Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What about this rumour? Will we play 3-4-3?

I heard a rumour and I'm not a big fan of them, but seeing we have a tense wait before Saturday's match, I thought I'd drop it here and get some feedback from you.

Apparently, Diego and members of his coaching staff have agreed in playing 3-4-3 v. Germany.

DEMICHELIS-BURDISSO-HEINZE (SAMUEL is apparently not ready to make a comeback yet)

That's your 3-4-3.

Whilst I think it's risky to play with a backline of three after playing with four every game so far, I don't think this is such a crazy idea.

We are talking about a 3-4-3 that could very well be considered as a 5-2-3 or 5-3-2 when we are under attack.

How? Jonas and Clemente could drop back and become defenders. They would be out there covering ÖZIL and PODOLSKI and helping MASCHERANO in chasing MULLER or SCHWEINSTEIGER (if he joins their forwards), but they could also join in the attack when we have the ball.

VERON would have a free role around MASCHERANO and would read the game to see what is needed from him at every moment.

The three at the back will have to worry about Miroslav KLOSE and will have to help out Jonas and Clemente when they are one against two in coverage.

I said it could be a 5-3-2 because I see TEVEZ dropping back a little bit if we are under real pressure.

The 5-2-3 could show up if we are set out to counterattack Germany. An early 1-0 lead for Argentina would be the perfect scenario for this. With Jonas and Clemente not needing to surge forward that much and with VERON launching long passes for the three guys up front.

Honestly, without even talking about the names, I don't think this would be such a crazy idea and I actually like it.

You could think of Maxi or DI MARIA instead of Jonas and Clemente. You could have a case for BOLATTI or PASTORE instead of VERON.

With this tactic and with the players we've got in South Africa, I think Jonas and Clemente would be better options than Maxi and DI MARIA. And I also think this could be a good chance for VERON to dictate the rhythm of the game and use all his experience. It could too much to give PASTORE his first start in such difficult conditions -even though I don't doubt PASTORE for a second, but the game is 90 minutes long -possibly 120- and he can still make an impact as a sub depending on how the game develops).

It still pains me to be without Javier ZANETTI as this would have been a perfect game for him. And Esteban CAMBIASSO would have been perfect to do the same on the left. ZANETTI and CAMBIASSO instead of Jonas and Clemente and I'd be 100% sure of our victory. With their experience, their form and their ability to play as wing-backs and midfielders with the same level of peformances, it would have been just perfect to have them out there.

Still, I think it's a good idea and I think it could give us the best possible chance to play Germany, probably be solid at the back, have a couple of holding midfielders (and one of them who could be a playmaker too) and all that without sacrificing none of our three forwards.

Wow! That's a long analysis based on a crazy rumour! I'm sure you'll understand I can't think of anything else than this game on Saturday!


Abs said...

Give me 1-0 in the first 30mins and I am all in with that tactic for the rest of the tournament !!

To be honest, I always want that formation, coz with the guys we have it seems like the perfect plan.
But as Diego said, we are winning with how we are playing, and even though we haven't face that big team yet, but against Germany, what we are doing so far would scar them to death. All we need is to be confident on our front no matter what the score is.

Anonymous said...

I almost puked when I read this. Sorry this is a terrible idea and doomed to failure. The QF of a World Cup is not the time for a radical formation that has never been tried before.

Maybe an overmatched team like Paraguay facing Spain might resort to such craziness. But why should a good, confident team like Argentina adopt such desperate tactics?

Lets go with what we are good at. And try to beat Germany on our own terms. If we fail, then well accept they are the better team.

Anonymous said...

I may need to stop reading anything else about the game until the match begins. My nerves cannot take the speculation. I'll root for ARG to another victory no matter the formation or lineup.

Vamos ARG (and bless its fans)!

Anonymous said...

A back 3 changing to 5 with Jonas and C.Rodriquez helping when required sounds like a pretty good idea. It might be enough to cover the wings which the Germans will look to exploit for counter attacks.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you, no matter what tactics the coaches play with, this game will be decided on counterattack .. You will remember this when you go back to read this quote (so save it) :p
There are 3 teams in the tournament that could kill you in counterattack, and in order of how deadly they have been, these Germany, Brazil, and Argentina. Remember, Germany lost to Argentina recently on a perfect counterattack. The defenders of Argentina have been tested, and tested very well. I think it is about time for the German defenders to be tested. When the Germans would suffer painfully with a team that has the quality of passing that Argentina has. The reason why they won with the margin they had with England was largely because England reverted to the old style of long high passes, and the Germans killed them on the attack. We can afford mistakes on the defense side but not where Ozel or Muller stand.
I personally like the 3-4-3 formation, provided Jonas and Clemente carry out their defensive job to PERFECTION, and I mean it to PERFECTION.
On games decided on counter attacks, Argentina has always been superior to the Germans. This is one of them :)

GK said...

Diego also said there is no reason for him to change anything at this stage of the tournament. I think having 3 in the back is a death wish, regardless of who is playing the flanks in the midfield. Like I said in the previous post, expect the same starting 11 that faced Mexico, maybe Veron in for Maxi..... though I could be wrong.

Mohd said...

i am not sure why are you all seeing this as a change. its not a 3-4-3. its easily still 4-3-3.
if you like at it like this:


its the same tactical formation that has been playing all along. Burdisso for Otamendi maybe because he's a little bit faster, while Clemente because he's very fast.
Jonas back to midfield for Maxi and the rest is the same...i see no change at all if this formation is true.

Varghese Mangalath said...

I don't know who's creativity is this 3-4-3, but I feel it as a foolishness. There is no possibility of including Clemente Rodriguez in the first eleven. He may be substituted with Di Maria if we secure a comfortable 2 goal advantage by 80th minute. Argentina has its own style. The coming match is a battle between two different eras of football- Argentina playing the traditional Latin American style where Germans playing the Physical modern football.

Anonymous said...

Not that tactic please. Agree with someone who says that we're not Paraguay that will face Spain. We're Argentina. If we change our winning teams 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3. We already lost our mental/psychology battle. Remember, we're Argentina. We're not inferior to them. It's not like something like we're Deportivo La Coruna and they are Barcelona. The normal Deportivo tactic won't beat Barca. They must do something crazy in their tactic and wish some luck. But we, Argentina just need a regular tactic and BELIEVE in it completely, to win. Just like Maradona says,"I would be sinful if I change the tactic."


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