Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Argentina through with perfect record

What a frustrating match of football that was! From every angle you look at it.

I thought Greece would have had the need to try and get something out of this game. I thought they would attack or at least try something to get what they needed from this meeting with Argentina. They gambled on getting a draw and shutting down Argentina and then on getting a result go their way from the other match in our group. Well...I'm glad it didn't pay off for them. Not only because we won, but also because I can't believe how negative they played tonight. It felt like they didn't want to be there in the first place. And I don't like it when teams that don't want to play football stay alive in the competition.

That brick wall they built was enough to keep us at bay for a long time, but I'm glad we kept trying and we kept attacking when if any of the teams could have had the luxury to take it easy that was Argentina. But no. We refused to take it easy and we kept going forward. That's what we do. That's what we like to see.

It was tough, but in the end we managed to find a way to get all three points and make it 9 of a possible 9.

I was pleased to see the goal came from Martín DEMICHELIS. He was having another nightmare at the back. He made a couple of mistakes that could have costed us and he was not looking confident. Then he found a goal, opened things up for us and settled down. I'm glad for him because we need him.

I wasn't pleased to see how the goal keeps evading MESSI in this tournament. He did a lot in all three matches to find the back of the net but it's just not coming for him. It was ENYEAMA in our first match, then the post denied him from scoring against both South Korea and today Greece.

Don't worry, I'm not going to skip the point in which I speak about Diego MILITO! haha!

The first thing I feel I have to say is that given the circumstances, he didn't play bad at all. In fact, I think he played a good game. He was unfortunate the referee didn't give us a penalty kick when he was pulled back by KYRGIAKOS. We were playing in blue but we are not Italy to be given those calls, are we?

He didn't have clear chances to score but always tried to get involved in the game and always fought the big centre-backs from Greece. He was involved in our first goal (though he didn't mean to) and he could be given an assist in those fantasy games we play! And then I knew he was going to be replaced and not play 90 minutes! It must be just his luck.

And what Diego MILITO lacks, PALERMO has. And tons of it! Great one-two between MESSI and DI MARIA and the Barcelona star is denied one more time by TZORVAS only for the rebound to fall right into PALERMO's path. He couldn't miss from there and he didn't! His emotions after the game were great to see. As I have always said here on Mundo, I have nothing against PALERMO and I think he is probably one of the best guys there is in football. I still think he is nowhere near the level of MILITO and HIGUAIN and I don't want him starting at all for Argentina in this World Cup, but he has already shown he's got that super-sub X-factor.

I'll wait for Dave's player ratings but I think I have to say I was really impressed by Clemente RODRIGUEZ.

I guess it was good to see we never lost our patience and we kept going for it. We showed we really wanted to get three points even when we didn't really need them. Greece? They just showed me they didn't want to stay in South Africa enough.

We still need to improve and we have to think that the game against Mexico won't be the same as this one, but we have to be prepared for our rivals to come and play against us with a bus parked in front of their goal and with 11 men behind the ball. We need to be able to break them all. One by one.


Mohd said...

what about Veron and Pastore. how veron is killing and slowing the team and how Pastore released Messi and brought the best out of him.
I only wish that the magnificant 15minutes that Pastore played have convinced Maradona how badly we need him, because i lost hope that Maradona sees how horrible veron is.

Abs said...

Few points:

- I am confident of kicking Mexico with a big score. I am talking 3 or 4, but even though my predictions show that we'll face Serbia in the round after (which should consider an easy game in that level) I am afraid of the Mexican jinx !!!!

- Milito didn't play a good game at all.

- I was so happy for Palermo.

- Bolatti had a great game, and I wish Maradona gave the chance to Maschy to get a yellow card in that game to leave him free for the rest of the tournament.

- Veron shouldn't play against Mexico. Too slow for them !!

Anonymous said...

I totally agrre with Mohd, As soon Pastore brough in he changed the tempo of the game, played one two with messi..what a game with Pastore...Maradona wasted so many additional great players that argentina has on their disposal.
Nothing Impressed me with old veron..other than slow and miss the passed and Palermo what a DAMN lucky he was.

LaTiNo said...

I agree with Mohd. It was not a good game from Veron. When Pastore entered the game changed from horizontal to vertical. Each ball he got went up, and he had great vision. He clicked good with Messi too. I had never seen him play, but sofar he impressed me. He's like the new Aimar :)

I also agree with Abs, Mexico is a fast counter team, and Veron might be too slow...

I liked Clemente Rodriguez! He came up strong a few times and unfortunately he was ignored a few times all free on the left.

We were *all* incredibly happy for Palermo :)

Bolatti looks like a fine replacement for Mascherano, thank god, because he might receive his second yellow in the next match and miss the QF

Demichelis is a disaster, he will cost us dearly soon. I prefer a backline of Otamendi and Samuel, with Clemente on the left and Burdisso on the right.

Di Maria dissapointed again, not one of his great actions.

Sebastian said...

I was happy for PALERMO too. And for our team to kill that game off.

But, Abs, if you don't mind, can you justify your comment about how you think MILITO didn't play a good game at all?

I'm curious. I want to know how you saw the game and why do you think what you think.

In my opinion, PALERMO benefited from the fact that Greece were not defending as tightly and confidently as they were before we scored our first goal. He was completely unmarked (and there was another Argentine player behind him just in case and he was unmarked too). There wasn't even a single play in the previous 88 minutes in which something like that happened.

Call it luck. Call it whatever you like. But the fact that PALERMO scored needing a few minutes in a game doesn't make him a better player than MILITO because the Inter striker didn't score in 79. Agreed? I hope you do!

Varghese Mangalath said...

A decent game by the Albeceleste.Clemente Rodreguez utilized the opportunity, same with Otamendi. But we are not tested yet. As someone commented, Veron is a big question. I feel This is the time to give a chance to Pastore- an amazing midfiled master. Kun is not an alternative for Tevez, same with Milito. I hope Diego will not repeat his mistake with Gutierrez in the right back especially we have Otamendi doing a fare job there.

Anonymous said...

I relieved. Look, yes our backline is vulnerable. It's because demichelis, clemente, otamendi help the attack. But overall, I praise team ethic. Hardworkers, trying to open space, create chances, keep pushing forward to face ultra-defensive team. Salute to them. Maybe some of you keep criticise veron, but tonight I think he did absolutely tremendous, 90 minutes. I would give bad rating for them. Lot of mistakes we made (maybe due the second team). For Maradona, I give him two thumbs for his faith in attacking football philosophy. He made great tactical change. Maria, Pastore, Palermo. They pay the coach trust. Good performances. Maradona attitude to players, make them confidence. Demichelis prove it, even Milito has bad luck, Maradona give him kiss and hug. In my opinion, Maradona success compound 23 talented player as a unit. No other coach in this world cup do something incredible things like Maradona does. Exaggerated? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Milito was a good defender for Greece today. I say it with no malice Seba :) but he showed no imagination, and no involvement in positive moves. he played 80 minutes, but I thought that was enough for a striker, and blocking the goal twice instead of being in the right place does not help your cause :) maybe he was just unlucky, but he did himself (and you) no favors.
Veron was slow and his passing was not as good as it should be to make up for his slow movement, so no real positives for him.
Demichelis could have cost us dearly, again... which surprised me, I thought he wouldn't make another mistake for a while at least.
Otherwise, good game for the team, which was all substitutes, they all gave a good impression in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me: how tall are the mexicans? they look smaller than we. if we manage to score from a corner against the big greeks, we must be able to the same against mexiko. and what do you think about the idea to play with 5 defenders?


lz said...

Clemente: Huge. The guy left everything on the pitch. He was quick and always in the best place possible--even though he was a resource not fully tapped into by some of his teammates. He did a terrific job.

Pastore + Messi combo: (A+) Things changed pretty fast as soon as Pastore came in. It was very noticeable, despite the short time he played. What a waste to have him on the bench. Messi would be more Messi with him in.

Maru said...

What a let down from the Greeks, I can't believe it. Did they not realize this was their LAST chance at the World Cup? Didn't they realize that this was basically their World Cup FINAL!? They basically played a 8-1 strategy, it seemed like there were 8 people in the back and 1 (giant) attacking only. This was their last chance and they threw the entire team to the back with three especially concentrated on Messi when he had the ball (another one on him whether he had the ball or not, at half time I though he was going to get confused and follow Messi to the dressing room as well). Gosh, I hate the teams that don't play and don't let the other team play either, especially considering - i repeat - that this was their last chance. So because of that we had a hard time reaching the Greek Area, a lot of passes in midfield. Messi had to go back to get the ball which I think it was a bad idea since he had three greeks on him, and losing the ball in midfield isn't so great. If he would have stayed closer to the area all the time then he could "gambetear" the greeks and that would have meant more free kicks. But anyway, as always Messi played a great game, being a part in both goals, but his goal just won't come. HE HAS EVERYTHING except that small bit of luck that has to accompany each game. I think he's the best, he doesn't have to prove anything, but I'm scared he'll get desperate for that goal and that will end up messing with his game. (KNOCK ON WOOD, I hope not).

Anyway, thankfully the goal finally came. Demichelis redeeming himself - not only from the awful mistake against Korea, but also from the many mistakes he made today, I do not like his defending at all. I get desperate everytime the other team decided to attack.
Clemente was awesome, especially going up to the attack. Great game from him. I think we should make some changes to the starting defense. First of all, Burdisso is the one that brings the most confidence in defense, I think he should start. And Clemente might not be a bad idea either.

Good for Palermo, the life of this man should really be turned into a movie.
Anyway Mexico next, always nervous when we have to play against them and honestly we can't be very calm with that defense we have.

Scorpio said...

Interesting note you said about Milito being brought down in the penalty area without giving a penalty kick. You said the reason that Argentina wasn't Italy, otherwise the kick would have been given. I didn't really make out whether that was a light-hearted remark or a bitter affirmation of FIFA using double standards when refereeing different sides. Following the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast match, I wrote a series of angry comments on the website (zonalmarking.net) using the same nickname (scorpio) to show my frustration at the scandalous refereeing we witnessed there regarding Fabiano's handball. I wasn't surprised that Maradona should comment on the same incident with the same vein of embitterment. My comments are there following the analysis of that same match. They are quite detailed, but I feel they are important and worth a look by you. I have followed your blog for sometime now, I'm impressed by it, I respect your opinion, and, most importantly, I would pretty much like that you write a piece in your blog about that serious subject very soon. You know, we still have some spare days before Argentina meets Mexico. Best of Luck to the Albiceleste in this tournament! I'm a true fan of theirs, and I hope to see them lift the cup by the end of a phenomenal series of wins! They mustn't settle for less!

Sebastian said...

Scorpio: My comment about the penalty that we should have been awarded with when KYRGIAKOS pulled MILITO's shirt was made a bit tongue-in-cheek. But if you think about it, Luis HANDIANO's two hand balls in the same play and DE ROSSI falling so heavily in the box against New Zealand when Italy needed to be rescued, really look suspicious.

Now I don't have proof and I don't think there is a giant conspiracy for Italy and Brazil to get more calls go their way, but I'm not being helped by FIFA and its referees.

It happened four years ago when that ref gave Italy a PK to escape from jail against Australia and eventually they won the damn thing.

It's been a constant for Brazil since I can remember. And it seems like it's happening again.

I think there is a chance Diego didn't see how much KYRGIAKOS pulled MILITO's shirt from his position, but I'm sure he's going to talk about it once he sees a tape of the game. To be fair, we needed a replay to see it and the ref didn't have the luxury, but it sure looked like a foul the first time I saw it.

Thanks for your views and your comments. I don't think I'll write a story about this as I still think (it's best to think like this anyway) that referees are not doing it on purpose. I think they are just useless.

I mean...the man refereeing Chile-Switzerland was a disgrace. He ruined the game for both teams and for all the fans watching. He had absolutely no idea about football (or at least his performance suggested he didn't).

Terrible refereeing so far in this World Cup.

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

As I said previously, Veron can spoil the rhythm of this beautiful team!!

Scorpio said...

Thanks for your comments, Sebastian. But, My point WASN'T that there is a conspiracy working on for Brazil, Italy, or other countries. I simply ACCEPT that there are refereeing mistakes, because, simply stated, referees are humans. You can't ask them for such accuracy as that of video replays in the time course of an actual match. I'd simply give them the benefit of the doubt and go on. Video replays are not the proper alternative because they WILL disrupt the flow of the match.
But, what was unique Fabiano's goal is that the referee actually SAW the handball and chose to ignore the incident. My point was that some teams get away with such blatant fouls because they have reached a, somewhat, divine status in the eyes of many people, the media and, apparently now, referees. Well, people are entitled to their own personal opinions, the media are probably now rotten beyond redemption, but now for referees to see fouls and choose to ignore them, that will surely cast a depressing shadow over the game. It's like they say: "Well, we know Brazil will win, anyhow. So, it won't make any difference whether we call fouls against them or not".
Although I AM a fan of the Albiceleste, I would only want them to win fairly and elegantly to PROVE they are the best. Thus, if other teams DO manage to win fairly, I simply can't complain. I'll be sad that the Albiceleste didn't win, hope they will become stronger and better, and wait for them to conquer the world the next time. But, if emasculation of the media or referees is to benefit ANY team, then I do have an excuse for complaint. Just look at FIFA.com's Brazil vs. Ivory Coast match report and other reports on the same match in most media websites; they simply ignore the handball or mention it very shyly. But, everyone made a media circus about Maradona's and Henry's handballs till this day, calling them all sorts of names, although their referees DIDN'T SEE their fouls.
I don't believe in conspiracy theories, because I don' t need to. Conspiracy theories are really the flip side of the coin of emasculation, believing that everyone is out there to destroy you and you are so helpless. Well, obviously as I'm a fan of the Albiceleste, whether thee is foul play or not, I'm sure they can win everything by their own merit.

Anonymous said...

to all milito fans the guys a albicelste bottler just like cruze was sorry but its true milito simply isnt good enough higuain is clearly on another level and palermo is the better out and out cf,9 sorry to say but thats the way it is aguero was way to selfish also

Anonymous said...

you dont belive in conspirasy therys SINCE WEN WAS FACT A THERY

SO THE FIFA PRESIDENT WASNT IN NTHE BRAZIL DUG OUT 2 COPAS BACK and copa wasnt even a fifa sectioned event thery NO fact YES

and the ref vs greese was a joke argenbtina slight contact a card mesi hacked to peaces no card

fact isnt thery its FACT fifa will stop at nothing to get us out its not the accepted way argentina winning the media and fifa have built a argy hate myth thats part of the world cup faked image they like to keep that going not rock the boat of public brain fucked opinion they will protect brazil and spain theres no therey there only fact

are you saying that american media and american analyists are not conspiring againsty nintendo ether i think they clearly are and thewre japan bashing its all part of the bigger plan

argentina is made the enemy bvy the global media and fifa and brazil are made the heros its all BOLLOX

its the same in bussiness american alanlists try to shoiw nintendo as doomed all the time yet there profits and sales are un matched but according to america and media there doomed its microsoft led brainwashing its the same thing argentina have to put up with HATRED OF THE BEST

argentinas ball possesion is simply way ahead of anyone else at world cup there showing the world yet again whos no...1 and off couse theres maradona doing a fine job

fifa hating every minute of this thats why all they talk about is diego its why all brazil talk about is argentina its fear of the best lack of respect

the english media are acting like fabs double handball never happened if that was higuain or mesi it would be argentina is dirty argentina is scum argentina are druggys BLAR BLAR BLAR BLAR its conspirasy not thery of conspirasy

i bet you also think the invasion of iraq was all peace and love and fighting the cough terrorists

it was america stealing iraqs oil and nothing more i love how blind people are

the whole world is ran by conspirasy people out to spoil it for everyone else then they call it power in there sad pathetic power ego miss judgment

argentinas only enemy is fifa NOT thery

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