Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lionel MESSI's (short) press conference

He was asked only three questions. Here are his answers:

"The fact that I don't score doesn't worry me. Of course it'd be nice to score some goals, but as long as the team win, it doesn't matter. Today I have a man marking me the whole time and it was difficult. Especially because the referee didn't show the cards he should have shown and it made it easier for them to keep fouling us".

"I tried to bring their defenders out of the area and that's why I pulled back a few metres to start our circuit from midfield".

"To wear the armband was something really special. It's something beautiful. All my team-mates showed me their support and it was nice".


Anonymous said...

yehhh bbooiii viva Argentina~!!!!

~ KinaZ ~ said...

Don't worry Messi, you will score come Sunday... Argentina 2-0 Mexico...

Regards from the South Pacific

Rune said...

This game was a great test for our team. A test for what is to come. Mexico and Germany will also sit back. They will not play the old man marking style that Greece does, but they will try to put many players in midfield to make it hard for Messi. Greece’s #19 followed Messi everywhere for 80 minutes yesterday. It worked well, Messi had a mediocre game with many bad passes and he lost the ball in many situations when trying to dribble. He only came to life when Greece tried to go a little forward the last 10 mins of the game. Marquez will be the defensive midfielder who will take care of Messi on Sunday. It will be a very tough game for Messi again. Not at all like the two first games. So this was a good test for both Messi and our team.
Glad to see us scoring AGAIN from a set piece situation.
This was all in all a mediocre game by our team. Our defence again looked shaky in some situations, although Greece didn’t try much to go forward. Greece is the worst team on the planet. I am so happy that they are now out. Negative football. The ref should have given more bookings to the greek players, in my opinion.
Veron was ok. Some bad passes, like ALWAYS, but most of his passes were accurate.
The players who really did impress me in this game was Clemente and Otamendi. Sad to see Milito…a completely different player than he is in Serie A. He should of course have had a clear penalty though.
Pastore looked really good, but I think we can’t read much into it couse he came on late when Greece started to let up some of their pressure. I have a feeling that IF Greece knew that 0-0 would get them through for sure, then this game would end 0-0. They were extremely hard to break down. I am not at all sure that we will beat Mexico. Dos Santos hasn’t scored yet, so I have a feelig he will on Sunday. Could say the same thing about Messi, but when it comes to him I have a terrible feeling that this will be a world cup where the best player on the planet fails to score one single goal.
This is whatI wanna see vs Mexico:
when attacking 4-3-1-2:
—–Maxi-Masch-Di Maria

when defending 4-4-1-1:
Tevez-Maxi-Masch-Di Maria
——– Higuain