Thursday, June 17, 2010

Diego's conference: "We were ruthless today"

"Congratulations to my players because of the work they have done. What we talked about before the game, they did it to perfection. I've got 23 wild-cats that are ready to play whenever I ask them to do it".

"We deserved a game like this. We have insinuated we could do it against Nigeria but today we did it. Except for that problem Martín DEMICHELIS had, it was all Argentina today".

"I don't know how much I improved as a manager. I was always there for my players to use me as they needed me. During all this time, I commanded myself to our national team and I've learned a lot from watching many things. To have 2 wins in 2 matches makes me and my coaching staff really happy. If I have improved as a manager or not, I think the players should tell you that. You could have the best players but if they kick backwards, you'll be the worst manager".

"Argentina played a great game and we were ruthless today".

"I think we have evaluated who could be our rivals in the knockout stages. But we don't want to put our minds into that right now. We have to concentrate on our own internal fight for places within our team. You see MILITO came on the other day. Kun came on today. BOLATTI too. I talked to SAMUEL, he told me it hurts, but he also told me he wants to play! We are all very happy and my 23 players are ready to do whatever it takes to see our team win".

"I think South Korea could never find their feet in this game. Except for a moment in which they sent a counter-attack, they never compromised our win. DEMICHELIS can have a problem, like any player. But what happened to him made us stronger because we needed to support our team-mate. I think we were great after that. I think we managed the ball possession at will".

(The journalists said: "I'm broadcasting live for TyC Sports")

"You're always live! Ever since I first met you, you're always broadcasting live!"

"We knew that the only way Korea could have complicated our chances would be if we were not careful in midfield with possession, or to give them the ball, or to allow them to hit us with their set-pieces. We've seen videos of Korea scoring a lot of goals after flicking a corner-kick in the first post, but we never allowed them to do it. Also, our players gave us information on some of their players. Carlitos knows PARK Ji Sung".

On why is he so affectionate to his players with hugs and kisses. And the question was: "Can love help you win the World Cup?). I don't know about how accurate the translation was, but Diego opened his eyes really big and said:

"No! I like women! I'm dating Verónica. She is 31. She is blonde. She is very pretty! Don't start some nasty rumours (laughs). I may have my weaknesses towards some of my players but that's normal. I guess that just shows how good we are as a group of human beings. We think consensus is way better than tough discipline or punishment whenever somebody does something wrong".

He was asked a question in Italian by a Swedish journalist who said she was there 20 years ago in Italia 90 and Diego replied in Italian:

"Non mi hai portato tanta fortuna allora!" (You didn't bring me good luck, then!)

Bonus track: Diego opened an envelope and produced a letter. He then said:

"I have to do this. I spoke about Michel PLATINI and he sent me this letter in which he clarifies that he didn't say what you guys (the press) told me he had said about me. That's why I want to apologize if I offended Michel PLATINI. But I don't want to apologize to PELE".


Paulina said...

That Diego.

John said...

Diego is without doubt the most charismatic figure on the sideline in this World Cup. Truly a crowd puller. People listen's what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

One of a kind.

I just hope Diego continues to entertain the media hordes and keeps them away from the players.

rey said...

DEMICHELIS needs to practise his headers.. he had to clear chances with the head.

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Against great sides Demichelis will cost us. He is terrible, absolutely terrible. I know that Diego wants to preach cohesion but sometimes you have to make the tough decision. If you put Jonas Burdisso Samuel Heinze we have better chances. Jonas played a nice game today, and I think so did Heinze under alot of pressure. Demi, go back to Bayern. You cannot waste the hopes of so much talent for 1 weak link.

Anonymous said...

dream quarter - Arg vs England
dream semi - Arg vs Spain
dream final - Arg vs Brazil

vamos Argentina !!


Mohd said...

setting aside the negatives for a moment, for me the biggest positive was how Messi celebrated the third goal. his ball hit the post and Higuain scored, and instead of shaking his head (ala C.Ronaldo) he celebrated the goal with passion. that shows that he is going for team glory and he is a real team player despite his star-status.

Anonymous said...


I believe we should give Demichelis a chance. Yesterday it was Heinze who was the villain, and today it is Demi, it is not a mistake in marking or a weakness in controlling the ball, it was a lapse of concentration because he was very relaed, and we were lucky it happened in a game we were dominating, it is not the sort of mistake that would happen again, and I am completely supporting Demi. I'm sorry I can't be as hot-headed as some of you guys! This is not how a team spirit is built anyway,
I believe in what Diego is doing, and in the commitment of our players and their capabilities.
Again, Maradona got all the tactics right by the way, and we need to say a word about that don't you think?

Messi is a monster, and Kun was magnificent in the short time he was on the field.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Demichelis make a fatal mistakes. After that, I got nervous in second half. Thx God we make it. I like Maradona attitute to his player. He still show his compassionate to the players. Even he gives Demi a big hug after the match. Great motivator. That's why players put respect and love him.

Raj said...

I am happy with the result but based on pure play the match against Nigeria was far better excluding the positioning of Gutirez and the finishing . If it were a better team today we would have been exposed at the back. I have never been convinced with DeMichellis and Gutirez. They are of greater concern than Heinze.

Regarding the rating my opinion is different

Maxi: Did not deserve 7. He never built up plays except for the set piece that led to goal. Any day I would prefer Pastore to him on current form

Tevez: How many times did he get caught with defenders when he had a chance to pass. I still feel he is not in the same wavelength as Messi. I would anyday opt for Aguero to play with Messi because I feel Aguero is better one on one. Aguero has better footballing sense than Tevez

Messi: Today's win is purely his. Be it the free kick that led to the first goal or the vision for the last two goals.

Hope that Argentina plays with a sense of purpose like they did against Nigeria, that is play the ball through Messi. Otherwise against the bigger teams we stand 40- 60 chance. Scorelines can be deceptive. If you follow the match closely today we played like the qualifiers except that Messi lifted his game and Higuain positioning was great.

The best that happened in the match was Gutirez not being available for the next match. My hope is on Burdisso playing as a right back. And the worst that happened is Mascherano's yellow card. We just dont have anyone even at 50% of his level. Just praying that he doesnt pick up another card before the Quarters.

Relief that we are more or less into the second round. Concerned that the bench looks extremely lean in midfield and defense. Hope Samuel gets fit for the round of 16.

Qaeez said...

If there is one thing i saw and loved was how Diego showed his love for his players. That was true compassion straight from the heart. This is not a football team, this is a family! I love to be part of this family. Thank you Diego and thank wotto all my argentine brothers.

M3SS! said...

It is outrageous to even think that higuain is better than Milito coz of this hattrick. If we see last two games, higuain was easily one of Argentina's worst players. The three goals he scored yesterday were absolute freebies in my opinion. Even yesterday, he missed sitters like he always does. Now some smarta$$es are gonna compare a guy who played 160 minutes with a guy who played 10 mins. In this first 80 minutes, he was the WORST player of the team. Period.

Anonymous said...

I am going to defend Demichelis too. I think he is getting a lot of well-deserved rap for this incident, but by no means do I think he should be replaced because of it.

I would say he is no worse that Gutierrez (in this position, not normally) or Heinze. Hell, the majority of the time he was the only one actually IN defense. At least he holds position.

Anonymous said...

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