Monday, June 11, 2007

VERON: "This is a huge chance for me"

The first training session took place in Ezeiza and two of the most high-profile players have spoken to the press.

Carlos TEVEZ and Juan Sebastián VERON faced the local press microphones and said a couple of news worthy things:

Carlos TEVEZ: “We are in a very difficult group (USA, Colombia and Paraguay) and our margin of error will be minimum. For me it is a chance for revenge after the last Copa America (TEVEZ started as a sub and ended up being a key player, but Argentina lost the final against Brazil in penalties). We know what we’ve been doing well and we are also conscious of what we did wrong. The intelligent thing to do now that we are working together will be to solve those problems now”

Juan Sebastian VERON: “To make a comeback to our national team is like a piece of unfinished business for me and for the people who loves me. I don’t feel like I’m in debt with anybody. I try to play with my whole heart. This is a huge chance for me and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll give my everything.”

There were rumours about possible personal problems between VERON and other players called up by COCO. The former Manchester United and Chelsea player was quick to face those versions and said: “The squad is still to be named and you are already throwing those things to the air?”

“We are a team that is still learning, even though a lot of these players have an important experience with our national team. We are aiming at winning something big”.

TEVEZ and VERON were not the only ones to speak. Champion of Italy with Inter, Esteban CAMBIASSO said: “For the history we have and the players that are in this team, the idea is to always aim at the top”.
His team-mate in the Nerazzurri, Hernán CRESPO added “We are going to have a great Copa America. We will be contenders”.

Nurnberg left back Javier PINOLA, the first big surprise of the list, said: “I worked really hard to get where I am right now. From now on, I’ll try and learn all I can from my team-mates and give a 100% if I’m asked to play”.

Trainings will resume tomorrow, with 50% of the squad following COCO’s instructions, while everybody keeps waiting for the final list of 22 that will play in the Copa America.


johnny said...

As a relative newcomer to Argentina football (two years), can someone provide me with the brief history of Veron's "troubles". A local BsAs buddy told me that Veron had a horrible match in the World Cup (or was it a Copa ?)some years ago and has been persona non grata with alot of fans since then. I am trying to further my football education.

Seba said...

Well Johnny, your friend is spot on.

To start from the beginning, he was never a fan favourite when playing for Argentina.

His style, classy, no doubt about it, it is not always appreciated by every fan. His tendency to fade out of games is not forgiven by people who just want to see players going for the tackle or giving 100% at all times.

But the problems came in the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup.

Argentina won the first match (1-0 against Nigeria), then lost to England (1-0) and had to play against Sweden to see if they could progress to the eight finals.

With the 1-1 result, Argentina were being eliminated in the first round (a disgrace considering we arrived to the Far East as one of the hot favourites to win it all!). And with seconds to go, Argentina won a corner kick. VERON went there to take it and the TV cammeras clearly showed how he was there walking slowly and asking the fans to calm down and take it easy.

That was it. He was crucified and pointed out as the main culprit.

The truth is, he got to that World Cup after being injured and he was not physically up for the task and he paid for that.

When PEKERMAN was named manager, he decided not to use VERON and to play with RIQUELME instead.

The bad relationship between VERON and PEKERMAN's captain, Juan Pablo SORIN, was another key factor for VERON to miss out of the whole PEKERMAN era.

Basically, that is the story in a few paragraphs.

Of course, people is divided between those who hate VERON and those who think he is an extraordinary player.

I'm certainly a member of the latter group. And I hope he does well in this new era.

Seba said...

Latest news about our keepers.

ABBONDANZIERI said: "We've got to wait 48 hours to see the extent of my injury. I know myself and I know that I can be ready for the Copa America".

Anyway...BASILE have called up 2 goalkeepers to have them ready for Venezuela 2007: Juan Pablo CARRIZO (River Plate) and Oscar USTARI (Independiente).

With this, we now have 12 players training from Monday to Friday at Ezeiza and we wait for the remaining 10 that will form the team that will go to the Copa.

linda said...

I'm very pleased for Ustari.

As for Veron, I'm reserving judgement for now. I have nothing against him as a player, but it's going to be interest to see how Basile constructs a starting line-up that has to contain both Messi and Veron as playmakers.

(Who's getting the no. 10 shirt, I wonder?)

My greatest concern when it comes to Veron is the rumours about him not getting along with some of the other players. Hopefully that won't be an issue, as the unity of the squad in the last World Cup was so nice to see.

alwin said...

Dear Seba and Gang,

I would like to take to opportunity to pay tribute to one
of my favorite players, Senor La Brujita

Dear Juan Sebastian VERON,

A Poem dedicated to you.

Seba Veron, Seba Veron,
You never cease to get the attention,
An object of constant speculation,
To some you failed to make an impression.

Seba Veron, Seba Veron,
Many people question your inclusion,
Somehow I knew this day would beckon
Show them you are on a mission.

Seba Veron, Seba Veron,
You might have lost your acceleration,
But you can still carve your opponents with your vision.
Not to forget, Set Pieces full of admiration.

Seba Veron, Seba Veron,
This is your chance to for redemption,
Go and win back the hearts of your nation.
It would be your ultimate culmination.

Vamos Argentina,

Anonymous said...

So I have never been in the camp that outright hate him (he did nice things in 1998) but he has never been one of my favorites. He is a classy and talented player but he was never a favorite and the 2002 WC left a sour taste in my mouth. Even though Seba is completely right in that he had just come back from injury in 2002, the scene that Seba also described above is still very clear in my head. To me it looked like he wasn't really trying.

Just to be clear, I don't think he was fully responsible for our early exit in 2002 (tactics were a much bigger contributor). However, I don't think I will ever think about him as fondly as I do other albiceleste players. I mean Heinze was a player who came in with an injury in 2006 and committed what could have been a horrible and fatal mistake against Mexico and yet he is still one of my favorites. Personal taste I guess, though it is funny that I don't like Veron who was a Boca player (and I'm a Boca fan) and yet I love Aimar who is a River player.

Still I wish Veron the best of luck and would like him (just as I would any player, regardless of personal preference) to end his career with Argentina on a positive note.


johnny said...

Thanks all for the Veron history. I am going to guess that he strikes people as more of an individual, and not so much a team player. Whatever it's all about, let's hope he can redeem himself-for his good, and the good of the team !

Seba said...

The only thing I would add is that I don't see VERON and MESSI competing for the play-maker role.

I see VERON this time, being placed on the right (replacing Lucho GONZALEZ), rather than being used as a play-maker.

Soyderiver said...

I certainly hope Veron has just come to teach. He is way too slow to play on the wings. The only way he could play is in the center as a fifth midfielder.

What's with all these boca fans anyways? We need some River fans on this site!! Other than me that it. :)

Seba said...

Boca? River?

Enough with those obvious and boring choices!

There are plenty of glory-seekers in this world!

What you are looking for, to live a life full of adventures, is Racing Club de Avellaneda!

You will suffer so much on Earth, that you will have Heaven guaranteed once your time is up!


Soyderiver said...

Hey now! Racing knows what the promised land looks like. Now Huracan, on the other hand.....

I feel your suffering though, River has fallen on hard times. We need a new coach for sure.