Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another day, another test

This time it was more of an informal training session. A couple of TV channels in Argentina were broadcasting it live as 3500 fans gathered to watch it on site.

The pitch was reduced on purpose to make the players play at a faster pace and that was exactly what I saw.

There were two teams that were a mixed.

Playing with orange bibs a team formed by: ROMERO; Jonas - BURDISSO - OTAMENDI; MASCHERANO - Maxi RODRIGUEZ - VERON; MESSI - TEVEZ - HIGUAIN - MILITO.


That makes 22 with Diego POZO (our third keeper, training on the sidelines with Gustavo PIÑERO, GK coach).

The result, though not really important, was 3-3.

The goalscorers? Carlos TEVEZ opened for the orange team. Ariel GARCE (yes, Ariel GARCE!) levelled with a lovely left-footed curled shot towards the far post. Diego MILITO received a great pass from MESSI and finished with a low shot towards the far post too. Mario BOLATTI headed it in after a cross from Clemente to make it 2-2. MESSI had another assist, this time for HIGUAIN to score in front of an empty net and then DI MARIA chipped it over ROMERO from close range.

What does this training session tells us? From what I saw, the first thing that caught my eye was how well and how fast the team in orange was moving the ball around.

I doubt we will ever see those four men playing together up front, but I think if we really need to push hard to score a goal that would be the way to go and not sending PALERMO to the pitch to see if he can head a miracle goal out of nowhere.

I don't think it'll ever happen seeing how much Diego loves DI MARIA, but if at some point the Benfica winger doesn't work or is having a bad game or is suspended or something, I have to see I like the way those four worked together today.

After the training session there was a press conference in which Diego POZO and Martín DEMICHELIS addressed the media. Apparently there will be a press conference each day and the order in which the players will be attending will be the numerical order they have in this World Cup. That's why POZO (number 1) and DEMICHELIS (2) were today's chosen players. Following this logic, the first really tasty press conference for many of the interested parties will be on Thursday, when Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lionel MESSI will answer to the media questions.

They didn't say much. DEMICHELIS did say he was much better from the injury suffered in his face (that BALLACK knee hitting him in Munich) and he also mentioned that he thinks Argentina are arriving to next Saturday's match in a best shape than Nigeria.

As the Albicelestes were training, Nigeria were beating North Korea 3-1 in what ended up being a tragic game for football as I'm reading (at the time of writing) that there was at least one dead and several injured. Apparently there were more people trying to enter the stadium than they had paid for tickets and as a result there was a human avalanche. I'm not going to be online most of the day so if any of you have updates on this, I'd appreciated if you post it on the comments box.


Anonymous said...

I love the Messi, Tevez, Higuain line up. Out of the three, Tevez is the most critical to me. I love Leo, and what he has done at Barcelona, but viewing it honestly thus far the performance has not translated on our national team. If Messi does not perform, Milito needs to be in the line up. I would also put Milito in if Higuain misses some shots. I love Argentina, but I have the least faith in Messi out of the first four. (Tevez, Higuain, Milito, Messi).
Perhaps he will change our minds, but as I am reading the practice session reports, it seems like, Tevez, Higuain are doing most of the scoring even here. This competition is for all the marbles so to speak, so Messi either brings it or you are nothing more than a club player....kind of like Palermo.


Prem Kumar said...

Can you please post the highlights of the game if possible.

Anonymous said...

popping them in in training sesions like this doesnt mean a thing about messi and wqhat about the other 90% of the time wen the cameras are not there DID YOU SWITCH UR BRAIN ON AT ALL BEFORE MAKING THAT POST

as a father of a huge talent in local football my soin a leading scorer in all the citys kids football my son would offden go whole training sessions with out scoring then score 4 on sunday in a actual game did it cross your mind that in that session mesi was ordered not to shoot but to pass you dont know i dont know SO WHY ARE YOU JUDGING do you even know what a training session is WAS IT 1 TOUCH 2 TOUCH 3 TOUCH WAS MESSI ALLOWED LESS TOUCHES THAN OTHERS

yes i do understand football before you ask lol

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous asking me if "I turned my brain on" you are a moron. If you want to take personal pot shots at me, than I can do the same. I could care less who your son is, or if he is any good for that matter.

Regarding the post, look at the facts. Messi has not performed for the national team thus far. I was born in Argentina, grew up in Argentina until 8th grade, and bleed Argentina. Look at the Argentina-Spain game. Messi was lost most of the game. He pouts, has an identity crisis, and has not been able to relate to the players of his own country up to this point. Look at the last game against Canada. He wasn't even singing the national anthem. This is a mental block he needs to overcome if he is to perform on the largest stage. Three days ago he said "he has nothing to prove" and yesterday he came out and vowed "to perform at the level of Barcelona in the world cup". Does this not sound like a confused young man to you?
Have you ever heard any player's loyalty to his country be questioned as much as Messi's in the past 35 years? He was a child when he left home so it is natural that he is confused.
There is nothing more that would please me than him performing, whether it is setting up others or scoring, I do not care. Messi is not our team. We have the best players in the world and forwards are our deepest spot. Look at Milito, Higuain, Tevez, Aguero. Anyone of them can perform. We cannot win 10 against 11 if Messi checks out. I pray he shows up to play. I pray we don't face Spain because of what I fear is his identity crisis going up against his buddy "Xavi" and "Iniesta" (who coincidentally value country over club). I hope and wish him much success, but first, you must know what it feels like to be Argentine, and to fit in to a team. (Any other player on any other team or ours need someone like Veron to make him feel comfortable?) Look at the facts my friend before you yap your mouth. There are many informed Argentine fans out there, and not just a** talkers.


Placente said...

DAN, this guy is a moron, don't even lose your time.

Anonymous said...



is also

4-4-2/4-3-3/3-4-3 changing shape same line up think a strong possability

Anonymous said...

messi is simply the best you should be proud of him being an argentine

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
I am proud of his performance at the club level. My only hope is he displays the same form for his country. I hope I am wrong, he performs and I have to take back my words.

Anonymous said...

A look at Argentina's training camp for the world cup

Sebastian said...

Just added the only video I could find. It's just 30 seconds and it's not very well taken. But it's something.

As for the stampede at the Nigeria-North Korea friendly I'm glad to read that nobody was killed. I'm reading that there were 15 injured, which shouldn't have happened, but at least there are no lives lost.

Alex Camacho said...


I agree that the anonymous heckler should be a lot more civil, but I wanted to point out that I do not think he is wrong on the substance, at least on the point that Messi is to blame for the underwhelming performance of the Seleccion. If Maradona can not get the best out of Messi, it is his fault. Second, I think it important to point out that Tevez, who you say is the most critical for you, has been much worse in his performances for the albiceleste than Messi. His red cards alone have caused us to drop points. That being said, I do love Carlitos anyway. My point is that Messi is an amazing athlete, a genius on the pitch, and (in my opinion not insignificant) as good an ambassador for Argentina as we could possibly have. And if WE do not ruin him, if not in 2010, then in 2014, 2018, or even 2022, he will win us a cup.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point about the red cards. The reason I made these comments earlier is I happened to be watching the Spain game and there were a couple plays in general that epitomized what I was thinking. On one play, Busquets ran over Messi from behind and then shoved them in his back and on another Xavi and Capdevilla had a similar attack where Messi was involved and Heinze had to come save Messi. Messi looked like a lost little boy going up against his Barca teammates. I must tell you it was highly disappointing.

I hope you are right...I hope he is in form. I think we have the best players in the world all around, I just want everyone to see it come together for a stretch. It has been far too long without the big trophy.


Renjith(India) said...

See a Training session video of 7 minute:

Anonymous said...

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