Thursday, June 10, 2010

Podcast Previewing Argentina vs. Nigeria

The match against Nigeria is less than 48 hours away. The World Cup begins in less than 24 hours. In this special hour long edition of a Mundo Albiceleste podcast, Seba and I discuss everything that has to do with Argentina's match against Nigeria on Saturday. We're also joined by our friend BC from Nigeria who will give us his take on what he thinks will happen on the match, the Nigeria team and more!

BC writes a blog about The Super Eagles and we recommend you to visit his page to find out more about our first rivals in this World Cup.

Apologies in advance due to audio difficulties while recording.

Simply click the audio player above or right-click on the following link and save it as an MP3 file or listen to it in your computer: download.

You can also listen to us via iTunes.

Enjoy! And don't forget to send us your views to or right here in the comments' box. If you want to participate in a future edition of our podcast, make sure to drop us an e-mail too.


Anonymous said...

The disparity in microphone volume makes this ubearable for me. If I turn it up loud enough to hear Seba, then Roy's voice is ridiculously loud...if I lower the volume to normalize Roy, then Seba is barely a whisper.

Happer said...

The first football match I watched in my life is the Olympic 1996 final between Argentina and Nigeria :-). I've been a die hard Argentina's fan since then. The fact is that we always play well against Nigeria. Hopefully this game is gonna be a good start!

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
Just wanted to thank Roy, Seba, John and the rest of the intelligent football fans here on MundoAlbiceleste. I just got done watching the collective bunch of ignorant, idiots that are known as the "ESPN Soccer Analysts" lead by Alexi Lalas (who predicted to "watch out for the Greeks" to go all the way as his dark horse).

They also ripped Argentina and Diego for good measure. I am beginning to understand Diego's anger at the media. It is scary to me how biased, uneducated, ignorant people can make money on TV about something they know so little about.

You guys running MundoAlbiceleste should contact ESPN. Honestly, I would tell you that your commentary even about teams you are unfamiliar with would be at least fair.
Now more than ever, I hope and pray Argentina kicks a** and makes these fools eat their words. ESPN in america and football.errr soccer. Stick to basketball.

lz said...

I sooo agree with the message Dan wrote above. I actually contacted ESPN, and left a long, detailed, non-too-complimentary message (in the 'comments' field) following one of the ridiculously ignorant "soccer expert" articles with predictions and "analysis" for this World Cup. I wrote very politely but in no uncertain terms, "Shame on ESPN for such poor level of analysis, absolute lack of understanding and often utterly uninformed commentary about international soccer in general, and this WC in particular." I also told them that considering how not very well-known soccer is in the US, they have a responsibility with their listeners and readers, who are eager to learn and participate more fully in this WC. I emphasized that they "are doing nothing to educate such public, other than reinforcing a host of tired soundbites and outrageous stereotypes."

Anyone here in this blog knows 10,000 times more about soccer than ESPS "experts" pretend --exactly the word-- to know. Cheers to all true football lovers in this blog, Luc.

hugo said...

Soccer in ESPN is pretty lousy. How about the characters at Fox Soccer?? To be fair, the commentators on the spanish-speaking networks are quite bad too. Only exception, IMHO, is Andres Cantor

Anonymous said...

Dan said,

The thing that kills me is they don't even understand the basics. ESPN butchers everything, and don't even talk about Messi, Ronaldo, and some of the stars and who they think is going to shine. Just a bunch of retread nonsense from dummies. I swear Alexi Lalas had that much hair in his youth to hide the fact he was lacking a brain.
On another note, lets predict the score of the Argentina game...My guess is 3-0. Goals scored by DiMaria, Higuain, Messi.

LETS HEAR YOUR PREDICTIONS...and as always, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

Anonymous said...

iv been thinking 3-0 myself for like weeks and i was thinking hig tevez and messi or hig messi dimaria as scorers and messi to score last but be creative towards first cpl of goals thats the vision i got in my head(i also have a vision of nintendos 3DS being a hybrid console/handheld) but thats a whole other web site

vamos argentina vamos mundo albicelste

hugo said...

I am thinking of a 3-0 in the first half. And for the second half, Milito and Pastore go in to rest Higuain and Messi and becomes 5-0. Or maybe 6-1

Anonymous said...

probably 2-1 guys. You are being sooo optimistic with your scorelines, it's like Nigeria have never touched a ball before :)
remember, it's our first game, so no way we will be scoring that many.

Anonymous said...

please not a 3:0 or even a 5:0! i also don't believe such a result. 1994 and 2002 we won with a one goal difference, if we win 1:0 i am very happy. you understeminate nigerea. and i think even a draw is ok! we will defeat corea and greece, i have no doubts, and qualify for the ko-round.

and also i want argentina to play their best in the ko-stage. no reason at all to shine at the groupstage. better skow start and great finish than the other way. hope we do it like italy 4 years ago: the first goal after a corner or freekick, then a late 2:0 after a counter attack. i really hope they are training dead ball situations a lot, this is the most important thing, and Argentina have been pretty good at it before the Maradona time. remember the awesome freekick trick against england in 1998!


Anonymous said...

Nigeria is going to stomped 3-0.

Rick said...

I think we should reserve our cockiness for later... lets see how we play against Nigeria 1st. I don't care about the scoreline, all I want is a win. Even with a win in the opening match does not guarantee us a 2nd round place. I don't want to re-live 2002 again!!! It was too damn painful...

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