Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The octopus was right! But what about this 'chorizo'?

Time for a silly post and for a bit of fun.

I read some of you were angry with Paul, the octopus, who keeps predicting Germany's results and so far has had a 100% record (including guessing their shocking defeat to Serbia).

It's incredible how much publicity this octopus got. And here you can see him picking Germany for Saturday.

And here at Mundo Albiceleste we have to admit he was right! (sorry, I couldn't find a link in English).

So there you have it: Germany 3-1 Argentina.

But wait a minute...wait a minute...there is another character who can predict the future and he has other things in mind. He comes from the land of the 'asado'. He comes from the land of Diego.

I give you...'El chorizo vidente' ('the future-telling chorizo') and he's got his own personal prediction for Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but this is proff that we have already wont the world cup hahaha


Noz said...

Otamendi, Demichelis, Burdisso, Heinze;
Pastore, Mascherano, Verón;
Messi, Higuaín, Tévez.

Anonymous said...

some nice pics from the world cup

rey said...

has the 'chorizo' been right so far???

does ne1 have ne new training links?

Renjith said...

Training Video:!

p2bn said...

Referee for the match against germany is Ravshan Irmatov- the uzbek refree from the opening match. 2 days is too long to wait!!!!

Vamos Argentina

Paulina said...

Just want to say - the Germany defeat to Serbia was not a shock.

The Octopus is the most successful PR BS campaign that I've ever seen. Long live the idiotic internet, eh?

Anonymous said...

Ravshan Irmatov is usbek, and i think this is good. don't think germany is loved in usbekistan. thank god lubos michel retired.


Anonymous said...

I just want Argentina to beat Germany somehow. Even if it is 0-0 and Argentina win on penalties, I'll be happy.

I don't care what happens after that. even if they lose 10-0 to Spain, I'll be happy.

For me this is the World Cup Final, somehow, please Dear God, help us defeat the Germans.

Mohd said...

more germany, more please:

these stupid statements will make argentina even more determined.

rey said...

in the last world cup both of our knock out stages went to extra time. Maradona is showing the winning mentality to kill the game early..

Anonymous said...

It's very very likely that the only change will be Walter Samuel for Burdisso. Di Maria and Maxi will keep their starting spots.

I hope it's for real!

Btw, guys... there is a very interesting poll here. Let's participate.

I select 4-3-3 with the EXACT formation that will be starting on saturday: Romero; Otamendi, Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze; Mascherano, Maxi, Di Maria; Messi, Tevez, and Higuain.

As a note. The 11 players that receive the most votes are:
1. Messi
2. Mascherano
3. Romero
4. Higuain
5. Tevez
6. Samuel
7. Heinze
8. Burdisso
9. Otamendi
10. Pastore
11. Veron

* Sergio Romero
26453 votos

* Mariano Andujar
442 votos

* Diego Pozzo
140 votos


* Walter Samuel
22653 votos

* Gabriel Heinze
22500 votos

* Nicolas Burdisso
21354 votos

* Nicolas Otamendi
19525 votos

* Martin Demichelis
10991 votos

* Clemente Rodriguez
8978 votos

* Ariel Garce
376 votos


* Javier Mascherano
26667 votos

* Javier Pastore
15018 votos

* Juan S. Verón
14374 votos

* Maxi Rodriguez
9908 votos

* Jonás Gutierrez
9341 votos

* Angel Di Maria
7010 votos

* Mario Bolatti
3303 votos


* Lionel Messi
26685 votos

* Gonzalo Higuain
25019 votos

* Carlos Tevez
24293 votos

* Sergio Agüero
866 votos

* Diego Milito
783 votos

* Martin Palermo
706 votos


Azideane said...

no matter da starting lines up is, but i'm sure that our teams will beat German, most of german player comes frm Bayern munich, look how they form n playing style frm champion league final this year again inter, they did nothing n were out of idea to break inter defence which was samuel n zanetti there plus milito outclassed they defench completely (remember Lahm was in that match too)
So u guys dun have to worry about they attacking of Close, Podolski n muller, they all not good enough to break our defence, i'm really sure about that, the only thing is depend on our strike force whether can score it or not,
What i really worry is how we gonna stop them on a setplay such as both side connerkick n freekick, we all know that they r good in high ball but our defence is weak in that point,
Thats just my openion, plz correct me if i wrong,
Vamos Argentina
We all fully support u guys here in Bangkok with heart,

Buds, Bangkok Thailand

Anonymous said...

the poll is here

Abs said...

did you have to tell us that ? I mean if the guy predicted all the German games right then why to put us under more pressure :s
We have to win it, and insha'allah we'll do !!

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

So u guys dun have to worry about they attacking of Close, Podolski n muller, they all not good enough to break our defence, i'm really sure about that, the only thing is depend on our strike force whether can score it or not,
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