concerned with how eaily algeria scored in the air.
I hope basile gets it all sorted out.