Thursday, June 28, 2007

Argentina v USA: Match coverage

The moment we've been all waiting for. The Albicelestes take on United States of America in their first game.

We'll be doing a play-by-play commentary and, of course, you'll be very welcome to post your opinions on the comments' section.

For those of you without broadcast of the game, check this link to watch videos of the goals and/or the most important plays (with a little delay):,,TEP17197-8646,00.html

Teams are taking the field right now!


With Diego MARADONA dressed in white and blue in the stands, the match is underway.

3rd minute - MESSI touches the ball for the first time and combined well with RIQUELME and then with VERON before he is dispossessed.

5th minute - MESSI burst inside the American defense and crossed for CRESPO, but the defense was quick to react and sent the ball out for a corner kick.

7th minute - Eddie JOHNSON beats Gabriel MILITO and the Zaragoza defender fouls him inside the box. Penalty kick for USA.

8th minute - Eddie JOHNSON scores. USA 1 - Argentina 0.

11th minute - RIQUELME sends a ball into the area, HEINZE challenges KELLER and the ball goes to CRESPO who cooly finishes to level the score. Argentina 1-1 USA.

31st minute - Dangerous free-kick for the USA. Wasted chance by Brazilian-born FEILHABER. Argentina in control of the ball but not creating scoring chances.

39th minute - RIQUELME sees CRESPO inside the box, but HERNAN's volley goes wide.

42nd minute - Powerful shot by VERON, slightly deflected by KELLER before the ball hit the bar and went out for a corner kick.

43rd minute - In the resulting corner kick, CRESPO heads the ball towards goal but KELLER is alert to save it.

After an easy save by ABBONDANZIERI, the referee signals the end of the first half.

Argentina 1 - 1 USA

Second half underway. No substitutions in Argentina.

52nd minute - ZANETTI is careless in possession and then fouls JOHNSON near our box. Dangerous free-kick for USA. MAPP sends it over the bar.

55th minute - Nice cross by RIQUELME, CRESPO does all he can to reach the ball but eventually he is unable to get a shot.

57th minute - Pablo AIMAR replaces CAMBIASSO and Gabriel MILITO sees the yellow card after fouling MAPP down the right.

60th minute - MESSI, now on the left, sees an opening and shots, but hits the outside of the net.

63rd minute - MESSI turns on the style. One two with RIQUELME and then a great assist for CRESPO who doubles his personal account. Argentina 2 - 1 USA.

70th minute - VERON tries again, but it goes wide. Argentina finding more spaces now.

78th minute - AIMAR surprises everyone with a tremendous header and makes it 3-1. Soon after that, TEVEZ comes in to replace Lionel MESSI.

85th minute - CARLITOS is through and has no problems to finish with a nice touch. Argentina 4-1 USA. GAGO replaces VERON.

FULL TIME - Argentina 4-1 USA.


Asil said...

0 - 1 USA's Penalty, tackle by Milito

John said...

What!!! But don't worry there still plenty of time to play

I'm tuning the game through ESPN live score

C'mmon Argentina!!!

Asil said...

1 - 1, Crespo, fastest equalizer!

Seba said...

John, everybody, you can watch the videos of the goals in the link that's up there in this post.

I was shocked but not worried after the Americans went ahead.

A highlight so far? CRESPO running towards RIQUELME to celebrate with him after scoring.

John said...

Seba, unfortunately my company’s bloody IT dept have blocked all access that contains streaming media!!!

Crespo scores!!! Yeah!!!! Stay clam now, stay clam

We can do it, I know we can!!!

Seba said...

Apparently there is a problem with the comments here.

Let's see if this one comes through...

allan ng said...

I can't watch the video... I think it is not meant for international visitors.

Anyway the USA are no pushovers, are they? Still I have faith that we will find a way through again.

alwin said...

There is just something wrong i feel, especially in cohesion with passing. The pitch and weather also doens't really look good as the ball keeps getting stuck. I think we are playing against the wind. The 2nd half the wind will be on our side and i hope we can string together a better performance.

Would like to see TEVEZ coming in and maybe slightly more width in the midfield as its getting pretty obvious they are closing us down rapidly when RIQUELME and VERON have the ball to feet.

Seba said...

No need to panic yet. The Americans are doing all the running and chasing. Argentina is moving the ball around well. 45 more minutes to find an opening in a solid American defense.

ROMAN looked happy to pass the ball to CRESPO and HERNAN was dangerous.

MESSI always has someone marking him very closely and VERON was unlucky not to score with that great shot.

The weakest link is our defense. USA complicated our lives and even scored, without playing a great game.

John said...

I don’t think there is any need for a cause for alarm. Remember our first match against Ivory Coast? It’s all about calming down your nerves and settling as soon as possible.

I know have, I think???

Lets start the second half, c’mmon!!!!

Rio said...

get tevez on IMO

Rio said...

unleash the fury!

Rio said...

and Heinze need to push more to provide width

linda said...

Seba's right, defence is our greatest worry. Everything else will come with time.

Rio said...

aimar is now enganche

linda said...

I'd have thought Aimar for Veron. This is going to unbalance or defence.

Rio said...

no, aimar on just to scare roman, roman still enganche at least for now

Seba said...


Top combination between MESSI and RIQUELME for CRESPO to finish in style!

John said...


linda said...


Roman to Messi to Crespo. Like a dream. God, I love our boys.

Rio said...

now us going from 4-4-2 to 4-4-1-1 looking for better counter attacks

Seba said...


What a header by AIMAR!


Rio said...


Rio said...


John said...

You see....I told you so!!!!

C'mmon Argentina!!!

We want more!!!

linda said...

Great pass to find Heinze, great cross, and great header by Pablito Aimar.

We do indeed want more. Come on Carlitos!

I think Messi did his part in this game. What you do guys think?

Seba said...

I'll settle with this. I don't want all that hype starting again. Even though we will never get rid of the tag of favourites, we don't need TEVEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

YEAH! We're gonna win this damn cup!


What a finish!

Seba said...

I don't mean we don't need TEVEZ, as it looked like in my last comment.

I was saying we don't need confidence to grow to exagerated levels.

Rio said...


linda said...

CARLITOS! Man, how is Basile going to pick for the next game? Messi had a decent game, Carlitos looks really good, Roman played his part, Aimar looks good...oh man. I'm grinning.

Seba said...


4-1. Three points.

Great game (except our defense). But I'm happy overall!

linda said...

Our defence did improve as the game went on, though. Maybe they just needed time to jell?

I'm happy. The way we kept our patience and played our way back in was wonderful. And I wouldn't criticize any of the midfielders or strikers. Great performances all.

linda said...

Oh, and I forgot to say - the attack only clicked together in the second half, which is predictable. Looking forward to the next game.

alwin said...

Great second half. One moment there were too many playmakers on. MESSI looked better on the left side and CRESPO was lone upfront most of the time. OK, so we nailed 4 goals thanks to some sublime passing from RIQUELME in particular for the 4th goal, what a ball to TEVEZ.

Looking forward to COLOMBIA, i think they would pose a bit more problems as they play more football but then it will open up the game. So good in a way too.

Yes, SEBA..we got to win this DAMN CUP.


John said...

Judging from everyone’s comments, it was definitely a marvelous game. Sad that I wasn’t able to watch it

But nevertheless I’m thrill that we got off to a good start.

My special thanks goes out to all you for keeping me company throughout the game


Next up Colombia, please to announce that I’m on leave for that game.

johnny said...

Just back in from watching the match. Looks like the USA was satisfied with packing in the defense and hoping for a tie, particularly after the penalty kick. I thought the substitution of Aimar for Cambiasso was the key. Aimar opened up the left side and the USA was in big trouble after that. The cream rises to the top ! Nice efforts from Aimar, Veron, Crespo, Messi, Tevez. Riquelme made some real nice passes. Mascherano was solid. I am not sold on our back four, but I am not sure what Coco would think about changing. All in all, a decent showing, particularly given the fact that the USA was looking to play an ugly match and see if they squeak out a tie.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't our best game but I'm still happy. The defense wasn't the best but we had nice flashes in the attack. Aimar!!!!!! I was so happy when they brought him in, the game changed almost instantly. Messi has some lovely flashes and played extrememly well considering he had two guys on him most of the game. Riquelme was decent and Crespo absolutely rocked, his two goals were absolutely crucial because you saw the USA lose their cool after them.

Still, I feel that they can improve. I'm not worried because that is normal, we want to keep improving :)

Vamos Argentina!!