Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Diego speaks. Raw and really fast translation

Here's what Diego said at a press conference after the game.

"What's the deal with that famous 'Fair Play' thing! It's all very nice with the yellow flag and all that, but it's not happening! How else can you explain how MESSI gets fouled everytime he is on the ball and the referees will never show yellow cards to our rivals? Start booking some players and you will see how you will start seeing some fair play".

"I'm gutted with how the goal is not coming for Lio. He is hitting the post every game now. But not only the post. He is hitting the inside of the post! He's been very unlucky".

"A lot of the journalists were very wrong in their criticism of most of my players. Most of these guys are the same we used in the Qualifiers and most of you were saying they were useless. I'd be pleased to see those journalists apologise now".

"I told PALERMO: "Get out there and finish the game off for me". We were thinking about Pipita with my staff members. Well, in fact they were thinking of sending HIGUAIN to the pitch but I said: "No. Give me Martín". I think our substitutions paid off. With DI MARIA coming on we improved. I'm not surprised at all by Javier PASTORE. He doesn't respect nobody. He looks like he has played four or five World Cups".

"I would ask all FIFA directors to stop talking about me and to start working on having a proper football to play in this World Cup. This ball is useless. It's impossible to control".

"Set pieces are not all we've got. Our team are showing a solid game, despite some mistakes every now and then. We knew we would force Greece into making mistakes if we really attacked them and we did a good job".

"I think our people identifies with our team when we attack. When we make substitutions to try and get the result. When we play a lot of passes. I think our people are happy. They can rest assured that this team will give all we've got in every match".

"The road gets narrow now. And when that happens, class is what counts. We are talking about a lot of teams and when it comes to the semifinals and the finals it's always the same four or five teams that get there. Mexico have a great team. I know Javier AGUIRRE from when he was with Atletico de Madrid. There is no margin of error now. We will make sure we will play with the best players we have on Sunday and I think what I want is for my players to be respected. We will show

"All my players did the job I wanted them to make. They all did exactly what I asked them to do. We will start thinking right now about Mexico. I think Clemente was fantastic today. He can do exactly the same on the right. He's got no problems with that. OTAMENDI? From my point of view, he was man of the match tonight".


salvio supporter said...

Jajajaja Palermo's goal was insane. I love him. I'm so happy just because of that, he deserved it. And Clemente Rodriguez showed what a player he is, and that he deserves to be in another starting eleven. None of those long passes that most players lose because of the ball were a problem for him, except one, but he ran and got it. He ran all the time. He's an amazing player, and I hope he's seriously considered from now on.

Sadly, and against what I felt in the past, Verón is remarkably out of place in this team. Even though he could have scored from more than 30 meters, and that he shows unique quality on whatever he does. But even so, I feel Pastore should be there instead.

Messi's just getting better and better. This totally defensive scheme most teams used against us is probably going to disappear now that you either go to win the match, or lose, so I see him finally shine.

NateW said...

I also agree clemente was great! This guy covered some ground and loved how he would track back furiously to get back into position

I was wary before this world cup (perhaps lack of knowledge) but i see this team building momentum + 2nd string team winning games is a plus.

Veron made many miss passes and his movement was not cohesive with messi .. but i do see how in a moment he can unlock a defense with an insane through ball. Perhaps in a big game.

I found bolatti covered his position well also. He did not rush at players ..

Fadi said...

I believe veron & pastore should play together. This will give us a stronger midfield and messi will shine more

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