Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Arriba Mexico! Brazil surprised in a 2-0 defeat

I was kind of neutral before this game, but the constant irritating comments by the Brazilian broadcasters, really made me support Mexico (I have to admit that I was inclined to do it anyway! haha!).

They were saying that the Mexicans were staging an act in which they were pretending they were going through a period of crisis. The Brazilian commentators (Bandeirantes channel) said that everything was a lie and that there is not such a thing as crisis in football. WHAT????? Yeah...that.

The other target of their verbal attacks was the Argentine referee, Sergio PEZZOTTA, who in my opinion had a correct game and was not at fault in any incident.

They didn't want to say what was obvious to my eyes: Brazil were outplayed, outclassed and outran. Mexico struck them early with a wonderful goal by Nery CASTILLO and gave them no chance to recover thanks to a perfect free-kick by Ramón MORALES.

Then simply controlled the game and decided to give Brazil the ball and wait for them and hit them in the counter-attack.

But the DUNGA Boys couldn't do nothing. They were frustrated by a resilient defensive midfielder (led by Gerardo TORRADO) and the commanding presence of Rafael MARQUEZ at the back.

Mexico was unlucky not to score a couple more goals, but CASTILLO was at fault two times. First when he failed to see an open team-mate as they both were on the run with only the keeper to beat. And then in the game's final play when he ran from behind the midfield line, skipped past the keeper and soundly failed in front of an empty net. A clamorous error that denied Mexico of a classic 3-0 victory.

A lot of work to do for DUNGA and some humble pie to eat for those Brazilian commentators, please!

I won't wear my sombrero tomorrow, but I predict a great day at the office, where I'll be the only one wearing a smile the size of my face!


Anonymous said...

i watched half the game

in spansh and the mexican commentators are the same as the brazzillians

they constantly talk about mexico until i want to fly over there and slap someone in the face

i think its good brazil lost so they realize...there time is done now

cant wait t see how my argentina does tommorrow

allan ng said...

I am sure Ronaldinho and Kaka, maybe even Ronaldo, are feeling happy at home, because they know their places are not under threat.

Anyway Brazil's loss means we are now the clear favourites and I hope the players can withstand the pressure.

Saurabh said...

haha...........Mexico were really organized and dominated the midfield.

linda said...

That Mexican keeper is some player. And I'm so glad to see Rafael Marquez back in form, although this means Mexico would be tricky opponents as always if we came up against them. One day at a time, though.

Oh boy, the knives are going to be out for Dunga now.

Rio said...

"And I'm so glad to see Rafael Marquez back in form, although this means Mexico would be tricky opponents as always if we came up against them."

mexican offense sucks, even with borgetti. and now borgetti out again lol, i guess that's what u get for playing ironman football.
maybe guardado also out, that would really hurt their chances.

brazil allowed 2 goals because their midfield could not sync up. when mexico initiated attacks from their own half,and when they get the ball on counter attacks, brazil hardly had people chasing these guys. there was breakaways over and over, the midfield screen for defense was none existent.

overestimating opponents could be just as bad as underestimating.