Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Argentina 4 - 3 Algeria: Match Highlights

The game was played in Catalunya?

Then this video is in Catalan!

Hope you enjoy the goals!


Seba said...

AlgiersTwin, thank you for your compliments on our blog! It's 100 times more appreciated when it comes from supporters of other national teams. Merci!

Now I hope you enjoy the video with all 7 goals of the game.

Good luck to Algeria in all their upcoming matches!

AlgiersTwin said...

thank you so much for the video. looked a really good game. Just need the argentina keeper to work on his game. !!


Soyderiver said...

What a game! I was looking at the awared penalties and they all looked legit to me. The announcers were saying that they were dubious at best.

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