Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mexico stunning Brazil in the first half

The Copa America defending champions, Brazil, are two goals behind in the score against Mexico after 30 minutes in the first half.

Impressive goals by Nery CASTILLO and Ramón MORALES are giving the Gold Cup runners-up some reasons to smile after they lost against the USA on Sunday.

The reason why I'm writing this mid-game is because I wanted to share with you the following link so you can follow the game and watch some videos that are uploaded just as they happen.

So, watch the goals and follow the action here:,,TEP17191-8646,00.html

And also, add this link to your favorites to follow the Copa America as they will also have (I believe) videos of the Argentina games:,,3556,00.html


johnny said...

Amazing. Mexico can't seem to beat the USA, but even without a few of their best players they are whuppin' up on Brazil. Seba-don't wear your sombrero on the streets tomorrow !

allan ng said...

Now I am slightly worried about the USA game tomorrow...

alwin said...

Mexico always seems to have the better of Brazil on most occasions these days.

Allan, i dont think its cause for concern as long as we know ARGENTINA is going into this COPA will a full hearted and a squad burning with desire unlike those in the famous "YELLOW" shirts. TEAM USA might give us some problems with their long ball and crossings game i think (a BOLTON WANDERERS approach), but i truly belive our boys will prevail. We all do right? :)


johnny said...

I agree. The USA always has Mexico's number. Most of USA's firepower is not at the COPA. How can they win if they don't score ? No Beasley, no Donovan, and I don't think McBride is playing as well.

Seba said...

We'll do just fine, people. Don't worry. We will end this run of surprising results.

Four games, four surprises so far! I'll write more in another post. I just needed to give Alwin and Allan some confidence, even though I know, deep down, they have it!

Rio said...

if u go by ranking, lowest 2 ranked teams tied(game2) shouldn't count as surprise.
chile vs ecuador game was close to 50:50 too, but since ecuador played a more defensive way, when they were adhead it was a little surprising.

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