Thursday, June 10, 2010


A few weeks ago news came out that Carlos TEVEZ was going to wear "CARLITOS" on his jersey and that AGUERO was to have "KUN AGUERO" and Jonas GUTIERREZ would have "JONAS". Well, not anymore.

FIFA has banned the nicknames and has made it so that it's only surnames on the back of the jerseys. That means that Carlos TEVEZ will have "TEVEZ", Sergio AGUERO will have "AGUERO" and Jonas GUTIERREZ will have "GUTIERREZ".


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's too much to hope that they're doing the same thing to the Brazilians. I mean, that would make sense.

(I'm actually glad about this, but don't see why Brazil get special dispensation.)

Anonymous said...

By the way Seba/John/Roy... that countdown clock you've got in the top right corner. What's it counting down to? I've been thinking for the last few weeks that it was til the first match of the World Cup, but as I type it reads 1 day 3 hours 24 mins, and the first game's now less than a day away. And it's not Argentina's first match because that's more than one day and three-and-a-half hours away...

Anonymous said...

Seba when will you guys have the engish transltion of the Di Maria Veron interview?

Anonymous said...

Now if they would make them tuck in thier shirts.....

Anonymous said...

i find it very fifa-ish to allow brazil to do it for years and years and years

then as soon as argentines want to do it its banned

fifa at it again

Sebastian said...

I thought exactly the same about Brazilian names and our players' nicknames.

I think it's unfair. I tell you what, though, when I worked in Brazil for the PanAm Games, there was a heated argument about this.

They used there at the Games News Service, the same style we use here at Mundo: Mixed case for the names, all CAPS for surnames.

But players in Brazil are different than in any other country.

Nobody will understand if a shirt reads: Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. Because everybody knows him as KAKA.

The problem is they use up to four different surnames (dad's, mum's, mum's mum and dad's mum).

You could see there is a point there. But to forbid TEVEZ or AGUERO to use their nicknames is harsh.

Rules should be equal to every nation.

The only exception I find for Argentine players is what happens to Lisandro LOPEZ in Europe.

Even at the official UEFA website, they list him plainly as LISANDRO (as if that was his surname).

I guess they were fooled by his shirt (he tends to use LISANDRO).

I don't know were FIFA is drawing the line here.

As for the countdown looks like it's fixed now.

Maybe I was counting down to the moment in which somebody will point that out to me! And congratulations, Sam! You won it! You noticed before it got to 0! hahaha! a second...somebody beat you to it in the previous post's comments!

Anonymous said...

So no nicknames? Then what about the Brazilians and their stupid nicknames?

schmuck said...

I hate Brazil

Anonymous said...

i dislike in order
france but after that anyone is on the list.

hugo said...

Keep in mind that the brazilian players have been using those nicknames for a while. So, you may ask? Well, Adidas has a pile of the T-shirts with those names already printed, next to a pile that say "Tevez" or "Aguero"....A similar case happened in american football (sorry, again) with Chad OchoCinco. He (legally!!) changed his last name to match his jersey number, but had to wait one year so the stockpile with the old name was sold...

Anonymous said...

Hugo, that is a load of crap. Not till long ago Worldsoccershop were selling Kun Aguero jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you look now they have "Jonas" , "Tevez" and "Kun Aguero".

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