Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AYALA: "I have no problems with VERON"

With the arrivals of Roberto AYALA, Roberto ABBONDANZIERI (still not ruled out of contention) and Oscar USTARI, the players following BASILE's instruction at the Ezeiza training ground are 14 now.

The most capped player in Argentina's history, Roberto AYALA, didn't work alongside his team-mates as he had to recover from a very long flight.

He talked to the press and was quick to discard those rumours suggesting he, Javier ZANETTI and Esteban CAMBIASSO asked COCO not to call up Juan Sebastián VERON.

"I've got a great relationship with Sebastián (VERON). You people are trying to come up with fights where they don't exist. I don't understand what's wrong with you."

ABBONDANZIERI repeated that "I still have plenty of days to recover from this injury. I don't think this is very serious and that's why I'm sure I'll be able to play in the Copa America".

The training session today ended with a short match in reduced spaces with improvised goalkeepers. Juan Sebastián VERON and Roberto AYALA were wearing the gloves this time! Watch out, Pato!


linda said...

I have a question for you, Seba. With all the fuss going on over Robinho between Real and Brazil, I was wondering if there's a similar problem with Messi? When does Argentina require him to be back?

Seba said...

It is the same old story of clubs having priorities over countries.

In MESSI's case, it isn't much of a controversy as the rules were clear from the start.

Everybody knew he was to join Argentina with a little delay due to his compromises with FC Barcelona.

COCO is already prepared and he moved back a couple of days the date of the initially planned flight to Venezuela, in order to travel with all 22 men together.

I guess this is a part of a bigger debate that could go on forever as to who should have priority: club or country?

Take a look at this Tim Vickery's article. One that explains in a great way the sacrifices a South American player has to go through in order to play for his country. And how the pressures are way bigger for them, compared to their European colleagues.


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