Thursday, June 03, 2010

Injury scare for Diego MILITO

The only reason why I didn't spill my coffee was because I wasn't drinking coffee when I heard the news.

Diego MILITO had to leave the training session (the first one in South Africa that was open for the media). The Inter striker was limping in what was a scary moment for everyone involved with the national team.

But the results came quickly and it turns out it's only a minor sprain. He will have no problems recovering from that injury.

16 out of the 23 players have spoken to the media today. The best bits will be posted here on Mundo Albiceleste later tonight.


Anonymous said...

can we stop please with the media hype he got a wee nock can we move on now nothing to see here all this bull will bring us injuries stop the negative vibs his a tough boy lol

Sebastian said...

Yeah. Right. Why don't we report on that porn star who killed a work-mate with a samurai sword or on the inflation in Europe?

What do you expect from a website that covers everything related to the Albicelestes?

An injury (even if it's not serious) to one of our players is absolutely relevant to Mundo Albiceleste. Ask the readers if you don't believe me.

I still ask myself why you keep visiting Mundo Albiceleste if you don't agree with what we write here...

messidona19 said...

Seba don't even waste your time replying to posts like that.
Regarding Milito's injury, it came to the wrong player! Thank goodness you gave us a good update, hopefully he'll get some good match time in the first 3 matches to show the world his talent!

Alex Camacho said...

I agree with Messidona on both points, particularly that it was the wrong player!

Seba, do you think he's the lowest in the pecking order of our strikers?

Sebastian said...

Alex, I would have definitely tell you that MILITO is the last in the pecking order when it comes to strikers (or even forwards all together).

There is no doubt he is the one who is farther from MARADONA's heart. It was as if MILITO almost forced Diego to bring him to the World Cup with the kind of season he had.

However, Diego is still testing and I wouldn't be too shocked if he decides to give MILITO some minutes.

MARADONA loves PALERMO way more than he loves/likes MILITO, but I'd like to think MILITO is ahead of PALERMO under normal circumstances and that Diego would only resort to PALERMO deep in injury/desperate time.

Anonymous said...

anyone have videos of the training?

Anonymous said...

please veron get injured now and then he can be replaced...
thank you

Anonymous said...

I know u're a faithful argentina fan, but it is not cool to wish veron an injury man :)
it's good that diego (milito) is fine.

ak said...

guys, great site and i've not only bookmarked this site but actually put it as one of my home pages of my browser.

regarding veron as pablo.d mentioned him, i just don't like him since the last world cup. i wanna ask did he really has very successful seasons the last couple years? is he really that good lately? 'coz i'm in asia and i don't have much updates about this but i'm just afraid he'd be t
he midfield weak link here.

Anonymous said...

Milito is fine, no need to worry about him. I hope we get to see him in action for the WC. He won move over like I have said before.

Haha Seba, that porn guy that killed his co-worker happened about 15 miles away from where I live.

Seba, hope your grandfather is doing better amigo.


Anonymous said...

messi's blog

Anonymous said...

ak - Yes, Seba Verón has been quite good since 2006. He's won a domestic title and a Copa Libertadores with Estudiantes, where he's been voted Latin American Player Of The Year (well officially South American, but since the award includes the Mexican league these days...) two years running.

He has, I would say, lost none of his old ability to create from deep and recycle possession (as rugby commentators say). The bit of pace he once had is now gone of course, but it's not like that's a huge loss.

I agree with Seba (on here) that Verón shouldn't be in the starting lineup, but of all the domestic-based players he's easily the one who most deserves to be there apart from possibly Otamendi (I don't include guys who didn't make the cut, most notably Adrián Gabbarini).

Anonymous said...

i never wish anyone harm but for the good of my/our beloved argentina if veron were to get injured now he can be replaced by either ben,aim or camb.
this is an option up to nesr the start of the world cup if a main played gets injured.
veron is not good enough for us and worse is he is to be the engine to run us for 7 matches.
he does not link up well, is slow, lacks staminer and the long ball seems his only string to his bow(defenders at this level will win most air balls v messi, aguro, tevez,milito we are short upfront).
will i support him- yes ill always support anyone in the blue and white but do i want him their -no no no

Anonymous said...

Che Seba, where is the translation of the players interviews today?? Been looking forward to reading those all day...

Mohd said...

are there any indications from the training sessions on how the formation will go? does the idea of four center backs still stands out?
suddenly now there is talk about three strikers although i doubt it because this means DiMaria will be sacrificed and i think Maradona loves the guy.
i think that two great moves that could be done are moving Jonas to right-back and free a spot in midfield to Pastore. this will leave the team with Pastore, Messi, and DiMaria as a creative power.
again, not sure though if the training sessions are giving any indications...

Anonymous said...

I also don't like Veron's style of passing long balls when he replaced Pastore in the Canada match.

But I do like him during the World Club Cup at the end of last year. He was chosen as the 2nd best player (behind Messi, of course) and he deserved it.


Argentina4life said...

Thank god... he's fine.... and yes today i want to ask smthing thati wanted to ask so many times but didnt had time to ask!!! HEY WHY IS EVERYONE ON SAYING THAT FIFA HATES ARGENTINA??? IS THAT TRUE!!!! WHAT HAVE ARGENTINA DONE SO BAD THAT FIFA STARTED HATING US???

Anonymous said...

If anyone is expendable it's one of our forwards (except Messi), we just have too many. Now if you told me Masche or Di Maria was injured I would be worried....

Sebastian said...

DROGBA is injured and a serious doubt ahead of the World Cup. You can't get any luckier than Brazil, can you?

Regarding player interviews from yesterday, due to some personal reasons, I was unable to published them here. I apologise. Will try to do it today ('try' being the key word). I'm sorry. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

Fadi said...

Rio ferdinand got injured too and he's ruled out from the WC. this is good news as I beleive that the greatest threat on Argentina is England and Spain. I don't expect Brazil to make it to the final.

Anonymous said...

ye, ferdinand is out! hope the whole english team gets some malaria or another tropical illness. only their shitty goalkeeper can stay healthy.

the most important thing that no argentine player gets injured. what do you think about the idea to play the starting 11 without messi in the groupstage after the nigeria match? sounds stupid, but i have fear he gets injured. and we must be able to defeat south corea and greece without him.


ak said...

i don't agree with Fadi.

whatever happens to england doesn't interest me at all 'coz they're just too weak. i think they'll pass the group stage only becoz that's the weakest group.

only thing about england that worries me is they're always lucky. if u watched their game against japan u know what i mean. they didn't even score one goal though they won 2-1.

our biggest rival in this worldcup is still Brazil. though they have a weaker team than the previous worldcups, it's the defensive & couter-attack way dunga plays that poses greater challenages to our play style.

Fadi said...

ak, you can't judge a team from their friendly matches. For me, I think England have excellent players in all positions, from defense till attack, above all these, they have of the best coaches in the world, if not the best.
Mark my works, England will be very dangerous this time. Although I would be more than happy if you proved me wrong :)

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