Friday, June 22, 2007

Albicelestes land in Venezuela

The Albicelestes have landed in Venezuela last night and will start training in their Maracaibo head-quarters later Today.

Before leaving Buenos Aires last night, COCO left us with another motivational lesson in front of the microphones that were eager to capture his voice.

“I’m not a future-reader. I don’t know if everything is going to be OK. All I know is that the players I’m taking with me to this Copa America are the best”.

He wasn’t the only one talking to the press last night. Here are some bits and pieces of what was said:

Roberto AYALA: “We will try and not disappoint the people. Because of our history, we are always contenders”.

Daniel DIAZ: “I dream of return to Buenos Aires with the title. I’ll be the perfect end for an awesome semestre”.

Roberto ABBONDANZIERI: “This is a beautiful tournament to play in. We want to win it and forget that bitter experience we had in 2005”.

Carlos TEVEZ: “I wish we can get to the final and get revenge over Brazil. What happened in the last Copa America (Argentina defeated by Brazil on penalties after conceeding a goal in the last minute of regulation) was very tough”.


Niraj said...

Guys a transfer romour about Riquelme from a british site...
Riquelme edges closer to West Ham move

16:19 June, 22, 2007
According to our sources in Argentina, Juan Roman Riquelme is even nearer a dream move to the Premiership.

Villareal are not considering having Riquelme back, now his loan spell with Boca Juniors is at an end.

Juventus and Napoli want the 28-year-old Argentina international on loan, but the Hammers are offering the maestro a lucrative 5-year deal worth £80,000 per week.

Manchester United are also reportedly interested and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is a known admirer.

Riquelme has now returned to the international fold and has been named in Argentina’s Copa America 2007 squad.

Scouts will see the genius in action (if selected) against the USA on 28th June, Colombia on 2nd July and Paraguay on 5th July.

If Argentina make it to the final, Riquelme won’t join pre-season training until 15th July.

Seba said...

Thanks Niraj!

Now that...I didn't see it coming!

ROMAN to West Ham?

It could take a while for him to adapt to that kind of football. Somehow, I don't think it fits him as referees don't protect the skilful player and they allow criminal tackles to take place.

Even if he is not a diver, he'll be accused of being so and he could have a hard time understanding his team-mates and manager.

Don't think that could be a wise move from him.

But...if Carlitos was to stay...things could be very different and they could be bound to succeed together there like they did at Boca.

johnny said...

Roman in the Premier !? I agree with Seba, a strange idea, but who knows. Given Roman's proclivity for getting frustrated, he would be presented with a big acid test !

Seba said...

I support the theory that every great player can play wherever he wants!

Roman is a great player, BUT, he is RIQUELME. Unpredictable, moody, shy and all those things that could play against him in a league like the Premiership.

Rio said...

roman can be too slow sometimes for the EPL style. He managed to slow down even games against african teams.

johnny said...

Breaking world football news-it looks like the rumor mill had it right and Thierry Henry is going to Barcelona. Reportedly a four year contract. ALOT of firepower at Barca now. I guess that's one place Carlitos won't be going. Impact on Messi ?

Seba said...

Impact on MESSI? Yeah! Now he'll win EVERYTHING HE'LL PLAY! That's the impact!

Now...Barça is not in Carlitos' horizon. The problem is that he looks closer to Real Madrid each day.

That's not a club for Carlitos.

Madrid is not a match for him. We are talking about the People's (working class) player here. And Real are not the people's team.

John said...

Seba, I agree with your sentiments that ROMAN will find it tough in the rough and tumble English Premiership especially for someone who is slow like him. He is bound to be a major target from every tough tackling player. Even CARLITOS has admitted it how hard it can be.

I don’t think Man Utd will be keen to sign him since they’ve already purchase Anderson to command the play maker role and for all his admiration for RIQUELME, WENGER often prefers to invest in youth rather someone who is close to 30.

Frankly speaking a move to Napoli might just be a good idea but then again should this move materialized, can ROMAN sustained the pressure from the long suffering San Paolo faithful? If you know what I mean

The best thing for him right now is to concentrate on his return to the National Team, as I’m pretty sure once the team returns from Venezuela (with the Copa of course!!!), more offers will be coming to him.

Johnny, I don’t think Barca will be that stupid to make the same mistake on MESSI as they did with FABREGAS. I believe whatever plans LOPARTA has, he wants to build the future of Barca around MESSI. The players that are most likely to be spotlight of leaving the Nou Camp could either be ETO’O or RONALDHINO

Having said this, should MESSI loose his place, a lot of top clubs will do whatever it takes to grab him. This I’m pretty sure. But for the moment, his future is at Barca, without a doubt.

2007 World Roller Hockey Championship.

Argentina conquest of capturing the World Championship for fifth time has come to end after losing to the host Switzerland 4-3 in a penultimate semi-final clash. The scorer of the night was Pablo ALVAREZ (2) and Carlos LOPEZ. Disappointed indeed, but I’m sure the roller boys gave all they got.

Our next match will be against Italy in the 3rd-4th placing.

linda said...

Seba's right, there's no way Messi will be left out in the cold, no matter who Barca sign. He's too important to the future of the club. Eto'o and Ronnie will go before anybody lets Messi leave.

I also agree that Real would not be a match for Carlitos. Personally, I like the idea of him going to Italy, or even staying in England.

johnny said...

How about Arsenal for Carlitos ? Looks like they are going to be in need of a striker. And, I agree as well, Messi will be at Barcelona long after others are gone.

Rio said...

Arsenal sucks. had everything going for them, new stadium, CL money, henry... Not only they couldn't break into top 3, they were struggling against liverpool who always had this or that problems.
Tevez should never consider arsenal, even if they are willing to pay the 40 million GBP. It'll just delay his move to another team, and waste his youth.

SerieA is no good either, especially considering this: being on any team other than inter he'll be a likely recipient of Materazzi's tackles, if those could be considered tackles. IMO, joining the bums of inter would really hurt his reputation too.

Niraj said...

Well, I think Tevez will goto either Real Madrid or Arsenal.I dont like both of the teams yet if I were to choose it will be Arsenal.And as Henry is gone and they dont really have someone who can score goals all along the league, I think Tevez and possibly Sergio Aguero will be a good idea as it is rumoured that Arsenal wants Aguero.But he seems too costly at 25million $.And Riquleme should play in a club where they let him play the way he wants to, otherwise he cant play at his best.

And one more news.. Mardona will officialy start the tournament.