Sunday, June 27, 2010

ARG 3-1 MEX: Dave P's player rating

Thanks to Dave P for his player ratings. Here they are (match report coming up later).

ROMERO 6.5: Was caught flat footed a couple of times throughout this game, but when it came to being tested from long range he was confident in his hands. On the goal scored he could not do much, the blast was from 8 yards out and with a lot of power. Good game for ROMERO, first game where he was truly tested with more than 5 shots.

OTAMENDI 7: Throughout the first half he played with immense confidence and calmness at the RB position. Was good getting forward even-though we attacked mostly through the middle or down the left. In the second half when Mexico was attacking more he was beat once or twice, but he made some very key sliding tackles which halted their attack. On the goal where DEMI got turned on OTAMENDI tried to get back but he too was pushed up 1 step too many. Happy to see
a solid defensive right back, played better than JONAS in that position.

DEMICHELIS 6: Overall a decent game for DEMI, however, as usual he made 1 or 2 mistakes. One on the gol which HERNANDEZ scored, he was playing his left side too tight and high which allowed from him to turn way to easily. Also, there was a moment when he made a header which went right to a Mexican attacker. Other than those mistakes, DEMI was good in the air and at the end of the first half he had a key touch on the ball to stop and shot. But definitely our shakiest defender all night.

BURDISSO 8: Very solid match from BURDISSO, not much to say about him because he was in the right position all game. No mistakes all game and put good pressure on the Mexican attack. He was good in the air and stood his ground well on many of his tackles. Looking forward to seeing more of BURDISSO he is a very calm and cool defender when compared to DEMI, playing well filling in for the missing SAMUEL.

HEINZE 9: Wow very impressed with the hustle and passion HEINZE played with. His intensity was high as usual but this time he could not do any wrong. Pushed forward all game and still got back in his LB position to halt all attack down the right side for Mexico. Many key tackles, lots of
picked off passes, and saved 2 goals with his diving head; one which was off the line. Very scrappy worker and his work rate all game was only matched by TEVEZ. Played a good ball into the middle which TEVEZ received and eventually blasted into the net. HEINZE
played excellent tonight and will hopefully carry this over into Germany where his confidence will grow.

MASCHERANO 7: Did his job tonight. Blocked many passes and shepherd the Mexican attack everywhere their midfield went. Applied pressure to the attackers when our defense needed help and made some good tackles throughout the night. Happy to keep possession moving along the back line for awhile, but did not really distribute well to MESSI or DI MARIA. Typical gritty performance tonight.

MAXI 6: Was looking to see MAXI push up on the right side of the midfield which we missed with VERON playing last game. However, he instead floated towards the middle of the pitch and never really got involved in the attack. In the first half he played alongside MASCHERANO and was another defensive midfielder. This is why our attack was a little left side biased, going through DI MARIA and MESSI or TEVEZ on the left side. The second half he came out better
and looked to combine with MESSI, but once we took the 3rd gol he settled back into a more
defensive role. Quiet game for MAXI tonight. In the first half we seemed to be missing that link between the center mid and MESSI, maybe VERON playing would have made that better.

DI MARIA 5.5: A non productive attacking game from DI MARIA this game. However, was impressed with his hustle and intensity to come back and play defense all game. Looked to move down the left side all night but was not successful in providing many dangerous balls. In the first half he seemed unsettled and many of his touches were a little heavy, but as the game continued he enjoyed better play in possession. Good defensive effort, but was subbed out for the the
better defensive winger JONAS.

MESSI 6: Full of energy as usual, looked to take players on and shoot before combining with players tonight. This is okay to do but MARQUEZ played good defense on him all night. Messi was frustrated this game and did not get as many touches on the ball as he usually does. Played a great ball to TEVEZ which set up the first goal and chipped it in to his head, even-though he was offside. Other than that had a few shots which the goalie saved, but never really played many dangerous passes all night. They were usually blocked or cut out. Towards the middle of the 2nd half seemed to disappear from the game, we were playing a defensive style at this point but still looked to be frustrated with his performance.

TEVEZ 8.5: What can I say, we missed his hard work rate and never ending hustle in our last match. Good to see him back and he caused trouble on the Mexican defense all game. Made a good run on MESSI's pass which he got a touch on before the goalie did which allowed for MESSI to play him in again, although he was offside. Amazing second gol, which came out of nowhere, the ball bounced off a defender and he ran on to it one time from 22 yards out and blasted it into the upper right of the net. The most impressive part of his performance tonight was that he played every position on the field. Ran from striker to center mid to center back all game. There were 4 or 5 times where I saw TEVEZ back helping out BURDISSO and HEINZE. Great passion and hustle all game, great team defense by TEVEZ.

HIGUAIN 6: Not much to say about El Pipita tonight. Had a gol when a Mexican defender gifted him a ball which he took in 1 on 1 with the goalie and made a smooth move around him to score. Other then that he missed one header, and when he was on the ball he usually held on to it way to long. Also, most of his passes were a little heavy and like MESSI, was very frustrated with his performance tonight. He did not get much service but he still seemed to find a gol for himself. A
lot of very good individual performances was the reason why we won tonight.


VERON (68min in for TEVEZ) 6: Came on to settle the game down, and was not too effective in doing so. Pretty much sat back on top of the back 4 and helped MASCHERANO.

JONAS (78min in for DI MARIA) N/A

PASTORE (86 min in for Maxi) N/A


Anonymous said...

wait a second what game was you watching nothing at all went thru dimaria other than cowardly liqiud shit the guy was usless he lost posession more times than i could count i think i got to 27 times then he actually allowed aplayer to walk past him with the ball thast was it for me i was screaming lucky maradona did then remove the coward he has got gradually worse thru the tournement im getting tired of his wastful play and constant loss of the ball

every single chance mexico had was after dimaria lost the ball including the mexico goal

dimaria out pastore in please and veron is fresh for germany just what we need

dimaria attacks he couldnt even control or pass he was by far the worst player on the pitch tonight maxi didnt do much better

its a risk playing only 1 real midfielder mascharano and two wingers one very young the other well almost past it we needveron in there and messi happy

dimaria im in shock how bad he was

lindo boludo said...

che esta looo burdisso 8, heinze 9 y otamendi 7 with the clear chanches we conceeded to Mexico before the offside goal?

How can you rate someone better than Tevez in this match?

Anonymous said...

we need full midfield vs germany with veron leading them we shall be fine ether nigeria line up -jonas stick with otamendi or go 4-4-2 and play counterattack ether way this is the first game were veron is vital upto now its been training ground shit we need that solidness we had in are 4-4-2 vs uraguay and germany but im not saying we go that formation nigeria like side and tactics will work but defensive 4-4-2 could also work

Scorpio said...

Although I was pleased by the Albicelestes' performance tonight, I was hoping that the referee would actually CALL OFF the first goal. The Mexicans looked very active in the beginning of the match, and had a couple of decent long distance efforts on target. However, the fact they were long distance actually was an indication that the defense was pretty decent, and I was sure the Albicelestes will very shortly exert control over the game. I always hate refereeing mistakes (even if they were in my team's favor) because they give room for cynics to find faults in my team, even though it was clear it was superior, and it doesn't need any blemishes on its deserved win.
Few days ago, I wrote about my frustration over Fabiano's handball against Ivory Coast. To set the record straight, these are the reasons why tonight's mistake, though regrettable, is much less condemnable than Fabiano's goal:
1) Fabiano KNEW he made an illegal handball, while it is harder for players in the course of play (Tevez included) to know whether they are in an offside position or not.
2) The referee in Fabiano's case actually SAW the handball, whereas tonight's referees weren't sure and gave the benefit of the doubt to Tevez.
It is BECAUSE I am a big fan of the Argentinian team that I wish such mistakes to stop. I always want Argentinian victories to be crystal-clear just to keep those who look for faults in their wins silent.

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Veron playing will get us knocked out of the world cup. Again, as I ALWAYS SAY, look at the FACTS. Germany plays an open, fast paced game. Veron is too slow. For Gods sake people, get this through your head. He is washed up. He has no legs, and couldn't even calm down Mexico with 20 minutes left. The real problem is that for the past 24 years, EVERY time we take the lead we go into a defensive shell. This never works. Ever. Ever. We need someone who can complete passes in the midfield, and someone who can assist Mascherano and make a few forward passes. Germany is tall and good in the air. I would line up Otamendi, Burdisso, Samuel, Heinze. Pastore, Mascherano, Jonas, Tevez Messi Higuain with Romero in goal.

I am sick of DiMaria not living to his potential as really, the last four years have come up to this one game. Are we better than four years ago, or is Germany better. My guess is that it will be a 3-2 or a 2-1 game if we play this line up.

FOR THE LAST TIME, Forget about Veron.


Anonymous said...

Dan, well said. I couldn't have put it any better. Seriously, what was Maradona thinking when he substituted Tevez for Veron?!! No really, I could pass the same short balls sideways and backwards like Veron.. what's the point? And what's Pastore doing at the 86th minute? What illusion is Diego under, that he thinks we can keep possession with teams like Mexico and Germany? All it takes is a split-second and we have seen how the germans punished the english mercilessly, world-class defenders or not.

Oh and by the way, Demi wasn't the only one responsible for Hernandez's goal. Anyone notice what VERON was doing before Hernandez was offered the through ball??! That's right, he was walking by (without spending an effort to tackle, block or intercept that ball) like a total doofus. Yes, he's all over the field but who cares. He hasn't the talent nor the spirit. I mean, when was the last time he put a through ball to one of our strikers??

About time, he's rested for good and players like Pastore given a chance. Veron has lost all respect from me and it simply infuriates me to see this old man being a complete joke. Someone chain the dude before I pop a vein. PASTORE is the only key that can unlock Di Maria and Messi. Give him 90 minutes, Diego.

Anonymous said...

dan and anonymous
you both are saying things i totally agree with and dont need to add anything.
pastore must start.
thank you both

messidona19 said...

Yes Argentina are through!! Yes!!! Next match against germany we need pastore in the team instead of Veron/Maxi Rodriguez, I've been really impressed with what he's been doing in his short time as a sub.
Too bad Messi didn't score yet! Well now unfortunately he might not be the goalscorer in this world cup but i believe that he can bang in a goal or two against Germany.

Batigol9 said...

i totally agree with Dan,i think if Pastore,Samuel and Jonas start the game we would have a good balance between a solid defense and a creative midfield.If yesterday's team played against Germany they probably would have beat us becuase they are fast on counter attacks,move well without the ball and are very efficient.We also need to practice those's gonna be ugly.

Varghese Mangalath said...

I saw many comments saying Jonas should be there in the right back position. SORRY to all, Otamendi is far better as a right back. Remember we need to face the German tanks - Podolski in right, Oezil in right, Muller, Close in centre. I will go with the 4-4-2 style somebody mentioned, as we need to break the German attacks in the midfield itself, and should attack without any hesitation. Our strength is our front line. I hope Pastore will start in the next match. So much disappointed with Di Maria, before the beginning of the tournament, I expected him to be our key player..

My team for the match against Germany is




Messi- Higuain- Tevez.

I put Gutierrez because he is little defensive. Most of the German attacks come from the right wing and we need a ball winner. I think Jonas will do that job better than Di Maria. The presence of pastore will strengthen our attacking. Tevez should play the role of an attacking midfielder (I know he is already doing the job of even a goal you Carlitos).. I remember a comment by Maradona before the beginning of the tournamnet- VERON IS MY XAVI.. He should swallow those words at least in this moment and should introduce the much better Pastore..

totti said...

Too positive ratings I guess.
Especially to our defenders and to Mascherano. I think it was one of the badest games from Masch. Look how many times there was empty hole between defenseline and midfieldline. Look how many times mexicans took decent shots. Germans are much better shooters, and they will not give us this present. Everybody in their midfield can shoot, everyone knows it.

Argentina-Mexico game was argentine badest in this world cup. Before the first goal, I really thinked, that we will lose. In our midfield we were out of ideas. Only idea was to give ball to Messi, and then Messi will trible past 3-4 defenders. THIS IS NOT TACTICS!

Ofcourse I was really happy us to win, but we must improve a lot, when we want to beat germany...and spain....and brazil

Anonymous said...

I slightly disagree with the rating:
Romero 5: the worst performance of Romero. The Salcido's shot that hit the bar early was too easy for a 6'3 (191 cm) goalie like him.
Next: must improve his performance.

Otamendi 6.5: the ADVANTAGE of having 4 CB playing together is that they tend to be in our penalty box in defense. That makes more ppl playing defense in the center, so that the chance of them scoring gets decreased.
Next: I'm very sure, he could neutralize Podolski.

Demichelis 5.5: bad marking in Hernandez goal.
Next: He'll be needed in German game as he's the only one who knows Podolski, Ozil, Mueller, and Klose well as 3 of them were/are his teammates.

Burdisso 7: not making any mistake. Play as good as how Samuel should have played.
Next: I would still change him with Samuel for German game as Samuel did wonderful against Bayern in the final CL this year.

Heinze 8: one of the best performances of Heinze for our team. Saving th
e team at least from conceding 2 goals.
Next: I'm sure he'll shut down Mueller as they will go face to face.

Mascherano 6.5: not spectacular
Next: Hope he'll step up because it'll be him who faces Ozil. If I were Maradona, I would instruct him to man mark Ozil throughout the game.

Maxi 6: sent a great cross to Higuain's header. He started to link up well with Messi.
Next: against Germany, I would prefer Gutierrez on his side as German has Boateng and Podolki on the left.

Di Maria 6.5: I disagree with all of you who thinks that he played bad. Because since Tevez is inserted into the line up, Di Maria's role has changed. He's a LEFT SIDED midfielder now, not ATTACKING MIDFIELDER LEFT anymore. It's the role of Cambiasso in Inter or Zanetti in Inter (sometimes he was also a left midfielder). We can't expect him to be Di Maria of Benfica. He played pretty good defense. He did what Maradona want from him wonderfully. when given a chance, he's a way above average winger when attacking.
Next: ppl here want Pastore or Gutierrez in his left side midfielder spot. I tell you, Pastore has been amazing, but is UNPROVEN in defending the left side. Gutierrez is the other way around, great defensively, but wasn't a threat at all going forward. So? We need Di Maria's speed, defense, and ability to attack the defenders against Lahm and Mueller! With Di Maria, Lahm wouldn't dare to keep attacking us. That way, Mueller won't be as effective.

Messi 6.5: his role is EXACTLY Maradona's role of 86 n 90. The difference is that Higuain, Tevez, Di Maria, or Mascherano are better than Buruchaga, Batista, Caniggia etc. That means that Messi's presence alone is enough to make his teammates look good. So far, the opponents focused on marking Messi too much. That made things easier for his teammates. Messi's heart n passion for scoring is still there.
Next: watchout Germany, the hungriest player in the WC has yet to score!!! He's looking for his victim!

Tevez 9: finally he successfully adapt to bein
g the "second best" player on the team. Usually Tevez needs to be the Michael Jordan of the team to make him look good..but he's proven that he can be Messi's "Scottie Pippen" as well. Amazing stuff from Tevez. Tevez is scarry if he plays this way.
Next: He'll have the second chance of going head to head with Mertesacker n Friedrich again. I'm not sure how the 6'6 (198 cm) Mertesacker can handle Messi n Tevez and the lightning quick Higuain.

Higuain 7.5: STOP UNDERESTIMATING Higuain! he plays like the young Shaquille O'Neal for me (I know some of us know basketball) in that he needs to take roughly 6-7 shots to score 4 goals. O'neal is this way. I'm glad we have a perfect guy as our number 9. We exacly need a player like him in that..."You can have all the ball, just gimme goals!"
Next: the most dangerous attacker in the moment...not Drogba, nor Rooney, nor Torres. It's him! Watchout Germany!


gebrihell said...

guys, guys...this is my opinion. I've waited for the cup for 20 years, so listen up. hehehe


Otamendi, Burdisso, Samuel, Heinze

Pastore Jonas
Tevez Messi

hugo said...

The other thing that was in my head during the game: from the botttom of wich trunk did those hideous blueh shorts and socks came from??? What was that!! What's wrong with black and white?? No wonder the team did not perform :)

Anonymous said...

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